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  • ALL I just dehydrated some chips for 12 hours and turned the dehydrator off this morning because I was leaving for work (afraid to leave it running). I was wondering if I could continue this evening to make my chips crispy? Right now they are chewy.…
    in Dehydrated chips Comment by JD
  • sv3-wow, those kale chips sound awesome. I had no idea! I just thought you rubbed them with salt and popped them in. This recipe is great. Question though-is the nutritional yeast necessary? What exactly is it for?
    in Dehydrated chips Comment by JD
  • Myrtlebeach8369- I have an Oxo Mandeline slicer. I like it but as everyone points out you have to be careful of the fingers. I cut myself once but I was trying sooooo hard to get that last slice in :( I just got the Excalibur 5-Tray which has a back…
    in Dehydrated chips Comment by JD
  • Ok, so I did my first batch of banana chips and they came out great. I didn't dry mine to a total crisp though. Started at 140 for 1 hour and then dropped to 112 for 10 hours. I cut them 1/8 in. and sprinkled some with cinnamin. macanoogie-how thick…
    in Dehydrated chips Comment by JD
  • Thanks for all the responses. MacANoogie-I am going to do bananas this weekend. How long did yours takes and at what temp? I assume they were totally crispy?
    in Dehydrated chips Comment by JD
  • AlyceA-I tried to make mine as thin as possible but had a problem. The lowest setting on my mandolin slicer wouldn't slice the potato so I had to go thicker (1/8 in.)...too thick in my opinion. The ones I managed to do on the lower setting were perf…
    in Dehydrated chips Comment by JD
  • Thank you for the recommendations. Suasoria-did your kale chips just crumble in your mouth? I made them once but in the oven and they just seemed so thin and crumbly when I ate them. Is it different in the dehydrator? MacANoogie-did your banana chip…
    in Dehydrated chips Comment by JD
  • I don't know if you have heard of Devashan http://www.devaconcepts.com/ but they are completely educated on how to handle curly hair (any curly hair) and many times it boils down to the RIGHT HAIRCUT. I wound up with them because I had a TON of long…
    in Curly Hair Issues Comment by JD
  • Vitamin Shoppe sells them.
  • I LOVE TRADER JOE'S. I do all my shopping there and you can't beat the prices. Aside what you mentioned, I haven't really noticed them marketing raw. Perhaps dried fruit but that's usually the same section as nuts/seeds if not scattered in the store…
    in Trader Joe's Comment by JD
  • Hey rawmama, articles posted under Being Raw titled Forbes Magazine.
    in Steaming Broccoli?? Comment by JD
  • I love steamed broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts. I am high raw, not 100%. You should do what you feel is best for you. Rawmama, you just listed to a cd of Brian Clement saying one thing and I just read an article that I posted from Forbes t…
    in Steaming Broccoli?? Comment by JD
  • Before buying it online, I tried finding Green for Life through the library, book store and used book store and no one carried it. I was told it had something to do with being an independent seller?
    in The 80-10-10 book Comment by JD
  • Oh I have so many questions... Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)- see these all the time! How do you choose one? What's the texture supposed to be like inside? Firm like an apple? A soft pear? Mangosteen-not looking familiar. Do you eat the whole thing or just …
    in Interesting fruit? Comment by JD
  • UGGG...I've been using that daily for months. Why don't I just crack open a few sodas. Thanks for the info. Maybe now I'll lose weight instead of gaining...arggg! This could be my culprit because although I've loosened up on my eating, I haven't don…
  • Thanks for all the responses. While being raw does help my skin to an extent…I totally need the harsh stuff. I’m glad to hear people have used lavander and now I feel comfortable giving it a try. I’m hoping I can use that in place of my BenzaClin du…
    in Lavender Oil Comment by JD
  • David Wolfe (and I am sure others as well) sell raw protein supplements. I’ve been weight training and running for years and my muscle mass definitely went down since going raw. Even my boyfriend noticed. I personally will be buying a supplement bec…
  • For me, the benefit of cooking a SAD meal was 1) It took little prep time and cooking was largely unattended in the oven or stove top. 2) Always having left overs for a couple of days so all I had to do was use the microwave Now, it’s everyday in th…
  • I definitely find it time consuming. By the time I wash and slice up my lettuce, tomato, cucumber, zicchini or squash and mushroom for my salad, I feel like I’ve spent too long in the kitchen already. Maybe it’s the wash and slice slice slice all th…
  • Bubbaw6 that’s a great idea. Totally going to do that. I make a few soups a week! THANKS!
    in Do you miss hot food? Comment by JD
  • Congrats on your 2 weeks Langston!!! Ohhh, the alcohol. Sooo bad let me tell ya. Whenever I drink liquor I sweat it out something horrible the next morning. I wake up totally soaked in sweat and it doesn’t stop there. After I get up, an hour can pas…
  • I used to do really well with nuts and raisins but not anymore. I would say that now it’s raisins for me. Eat any of those? Anytime I eat too many, I bloat for sure.
    in Bloated Comment by JD
  • Thanks for the info. I have a juice book at home that lists conditions and remedies using fruit/vegetable juices and smoothies. I decided to juice beets for my skin and then read up on a whole bunch of other things it is used for on the internet: An…
    in Juicing Beets Comment by JD
  • HAHAHA, Never mind. I just found additional information on the web saying that “Beets are known for causing both stools and urine to turn red and if this happens, don’t be surprised.
    in Juicing Beets Comment by JD
  • Uggg, this is such a nasty topic. Don’t have a milk problem but cheese is another story. I see I will be looking for alternatives here. Thank you all for the post and great links CacaoFlower.
    in How terrible is cheese? Comment by JD
  • I have a mandoline slicer that has a few different attachments for regular slicing, julienne slicing, french fry size, and a couple other ones that are in between sizes. I see no need to buy a spiralizer. I simply use my different attachments. They …
    in spiralizer Comment by JD
  • Ok not for nothing, I just bought a deoderant yesterday by Desert Essence with Tea Tree oil and Lavander…that junk does not work at all. I stunk so bad yesterday I couldn’t stand myself.
    in Stinky Me Comment by JD
  • Ok, so I went to my local nature store and bought Rainbow Neutral Henna. Not quite what I expected. Perhaps I had shinny hair to begin with. I thought it would be much shinnier than it came out. Was very soft though and I could tell my hair felt com…
    in Hair Shine Product Comment by JD
  • Thanks all. I looked up the neutral henna and it seems worth doing. Anyone know of a particular brand or where I should buy it?
    in Hair Shine Product Comment by JD
  • Too funny. When I bought my first bag of nibs I thought they were going to be wonderful…boy was I wrong. They taste like dirt. I’d be willing to try the powder.
    in Cacao Nibs Comment by JD