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  • so painful digestion of foods can be cause from your liver?? for me it hurts when food is in my stomach and takes very long to digest unless it's fruit. even salad take a long time
  • anyone?
  • so my hubby and I are planning a month trip from middle of june to middle of july. whats CR like at that time?
    in costa rica Comment by rawmamanibbles
  • i should also say that my family is not 100% raw or even vegan we really just want to live close to the land, in a wonderful enviorment to raise my son
    in costa rica Comment by rawmamanibbles
  • my hubby and I was to spend some time there with our 2 year old son. we thought we would try to wwoof it before making a big move without really getting a feel for costa rica. i've heard great things about it and im not at all wanting to jump on the…
    in costa rica Comment by rawmamanibbles
  • no worries here, i love coffee :) wasnt sure if you were trying to quit or not.
  • coffee gets your heart pumping right? get the blood flowing through your body? maybe that why it helps your hand and feet. go to 1/2 and 1/2 then when you feel read decaf and so on..... Do you Run? my help with the circulation... If there was one su…
  • everyone digestion is different. If you feel you need yogurt eat it. i was making coconut yogurt but the cost was not worth it. took 7 coconuts to make 1 quart of yogurt and 1 qt of keffir that would be gone in two days. thats $18 give or take.
    in Yogurt Comment by rawmamanibbles
  • I prefer raw goat yogurt that i make myself. but i'll eat goat and cow yogurt i buy at the store, it's not raw from the store. i will buy plain and add honey or agave to it. I make sure that it say live/active cultures in it. I think yogurt/keffirs …
    in Yogurt Comment by rawmamanibbles
  • H,mmm... this should be fun. Pudding of course... chocolate or carob, i prefer carob but you could do a mix. avocado, carob and maple syrub. chocolate covered frozen bananas, homemade almond butter cups, wait i just re-read it's your son 1st birthda…
  • it's sounds like you've read Evies Kitchen by shazzie based on your supplement choices. No if you ahve enough b12 your 11mo old does not need b12. if you are vegan still when your son is no longer nursing, then yes add some b12. if your getting enou…
  • i dont like Vega cuz of the stevia in it.. but i've tried SunWorrier protien powder. expensive but good. oh yeah i've also gotten one for Whole Foods that has raw foods in it. thats my fav but i dont remembe the name
  • i'll search around.
  • how would i go about finding a running group in my area?
  • avl, r u 8/1/1? i acually trying to gain weight ( or muscle) im skinny enough, its time to get in shape for me. yea it would be nice to find someone in the area to jog with, would prolly make it more fun. im hoping to go out for an afternoon jog tod…
  • a green smoothie or oj and banana sound like a great idea.... what should i eat after to refuel myself? does anyone use protien powder? like the sun warrier protien powder?? yea i make the yogurt and i keep it raw
  • its been all three times. i usually dont eat anything before if i do it's usually only a yogurt. im afraid if i eat something to heavy i get sick..
  • up your greens
  • yeah, the size is right and no allergy but gosh my feet hurt so bad when i wear them ..... i dont have proof i bought them unless it's on the computer at happy feet
  • awesome. think i'll give it a try. so what all is considered fats. i know the basics .. avo, oils, olives, nuts, seeds ... anything else? oh but i love a good nut butter with apples.
  • in regard to a high fruit diet/greens verse a low-fat diet, can you also add a small protion a cooked grains into your diet?? im not sure i could manage a high fruit diet in this cold ... good thing florida winters are short :)
  • thank you. i did hear that u will get candida detox symptoms --- u will get worse at first. i cant understand why fruit will make you better if you have candida?? thank you for you wishes i really hope i can knock this thing out.
  • does anyone have any testimonies regarding getting rid of candida?
  • awesome, thanx so much!! im ordering the unridged one :)
    in hula hoop? Comment by rawmamanibbles
  • i've tried searching for one but i really have no idea ...
    in hula hoop? Comment by rawmamanibbles
  • Im with you Harmonylia - good for them!
  • they are all still available. im not sure i know how to pm you . here is my email. i'll delete it in a little while so make sure you get it  
  • So it's a novel that inspires you? any other running book suggestions? i've really been wanting to start running but lack the motavation.
    in born to run Comment by rawmamanibbles
  • i'll give it a try! though im not sure it is calcium, i've been getting alot fo that.
    in low mineral Comment by rawmamanibbles
  • no not yet, i've been craving toxic foods .... bad! sugar, coffee black teas and lots of bread! not that i think bread is bad, i reather like it at times but lately it's been ALL i want in the form or pastreys, bagels, cookies, muffins and such.