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  • I agree, I can’t imagine herbal teas being unhealthy. Most have been found to be very beneficial to health. I am drinking a mug of green tea right now! Plus for those of us in cold climates the warmth is fantastic. There are just some extremes of th…
    in Green Tea Comment by BirdOfParadise
  • I think most people grow alfalfa sprouts until they have the two little green leaves on top. This is how long I grow them and how you find them in stores. I have never heard of people eating them when they were still growing, I don’t think it would …
    in ALFALFA Comment by BirdOfParadise
  • Try adding more fruit, this seems to be what most people suggest. Also eating sprouted grains like buckwheat, quinoa and wheat can add more calories. Or make some raw bread! How much weight are you losing? It is possible the weight loss will slow do…
  • I soak them for about 20min-1hr and then leave them overnight, rinse again and eat them some time that day. I only sprout them a tiny bit and eat them fresh with quinoa (also a quick sprouter) with some honey and nut milk. If I had a dehydrator, I w…
  • Very awesome! Just the other day on Montel (yea I was watching Montel, shh!) he was promoting green smoothies/juice and raw whole vegetables! He was talking about how it helped him with his MS. Pretty good for daytime tv! He even gave away a Vita-Mi…
  • Bluedolfin- I DO find tahini to be pretty bitter. Maybe it is just me then, not the milk. I will soak some seeds tonight and make a batch tomorrow to see if I can make it tastier. What are some other not too expensive foods that are high in calicum …
    in Sesame milk Comment by BirdOfParadise
  • The best part of figs are the crunchy little seeds. Now I can only imagine them as crunchy little wasps filled with fun little worms. I may have to stick with dates for a while.
  • I am only on part four but who knew so much craziness went on with figs?! I knew about the fig wasps but the ants and the little nymphs, crazy. Thanks for posting this, I LOVE documentaries like this. So far I think I can still eat them, we’ll see.
  • Germin, I have never heard of sweet tomatoes but went to the website and there is one near one of the grocery stores I go to. I am always looking for places where I can go out to eat. What makes it so great?
  • Thanks for the encouragement! The avocado idea is great, especially at a mexican restaurant. I thought about just asking for no meat but extra toppings instead.
  • Deborahann, I think I will keep logging my food for now until I get a better idea of how much raw I should eat in a day. I also have a pretty serious sugar addiction and trying to control the sugars (honey, dates, dried fruit) I eat has been hard. I…
  • Thanks for your input Madness, I was starting to think I said something terribly insulting in my post! Maybe I wasn’t being clear, I just want to basically maintain my weight, not gain much or lose much. So far I don’t think I have gained or lost mu…