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  • Here’s how to get the most out of your Chia: *Soak them in water 4-1 (4 parts water to 1 part chia) for 8-12 hours to start the germination process, stir occasionally. *Spread the gelled mass thinly onto your teflex, and dehydrate until completely d…
    in Chia Comment by FuzzyWuzzy
  • I never use my settings. I use the up/down buttons. For dressing: put everything in, and push the up button one time (low) then after the vortex starts, up, up, up, all the way up for a few seconds, then stop. done!
  • I LOVE my Bledtec. I have a Black one, but they just came out with a few new colors!
  • There are no enzyme inhibitors in cashews. Plus, cashews are dead, unsproutable, and heated to get them out of the shell- unless you buy the REALLY expensive ones that are hand-shelled. Therefore, there is no need to soak them- unless you just want …
    in soaked cashews Comment by FuzzyWuzzy
  • To warm & soften them (without a dehydrator): Soak them in warm water for a minute or two, then drain really well in a colander. Warm & soft & ready for sauce!
    in KELP NOODLES Comment by FuzzyWuzzy
  • Get yourself a 40 ounce Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottle and fill it with Green Smoothie. I have found that I get irritated when people can see the color of my smoothie and go “eewwwwww! what’s that?” If it’s inside the stainless bottle, no one …
    in Sage Advice Comment by FuzzyWuzzy
  • Here’s how I get 1 Tablespoon down each morning: 1/4 cup water in a jar with a lid (I use an old mayo jar) Add 1 T Spirulina Cover & shake vigorously for 5-10 seconds. Let bubbles rise to top (10 seconds) and take off lid Now put a straw all the…
    in Spirulina... Comment by FuzzyWuzzy
  • Organic food CANNOT be GMO (thank goodness!) The companies that sell GM produce/groceries do NOT have to label it as such. Yup, organic is the only way to go.
  • Gotta fluff ‘em up to let them breathe! I only let mine sprout for 24-36 hrs.
  • You must drain it really really well after rinsing. Shake it hard to get the water off as much as possible. Them fluff up the buckwheat with a clean fork to let the air circulate a bit, instead of having just one massive wet clump in the bottom of t…
  • Maybe add some almond pulp (the stuff left over after squeezing your almond milk) and agave. It should help as a binder (hopefully!) Good luck!
  • I use Bariani Olive Oil http://www.barianioliveoil.com/ I took a class with Chad Sarno, raw chef extraordinaire, and that’s what he uses. It is sooooo yummy! If you can’t find that, I’d try to make sure the label on whatever you did get at least sai…
  • I’m eating the first thing I’ve ever made from this site right now- Donut Holes!
  • Tip- do a Google search for “Free Shipping xyz product” So if you’re looking for hemp seeds, type in ‘hemp seeds free shipping’ and see what comes up! Also try Amazon for some good deals.
  • Lots of warm fuzzy thoughts to you and your family!
    in Shellshocked Comment by FuzzyWuzzy
  • Somewhere today, I read a recipe that said to ‘sprout your pine nuts’. did they simply mean to just soak them? They don’t sprout, do they??
  • This was great! Thanks for posting it here Oliveroblong!
  • Walnut Mylk is great too. Soak them first though. Here’s a tip- you get more of a total quantity of walnuts and pecans by weight than almonds. Walnuts and pecans are lighter, so you get more per pound than say almonds which are heavier and cost more…
    in Pecan mylk? Comment by FuzzyWuzzy
  • I actually mix 3/4 sunnies to 1/4 punkies for most of my pates, no matter what the recipe calls for. Sometimes I’ll add some sesame’s too. I also squirt a lemon wedge on top to avoid the brown-ness. It is just oxidation, it won’t hurt it, just stir …
  • Has anyone tried Grain Mylk from sprouted organic grains? I’ve seen it posted on other sites, but have never tried it. Much more economical, but it it tastes crappy, what’s the point?
  • Why drink dead soymilk when you can have Alive Almond Mylk! Chock full of living nutrients and living good fats! Alix1963 you crack me up & cute kitten!
  • Use hulled (without hulls) that are light tan in color with a tinge of light green usually. There are also the un-hulled buckies that are for growing buckwheat lettuce – they are almost black. Whatever you do, make sure they are RAW!
  • After at least 30 minutes of soaking, you’re good to go! Good luck with the cleanse. Now you’ll have something to look forward too!
  • I have some sprouting right now. I only soak mine for 30 minutes as well, but forgot these for 1.5 hours. They’ll still be okay. Just RINSE RINSE RINSE RINSE!!!!! They have a natural ‘slimy’ coating. I make the most awesome grawnola with them!
  • Carmentina and flybaby are correct. The only way to get to the highly nutritious good stuff in the flax seed is to get it open before you swallow it. Either by chewing really really well, or grinding the seeds before you add them to your recipe. I …
  • Benny & sabriya, isn’t there a Raw restaurant just outside of Charleston called “Sprout”?
  • Hello Southerners! St. Augustine FL chiming in here. We have 1 raw restaurant, and another one 40 minutes away. I’m an organizer for a Meetup Group. We have Meetups monthly, so I get to meet somewhere between 35 – 50 raw fooders at each one. We all …
  • Ha! I just bought one today! Great ideas here everyone. I saw a recipe that I was going to do. Just slice, marinate in nama shoyu (or whatever) and dehydrate until crispy like chips. I miss the crunch of popcorn, so I’m going to give this a whirl.
  • I’m sending out the Good MoJo to you all! I’ve been toying with the idea of doing it soon, but I have to finish breaking my coffee habit. I’m almost there. Maybe I’ll check back and see if anyone wants to join me for an April 1 (FoolsDay) Master Cle…
  • Happy Birthday Zoe!