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  • unsoaked nuts caused bloating. also, doing colon hydrotherapy regularly (at least 1-2 times a week) was very helpful for me in reducing bloating. matt monarch sells products to use at home for this. also, be sure and do regular aerobic exercise. run…
    in No raw after 4 Comment by Winona
  • Cuisinart 3.5 cup model. The 7 cup is probably better if you tend to make larger batches, but for 1 person i've found the smaller model sufficient.
  • Gypsika - I sympathize, and although I haven't been in the same situation as you, I'd like to express my utmost compassion and hope that you realize you're in a much better place. You're a strong person for walking away. I have had the same situatio…
    in Raw & Abuse Comment by Winona
  • FYI I love Heathy Pace's book - from her ebook, I've made her mint chocolate chunk ice cream and chocolate orange cake and mango layer cake and all three were AMAZING. I don't yet own cafe gratitude's sweet gratitude - but i must say that their dess…
  • I love Bahri dates!
  • OOOH - raw granola bars with raw chocolate chips! Awesome, right?
  • I love fresh dehydrated tomatoes and pineapple. They don't have to be totally dried (unless it will be super hot on your trip.) They can still be chewy and tasty. I think emptdmom has the right idea - for the soup, some of the ingredients can be deh…
  • IWWkevin, fresh fruits are extremely heavy. If you've ever tried to carry a backpack with all your rations for several days/weeks, you'd know that. Maybe you could bother answering goneraw posts a little more creatively than going into every single …
  • An easy change is to switch to all raw snacks. Chopped veggies and fruit can be breakfast, part of your lunch, appetizers, or dessert. You can change it up and find dips for fruits and veggies, different types of fruit salads, different ways to arra…
    in not raw Comment by Winona
  • I'm in the process of collecting every recipe book out there. I hope that more used copies of recipe books come into circulation soon!
  • Good point, ras-saadon! I have seen so much denial surrounding food. People will justify their diet like crazy. It would be less effort to simply eat healthy, than to try and rationalize the crap they put in their bodies. I love this saying I saw at…
  • Kayaking and biking are my favorite exercises. I do all my errands on my bike so it's easy to get exercise without even realizing it. I love running, too. Try a walk to run program (found on google). I also run 2-3 days a week for 3-4 miles. Raw foo…
  • I eat loads of cashews. I never get sick. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well! I don't recall hearing raw foodies complain about cashews, and i've been reading the goneraw forums for a year.
  • I felt under the weather for the first 2 months of eating all raw. Then my health improved quite a bit, my energy came back, my skin and hair looked better. During those 2 months, I slept more than before, I was exhausted and unmotivated. I may have…
  • Greens help me to restore balance. I try to eat savory meals and cut back slightly on the fruit. For example, eating loads of melons will cause my candida to rise with a vengeance. Cutting back on agave helps too. For some reason, DRINKING sweet thi…
  • I want to have some friends watch earthlings. What an eye opener for them! Since I'm already vegan, I'll find it hard to watch - but heck i should see what those poor animals endure.
  • you're welcome! I love making cake with almond pulp, it's so nice and light. mmm cake.
    in Leftover nut pulp.. Comment by Winona
  • http://www.goneraw.com/recipe/cinnamon-rolls http://www.rawfreedomcommunity.info/forum/showthread.php?t=3130 http://www.goneraw.com/node/3637 http://www.goneraw.com/node/9206 Here's another thread on the same question: http://goneraw.com/forum/what-…
    in Leftover nut pulp.. Comment by Winona
  • cakes!! you can easily make pie crust or cake by food processing the almond flour with dates and coconut oil. Mmm.
    in Leftover nut pulp.. Comment by Winona
  • If you have the Cafe Gratitude book 'I am Grateful', the Strawberry shortcake RULES. Heathy Pace's online dessert book 'Just Desserts' has a chocolate orange cake that looks positively sinful.
  • Here's another sample shopping list. this feeds 1 raw foodie for 1 week. It's a lot of avocados - that week I ate lots of avocados and fruit, other weeks nuts and veggies, any combination i want. Always lots of greens. I spend about $150-190 per wee…
  • GROCERIES: PRODUCE bananas pears young thai coconuts avocados 3 cucumbers (dill dressing) lemon portobello mushroom (for dehydrtd avocado sandwich) 1 whole LARGE seeded watermelon 4 tomatoes (for sundried tomatoes, dressing) celery parsnips (to shre…
  • Great point, Joyce! In my experience, a happy, positive attitude affects my body in a much stronger way than how the occasional glass of wine affects me. In other words - if i'm depressed and anxious and stressed, it takes a much worse toll physical…
    in Alcohol & Raw? Comment by Winona
  • Oh PLEASE, kevin. That comment was not useful, it did not contain any information helpful to the person making the decision. It's just a scare tactic that no one likes to read.
    in Alcohol & Raw? Comment by Winona
  • There's a variety of opinions on this topic. But speaking strictly from experience, i've been raw 1 year, and the alcohol that affects me the least is wine. If i drink beer or liquor, my stomach acts up. I limit my alcohol consumption to once a week…
    in Alcohol & Raw? Comment by Winona
  • Wish I was in Calgary! Good luck teaching classes.
    in Raw food classes Comment by Winona
  • I'm salivating at the thought of your next cake creation, Joyce. I'm looking for inspiration for my next cake - i might try Heathy's dessert book. It's high time i bought that!
  • a raw recipe i saw, suggested spinach. You could dehydrate spinach and make that into powder yourself, if you want. Or use spinach juice.
  • 9 grams of protein is pretty good, for using only 2 Tbsp! You stayed full a while huh? My green smoothies never fill me up - they're fruit and greens. But that's okay, because I have greens for a midmorning snack, then lunch, then greens, then dinne…
  • Pirawna - Great suggestion! Alive powder is vegan, so it would be an improvement over whey (milk) protein, and it's only $10/lb. Not bad. I wonder if it's raw. I didn't see anything on the webpage indicating this, but I could always call the company…