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  • MOTH Yes, you should work out your other arm more. It will catch up. Everyones body parts are different sizes for sure so don’t go examining anything else LOL…just kidding. I’ve done it before and actually have to do it again because my left arm is …
  • I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to lose a few extra pounds. Not for nothing, a lot of people do the raw food diet to lose weight! The body usually takes 6-8 weeks to adjust to any healthy diet so hang in there, you’re adjusting ri…
  • Ya know, I never had a problem with nuts before and now I do. I think it’s because my diet has been so clean that now when I eat nuts…watch out!...talk about nasty gas. GROSS!!! and the bloating is just horrible.
  • Yup, greenish, soft and multiple times a day. Definitely do not have floaters though…that’s a whole lot of fiber!
    in Bowel movements Comment by JD
  • I would think the headaches might have to do with detox. You may be doing too much at once. It’s best to progress slowly. We all want to detox but it does not have to be so harsh. When I did it and it got to be too much, I just weaned off a bit and …
  • I don’t have one and totally want one. Gets boring eating salads, soups, tacos. I think a dehydrator adds more meals of substance…lasagna, bread, chips, cookies…come on, yummy!
  • Thanks so much for the compliment. You are beautiful as well. The pic was from the Commerce Bank 5 Borough Bike Tour a couple of weeks ago (42 mile ride through NYC). I started taking MSM (sulfur) after reading a book by David Wolfe…Eating for Beaut…
    in Sodium Comment by JD
  • Hi Evigail, I’m glad you asked about salt. Table salt and sea salt are just poo! According to Paul Bragg, 1. SALT IS NOT A FOOD! There is no more justification for its culinary use than there is for potassium chloride, calcium chloride, barium chlor…
    in Sodium Comment by JD
  • I just bought hemp seeds yesterday and had them with my fruit this morning. Those little suckers are good. I had no idea they were so tiny and soft…yummy! I too was craving carbs out the wazoo and was mad hungry and went crazy with it for a bit but …
    in balanced diet Comment by JD
  • Thanks Karuna. I’m gonna go ahead and give it a try.
    in Hemp Protein Comment by JD
  • Ok, I just realized that someone else posted about hemp hearts. Based on my reading and responses I think I should be going with the shelled hemp hearts. One big concern though. My research indicates that you will lose your appetite and this is a go…
    in Hemp Protein Comment by JD
  • Dear Aloe Users: I was thinking about getting into aloe juice. How big of a piece do you think I would need to juice to get the benefits (totally assuming I do not remove the skin, is that correct)? I have a juicer at home. Also, if you put it in a …
    in aloe vera juice Comment by JD
  • ardesmond2, 3 bunches…doesn’t that get expensive? How much does 3 bunches yield?
    in Kale Juicing Comment by JD
  • I have a brevelle and juice kale with no problem. You don’t get a lot out of leafy greens when you juice them so don’t be surprised. You’ll get more out of the romaine than the kale and more out of the apple and lemon than either leafy vegetable. Gr…
    in Kale Juicing Comment by JD
  • No doubt. I couldn’t even get in for a couple days and YES have just given up because the site it too slow. Gerrr, hope it gets fixed soon.
  • jenergy, do you use any other Dr. Bronners products that you would recommend? Yeah, I started reading the bottle and thought it was interesting. Of course I was in the store at the time and it just started to confuse me seeing how i was trying to fi…
    in Dr. Bronners Comment by JD
  • My Brevelle works great. Of course there’s occassional splatting going on but I think a lot of juicers splat.
  • southernlover, aloe plants are easy to come by. They have them in supermarkets in the flower section, nurseries and yes places like home depot.
    in Eating Aloe Comment by JD
  • Bless Earth Day Joyce H…my company has about 20 cars on display today as well. Took a walk over during lunch to check them out and saw the Smart car. That is by far the smallest thing ever. Very cute though.
    in HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!! Comment by JD
  • Happy Earth Day! I posted this in another forum but figured why not move it here. It’s this weekend in NYC for anyone interested. Check out the Exhibitors Directory…plenty of websites available. http://www.gogreenexpo.com/events/exhibitors.php
    in HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!! Comment by JD
  • Awesome Mon46…you’re welcome.
    in GoGreenExpo NYC Comment by JD
  • Looks like I already buy the necessary ingredients for the smoothies you all posted…thanks everyone. I will have to add Mangos to the shop though. It’s been quite some some since I’ve bought any. One question though…who adds the ice to the mixture? …
    in Green Smoothies Comment by JD
  • Winona are you freezing the fruit yourself or are you buying bagged goods as well? I can see I need to buy this book. This forum is smoothie crazed.
    in Green Smoothies Comment by JD
  • LibbyB that sounds interesting. I would not have thought of vanilla or cinnamon. Thanks!
    in Green Smoothies Comment by JD
  • Excellent starter transition book. Loved it!
  • Oh my. Is Dr. Hauschka mascara really $23?
    in Make-up Comment by JD
  • stylistchick, I would have to agree with you on the specialty items and even then…ouch!
    in woohoo!! Comment by JD
  • Whole Foods is rediculous and I think they are a serious financial turn off to anyone trying to go organic and raw. Sure they have most of what you are looking for but give me a break. With all the food I eat, that place would make me broke. I enjoy…
    in woohoo!! Comment by JD
  • I have an inexpensive Oster and it turns carrots into baby food. I dump everything in my blender…no problem.
    in blend the stems? Comment by JD
  • Hey all. Feeling better these days. Back at the gym too so that makes a huge difference for me. I was feeling like such a blob lol. Almost back to normal. Of course I still have funky gas (TMI) but that will pass hahaha!