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  • ok thanks!
  • I make a no bean hummus recipe instead, I can't have chickpeas raw they are to acidic to me! It is made with two zukinnis instead of beans, it tastes really great!
  • i felt really energetic and maybe a bit of a headache!
  • What is 811 that everyone keeps mentioning?
  • I don’t eat honey or any other bee products because it is no different from cow milk, either way you are stealing from the animal that created it. Bee Keepers after gathering the honey, they replace the combs with a mixture of water and refined suga…
  • I live in Vancouver, we have a really great raw vegan community. There is Raw BC that puts raw vegan events (raw speakers mostly) on mostly in Vancouver and also supports others in BC. There is also monthly raw vegan potlucks that happen, more info …
    in Raw Canadians? Comment by envirogenny
  • gala!
  • This book/website if very helpful http://www.curetoothdecay.com/
  • I have had trouble with organic products before having sulfates in them but I guess I will just have to test them before I commit myself to 5 days of cleansing. I will also check out that link that artismaj sent. Thanks.
  • Next time I am in Seattle (not to far from where I am Vancouver, BC) I must got to this resturant, their raw menu looks awesome!
  • if anyone is in the Vancouver, BC area, my friend will be having a how to make kombucha workshop on Monday July 13th. for more info or to rsvp contact me at gbourdages@gmail.com thanks Genny
  • i guess all I could say is when it’s warm go to the beach instead. Do you live near one?
    in swimming. Comment by envirogenny
  • how long did you eat raw (what percent?) before your allergies went away? A have a long list of them (see my profile page for details).
  • I did point her to one database (PubMed), but I’m sure a librarian there at the school would have a better understanding of what databases would be best.I will teel her about the “Conscious Eating” book, for her to take a look at the resources at th…
  • I just plug mine in at night before I go to bed and then in the morning my food is ready. Or if it’s during the day I plug it in the bedroom and close the door so that I don’t hear it.
  • I may try the pilaf of sorts and the soup, I just made some yesterday (Borscht) and it’s great from the usual salad I have. And ask him what type of raw food he likes other then the chocolate stuff and pies that I make, he has a sweet tooth just lik…
  • hey Zoe, Thanks for your insight.
  • i don’t use my dehydrator that much, but it’s still worth getting one. I would suggest with getting a smaller one at first and upgrading later on if you feel the need to. Run the thing at night away from the sleeping quarters of the house and you wi…
  • i have a Cuisinart food processor and in the mail is a vitamix for me. I find the FP doesn’t handle making soup or smoothies that well as it doesn’t like to have to much liquid it it, or else it likes to leak it, that is where the Vitamix will come …
    in Vitamix Comment by envirogenny
  • Matt Monarch is in Thailand right now… http://mattmonarch.blogspot.com/
    in Thailand Comment by envirogenny
  • exercising always helps with mood swings i find.
  • hey, Not sure if you posted this in the right category. That heading sure surprised me! Almost a year ago I found out that I was allergic to wheat. Quite a few months went by and then I slowly started to realize that there was something missing to t…
  • ants on a log (celery, peanut butter and raisins, or same thing and apples instead of celery) for the lady with the kids. Smoothies are always easy to make too, most people have a blender, plus kids will like them with all the sweet fruit in them. f…
  • dandelion greens grow in most peoples backyards. As long as the grass is organic then you should be able to eat them. You can use them in salads or green smoothies. Plus they are very healthy! You can also look into buying bulk, buying from a food c…
    in Grocery Bill!! Comment by envirogenny
  • someone at my last potluck brought in some flax crackers that were made with carrot pulp.
  • I use Kiss My Face Shaving Creme, i got some in lavendar scent. It has no sulfates in it (since I am allergic to it) so it should be pretty natural.
    in shaving Comment by envirogenny
  • green smoothies should help with allergies. If you have a low acidic level in your stomach that possible why you have issues with allergies. To figure out if you have a low acidic level in your stomach: juice a beet, about half a cup worth or so, dr…
    in Allergies Comment by envirogenny
  • lavender and chamomile are really great for relaxing. One thing I would warn you about peppermint essential oil is that it’s not good to use right before bed time as it often keeps people up at night.
  • pilates, swiss ball exercises or power yoga could help, anything really that is considered “core exercises”.