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  • ALSO I'm going to be taking a b12 sup as usual, and an iron supplement either every day or every other day since I have veery low iron.
  • I soak buckwheat groats for 3-4 hours and eat them without dehydrating, as the base for a salad I make. It's a staple for me, SO nutritious and tastes great! Also, it has a sort of grounding property I think, functions like a carby base for flavours…
    in Raw Buckwheat Comment by elizabethh
  • I second the hahahhahahhahha...but I'm going to have to throw in a AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA aaaaand now the question, I'm pretty sure that unless a speeding bus or murderous psycopath interferes, anyone with a high percentage of raw plant foods in th…
    in Longevity Comment by elizabethh
  • Any almonds that you buy that are truly raw will specifically say "unpasteurized". To the best of my knowledge, hazelnuts are truly raw, but brazil and cashew nuts (if you're REALLY particular) should be purchased from companies specializing in raw …
  • atheist here (at least when it comes to a personal god), vegan, about 50-75% raw depending on the day/season.
  • I love the vega meal replacement, and my favourite flavour is the chai. I've never found that it gave me digestion problems, but I always drank it straight with just water...although to be fair, I'm not 100% raw (around 50%, all vegan). Anyway, it i…
  • yes, make SURE your persimmons are ripe, or you may experience the REALLY unpleasant sensation of having all the moisture in your mouth suddenly disappearing.
  • 1. strawberries 2. cucumbers 3. almonds 4. apples 5. avocado 6. blackberries 7. pumpkin seeds 8. soaked but not sprouted buckwheat 9. parsley 10. all green smoothies!
  • ... or it's called shiny lip balm! I don't know if you use bee products, but I personally love royal jelly lip balm on my lips that I get from a local market, it feels great, looks shiny, and I swear it makes them look plumper!
  • Yeeah...although it's possible you're "seeing energy" (I guess), it's probably worth getting checked out. Like someone above me said, if nothing's wrong, THEN you can feel free to buy into the energy thing (although I wouldn't LOL)!
  • No offense, but I'd like to offer an alternative viewpoint. The reason oral herpes (or any herpes) is considered "incurable" is because it literally hides in billions of cells around your mouth, making it impossible for your immune system to attack …
  • I generally don't eat meat because I don't like it...taste, look, texture, etc. I'm not sure of my view on this, I think I may respond to the points above me. Try not to take offense, I'm just developing an opinion: 1: i think i agree. 2: as far as …
  • i didn't read all the comments past the first post, but i eat pretty macro, and i feel damn good. i guess it's all personal.
  • if you crave beans, i say eat them. relative to the majority of cravings you could have, legumes are extremely healthy! (you know you’re on the right health track when you start craving beans…)
  • also i might add that i am horrified at the completely irresponsible response of many of the members of this site. i don’t rule out the possibility that annabelle has had a “spiritual experience”, but considering the very real possibility that she i…
  • annabelle77…..what you experienced has happened to people before, and is well documented. the paralysis is a medical condition known as atonia, and out-of-body experiences can be traced back to your neurology, as they have been achieved using direct…
  • you may lack the enzyme to convert omega 3s from plant sources into usable forms, so if you really don’t want to quit eating fish, don’t. or take a fish oil supplement. the mercury thing is exactly why i take a daily fish-oil (lemon flavoured b/c ew…
  • LMAOOOO i hope your first question was sarcastic.=P
  • it’s possible that you have a congenital condition which causes high cholesterol. i would see a doctor about this, as it is virtually impossible to have high cholesterol when you are eating no cholesterol unless there is a congenital aspect involved…
  • although i do not follow this diet, i actually think this is pretty much along the lines of what we would be eating for the majority of our evolutionary life as a species. fruit and raw meat. if only i had the will-power (or the means to have free-r…
    in The Wai Diet Comment by elizabethh
  • i play the piano. mostly to glorify my crazy piano skills.
  • the whole point of juicing is to remove the cellulose so that we can access what’s inside the plant cells, without having to digest them.
  • hence the reason people juice wheatgrass (because we cannot break down the cell walls).
  • i’m not even 100% raw, but you have a right to be very upset with this company as a result. as a consumer, you have the right to demand accurate labeling of products. i would post the name of this company!
  • ““see a medical doctor. a fat free or very low-fat diet is NOT ok. this issue needs to be evaluated by a medical professional.” unless he or she has specialised in nutrition that would be as much use as an ashtray on a motorcycle :o) just as with pr…
    in fats? Comment by elizabethh
  • see a medical doctor. a fat free or very low-fat diet is NOT ok. this issue needs to be evaluated by a medical professional.
    in fats? Comment by elizabethh
  • while it’s tempting to dismiss the “too much sugar, too much fat” accusations of SAD eaters about our diets, and i agree that these concerns are often unsubstantiated, it is also important to keep in mind that a lot of raw diets DO have too much sug…
  • quintessence is nice, but for a birthday…i would go for pure food and wine. the patio would be beautiful around this time of year, it’s so elegant and romantic, and the food is outstanding. quintessence is cute for a date, pure food and wine is a ni…
  • i think, as long as one does not have problems with addiction or a serious medical condition, a little tequila once in a blue moon won’t hurt! =P
  • i don’t know, i recently had a fair (not large) amount of tequila (i’m about 80% raw, was 100% for a year, and it didn’t leave me hungover or feeling especially crappy.