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  • This is something that sparked my interest a year or so ago when I saw an article in a colorado paper about a guy who trail runs with his dog barefoot. It had an amazing picture of him suspended in the air, running down a hill. Made me think he was …
    in Barefoot Running Comment by greenhoot
  • avocado rejuvelac/kefir seaweeds lemon and ginger green smoothie fruit and greens chanie, if you still find yourself muchin on those pretzels maybe always having something cook and non sugar/starch on hand would help. Hummus or plain beans did it fo…
    in Must Haves Comment by greenhoot
  • cool, keep us posted on the coconut yogurt! I'm thinking of making some tomorrow too
    in coconut kefir? Comment by greenhoot
  • I guess I should have been clearer, but y'all understood anyway so it's all good.. yeah, I'm not worried about making a true kefir culture, just a vegan coconut yogurt. Something fermented and delicious to soothe and nourish the gut. I'm keen on get…
    in coconut kefir? Comment by greenhoot
  • yeah good thinkin' pixx, thanks daniefon, yeah that's an option to try after the kombucha. reason being I have the one on hand. I'm wondering if rejuvelac would work as well...just playing around will all these fermented drinks I have on hand....
    in coconut kefir? Comment by greenhoot
  • Randommara- So you can make kefir with kombucha? I'm brewing some at the moment and have several mothers..how exactly would i make kefir from it? Thanks for clearing the whole thing up for me.
  • Waterbaby- thanks for the coconut recipe. Yeah I forgot to mention that kefir starter is generally not vegan. I think there's one I came across that was...the brand has slipped my mind though... Chiffon- cool site! Thanks for the link. the recipies …
  • Kefir is cultured milk, similar to yogurt. I worked at a deli that made plain and fruit kefir and it was made by culturing the milk typically for one day(milk plus kefir starter packet), then blending it with whole fruit and honey to sweeten it. So …
  • I'd start off with saying that graceinyaface is right on with creativity being important. Besides, you can get hired as a raw chef in many places without having to take a course on it. My friend chefs in a raw restaurant in LA and his only experienc…
    in Raw Chef-ism Comment by greenhoot
  • Thanks for letting me know emtpdmom! So some pictures enlarged for you? None of them have that I've clicked on...bummer dude. :) Well here's hoping they work it out, either way this site still kicks butt. Love you goneraw!
    in small pictures Comment by greenhoot
  • I heard neem oil is amazing in that kind of situation, I guess you’d swish it or something. Best wishes on the recovery.
    in Wisdom Teeth Comment by greenhoot
  • Just wanted to say that I agree to what angie said. I think dwelling too much on past circumstances can make it harder to clearly see the present ones.
  • Hey treeoflife, Cool name by the way. I know what you mean, once you research raw food you think, “wow, finding the right foods for me really shouldn’t be this hard…I mean there’s animanls out there that only eat ONE particular thing for their entir…
  • Well I can’t say I’ve been there, but I can say that you two will move on in time and will be able to laugh at it later, I hope. So maybe in the mean time try to kick back a bit and relax so you have a clear head about it. :)
  • I’ve bought a dehydrated bread that was refridgerated. I think it’s all good if you put your food in the fridge. It may have under a week shelf life, so just keep that in mind. :)
  • I’ve noticed a huge boost in sex drive in the first year I went raw, six months later I now feel more leveled out so maybe it took that long to balance my hormones. Shrug. It’s still a lot higher than pre-raw but I don’t feel inclined to jump on guy…
    in Sex drive Comment by greenhoot
  • I’ve ordered from the date people and their dates are raw. And reeeeelly good, love the carmely bahri dates. If you buy pitted dates, chances are that they aren’t raw since most companies steam the dates to make it easier to remove the pit. I don’t …
    in dates Comment by greenhoot
  • I heard juliano drinks coffee, maybe check out how he brews it.
  • I’ve never heard of people eating only fermented foods before, it’d be an interesting experiment for sure. Well last summer I ate about 8-16 oz of raw kim chi and /or raw sourkraut everyday for a few weeks and didn’t get bloated from it, it really h…
  • If you have basil left over after making pesto, I’d recommend making a thai dish. I add mint and basil leaves to sushi or lettuce wraps with a spicy thai dipping sauce, very very delicious!
    in Pesto Comment by greenhoot
  • I never thought about dehydrating it...wow that sounds amazing!! Thanks bitt! I'm thinkin it's pizza making time....
  • oh this hits home for sure! I’ve been trying to go around the fat craving and eat other filling things but finally caved and have had some nut butter and avocados everyday this week. I don’t usually eat much fat but oh man, the monster asked for it …
    in Feed the monster Comment by greenhoot
  • here’s two videos I love watchin, especially when I’ve been sittin on my butt too loong infront of the computer. Wow, that mayan video was absolutely fascinating to watch! It’s so cool how many great documentaries are free online. http://www.youtube…
    in good news! Comment by greenhoot
  • hey that’s awesome you found a spring where you are. I’m still lookin and hope to find a good one soon.
    in water Comment by greenhoot
  • that sounds so good! I’m gonna add cinnamon to mine and sun bake them asap. nice and simple recipe, love it.
    in Raw Waffles Comment by greenhoot
  • ah, thanks so much.
  • 20 i feel just like a child
    in How old are you? Comment by greenhoot
  • Good Mood Cafe in Huntington Beach is good. Also if you see a Mother’s Market store they have packaged raw food.
  • Have you heard of the csa? It’s a great way to get local organic produce that you either pick up from the farm t’s grown at or at the farmers maeket. Depending on the size of the basket it goes for $30-37. I was going to sign up for this when I live…