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  • I do not calorie count. I remember losing 2 pounds a week without exercise, and just eating mostly fruit. When I was starting to be fully raw.
  • Dragon fruit is yummy. I like the white, and red one.  The egg fruit also known as the canistel is creamy. When I mix it in my smoothies, it's like drinking dessert. A healthy dessert.  I have not tried cacao fruit, and the noni fruit. But I am look…
  • I do it. For 20 minutes. What do I do while swishing? I use the internet to kill time. It removes toxins from the body. So don't swallow it. Plus it's perfect for oral healthy. I use coconut oil. Some change their oil in the 10-minute time, then con…
    in Oil Pulling Comment by Diorella
  • And they say that the Philippines is one of the places that is hard to stay (raw) vegan. Ahahahaa!!   Durian is love. I place it inside the freezer, then eat it once frozen. YUM!!! =)
  • Coconut oil as lotion, and drink enough water for the hot day.
    in Really Dry Skin Comment by Diorella
  • I know someone who has it but would not listen to me when it comes to eating. Yes, raw vegan food is the best to heal. Plus she can place a little coconut oil to her affected skin. 
  • I'm not a doctor, or anything in the medical field. I agree with DavyKOTWF that he should go vegan. Let him watch documentaries too. I believe that he should avoid any kind of oils too. 
  • I like meditating in the morning. I just sit in one room, where I am alone. I feel so good afterwards. I feel positive right after meditating. 
    in Anyone meditate? Comment by Diorella
  • Whole foods are the best. But if you are busy to make one from scratch, then buying the pre-made ones are fine in my opinion.
  • Always remember why we started going vegan. It's not just a diet, but a lifestyle. It's for the animals, and the environment. As for the health part, it just comes along. =)
  • I am always in awe when I see people wear those. Do they wear them the whole day, and just remove it when they go to bed?
  • Since you are already getting enough fiber from being raw vegan, make sure to get enough water too. 
  • Soak almonds. After soaking, strain it, then place everything in your Vitamix, then blend until creamy. You can add a little sweetener if you want. Plus if you have almond butter with you, and you need almond milk, just place some almond butter in …
  • I use stevia, coconut nectar, coconut sugar, lucuma powder, date paste as sweeteners alternative for other sugars. But I love stevia, lucuma, and dates over everything. =)
    in agave Comment by Diorella
  • Any is good actually. But I on my part is in to smoothies in the morning. 2 liters of smoothie in the morning. I need to be fully full in the morning, or else I'll be thinking of other things that I can eat during lunch. It's just me.
  • I use coconut oil, with essential oils as lotion, and massage oil.  Coconut oil for deep conditioning my hair once every week, I just let the oil sit on my hair for a day, then shower in the evening. Coconut oil for oil pulling. Coconut oil for mois…
  • It's nice to know to have a lot of people are against vaccines. I hope that I get to find someone here (where I live, the Philippines) who are against vaccinations as well.    Growing up, I remember getting flu shots every year. Flu is almost alwa…