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  • Hi holly! :o) I have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast… a couple bananas (if you freeze banana chunks ahead of time they make your smoothies really cold & thick), a couple handfuls of spinach, water, some agave for sweetness and then …
    in newby pls hlp Comment by jenergy
  • Hi saraw… I’m sorry, I don’t have a raw ranch recipe for you, but I wanted to say I totally sympathize with the terrible two’s you’ve got going on! Heh… I remember those power struggles well. My son’s terrible two’s lasted until he was 5, ack! ;o)
  • Ha! Daniefon, that was funny! I opened up this thread with trepidation, kind of expecting more controversy like the “is-she-a-kid-or-an-adult” and “you-know-who-is-overweight” threads… heh. So relieved it was just a website recommendation!
  • Hmmm… a big, tough, mean(seeming) sweetiepie. That’s my HUSBAND. Now my infatuation with HB makes sense! Haha… ;o)
  • HAHA! Moth, you’re a riot. I like Patrick Stewart, too. He’s SO not my usual type, but there’s something there. Did you see him in Excalibur? Speaking of geekness, that’s my alltime favorite movie and it is just SO bad. Heh. But awesome. He was in D…
  • OK Luna, you asked for it… here’s a true measure of my geekness, or freakness, maybe. ;o) I would SO be Hellboy’s girlfriend. Really. Yowza. Make of that what you will, people. ;o) Oh, and I forgot about Babylon 5. I think I remember liking that one…
  • OOH, Luna, I love Neil Gaiman! I haven’t read the Sandman comics yet, but I’ve been thinking about buying them to take on vacation with me. I’ve read bunches of his other stuff though… Neverwhere, American Gods, Coraline, Stardust (I want to see the…
  • Battlestar! Battlestar! OMG, I am a total freak for that show. I got so excited when it came back (FINALLY) after what, like a year? Such a tease. Also love the Stargate series… although Atlantis is a little too hokey. But good god, that Ronin chara…
  • I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s for years. Usually I just squeeze a little in my hand, rub my hands together and wash. I really like the peppermint soap in my morning shower… it’s invigorating! The literature written all over the bottle is entertainin…
    in Dr. Bronners Comment by jenergy
  • My mom does this with rolled oats. She soaks them overnight and adds in cinnamon, raisins, etc. Maybe some raw honey or agave, or maple syrup if you’re not too worried about the 100% raw thing.
  • Well, I did try some self-tanner lotion a couple days ago and now I have orangey streaks. That stuff is stupid. Off-topic, soooorrry! ;o)
    in YELLO hands Comment by jenergy
  • Number 832 here. Cool! :o)
  • Chris – you lived in Arcata?? That’s so cool! I’m just down in Ukiah, born in Eureka, and lived in Arcata & Eureka a few years back. I miss it up there. Redwood Park was my alltime favortite place to be, rain or shine. I just love those “small w…
    in Nuke the Greens! Comment by jenergy
  • I like to freeze banana chunks to add to my smoothies… makes ‘em creamy and cold, yum. And it’s a good way to rescue an entire bunch of bananas that’s gone super ripe all at once. :o) I have a cheapo blender, too, and I do like pianissima suggested……
  • I love all the different thoughts here. This isn’t an issue for me anymore, because I’ve been in recovery for the last 4-1/2 years. I’m an alcoholic. For me, having that one first drink just opens the window to let my brain fly out and I will drink …
  • I tried the treadmill at my gym once, and it scared me. I felt like I was going to fall off the thing! Now I stick with the stair climber & the recumbant bike for cardio… and walk/run outside.
  • Sweet! What a great site… and that baby is SO. CUTE. He made me get that throat-tightening maternal gushy feeling. Hehe… ;o) I think those menu ideas would be great for ME to follow.
  • I have an ongoing battle with sugar. When I leave it alone after a few days I feel great, don’t think about it, and any bloating goes away. But if I have just one bite… I’m a recovering alcoholic, and I swear the sugar for me is just like if I were …
  • I put maca powder in my smoothie every morning. I’ve read that it’s good for regulating hormones (something I have trouble with sometimes) and I like the energy from it. Also really like the malty taste. I have some spirulina that’s almost gone, and…
    in supplements Comment by jenergy
  • Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts. It’s a huge, sprawling, gorgeous, epic story. Big, fat book, it’ll take you a good long time to read it. That’s what I love about books, when they take forever to end!
    in Books! Comment by jenergy
  • I usually eat a cooked dinner, too. Beans, or steamed veggies and a sweet potato, something simple like that.
  • “The United States has lost millions of dollars in exports (due to the rejection of GM crops in Europe),” If there’s any hope at all it’ll be because of this statement right here. We can certainly hope, can’t we?
  • I don’t love running… yet. Well, let me rephrase that. I really love the idea of running, and the running I’m able to do so far makes me feel wide awake and alive and powerful and strong, and I love that! But I’m just starting out and it still hurts…
    in Running...... Comment by jenergy
  • I got married young, too. I was 19. We survived about 4 years, split up and got back together 3 times in the next 3 years, had a kid after 8 years together, split up and got back together AGAIN, and have been together ever since. This July will be 1…
    in Relationships! Comment by jenergy
  • I’ve been using them as the base for creamy salad dressings… they’re really versatile and you can go in a lot of different flavor directions. Also just tried chunks of avo with chunks of mango together recently, and WOW. That was good. :o)
    in The AVOCADO Comment by jenergy
  • harmonylia, your post about the double d’s cracked me up. Just this morning I was thinking about how if I could afford it, I’d have mine lifted a bit, and probably reduced a size. Ha! We always want what we don’t have, don’t we? Moth, I’m right ther…
  • Good to know, thanks!!
  • Oh… that’s good to know about horizon milk. I rarely buy that brand as I have an organic source more locally, but I have bought it before. Grrrr… that makes me mad. If it says organic it SHOULD BE ORGANIC. Dammit.
  • Xavier Rudd is great! I just listened to a few samples on his website and my first impression is kind of like a cross between Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. I really liked “Whirlpool.” And he’s PRETTY. Hehehe ;o) So talking about music with a positive…
  • Oh Moth, I so feel you. I go through these periods of rage and frustration every once in a while, and it’s so overwhelming. I remember finding out in my 20’s that men & women really weren’t equal in society’s eyes, like I’d been raised to believ…