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  • pianissima – you have a beautiful voice…myspace friend request sent :)
  • i dont really know which one is actually “better”...i love to enjoy BOTH. i think that organic produce is better than conventional tho…juicing conventional and drinkng high concentrated levels of pesticides really bothers me. so, i dont do that.
  • i have been using my same Champion juicer for almost 4 years, works great…i’ve only had to replace the screen once.
  • joined june 26, 2007…member #1356. i hung out for a minute last year when i signed up…then disappeared and submerged myself in many books ( Conscious Eating, The Raw Gourmet, 12 Steps to Raw Foods, Living on Live Food, The 80/10/10 Diet, Diet for a …
  • germin8 – wanted answer your question. i’m the same height as you and weigh just a few poiunds more. i got the diva cup that is made for women who have already had children. there is another one available for those who have never had kids. get that …
    in The DivaCup Comment by mrs.rev BT
  • i’ve been using the Diva cup for 2 years now and love it. it takes a couple periods to get use to but now i’ve got it down. i use my menstrual blood diluted w/water (say 2oz blood w/a gallon of water) to “fertilize” my house plants and outdoor plant…
    in The DivaCup Comment by mrs.rev BT
  • gerrrl….i feel like i’m in a dehydrator right now. i’ve been misting myself all day long. i’d probably jump in the ocean if i wasn’t so afraid of sharks. (wasn’t that sad and scary?!)
  • blue…i’ll check my email…again.
  • of course i’m down for this meetup….and you already have my email addres. any other san diego area folks wanting to try The Greenery?! i was looking at their menu and i’m super excited about this place.
  • I used to make kombucha alot. Until last summer, the heat created a disaster and I’m totally afraid of the stuff now. LOL but to answer your question, i dont think it’s necessary to double your recipe if you use both scobys. you can put them both in…
  • hey rawrach! i sent you a myspace friend request hun. add me! i’d love to join you on the juice feast the timing would be perfect for me. april 30th i’m going to a rawluck and the following day would be the best day to start a juice feast. count me …
  • currently i’m using Weleda’s Ratanhia Toothpaste. i’ve also used Dr. Sheffield’s Tooth White (Natural Bleaching and Tooth Whitener). And Tom’s.
    in Brushing teeth Comment by mrs.rev BT
  • sorry, no recipe for you. however, i have to agree…raw revolution bars are yummaaayyy!
  • i’ve never eaten a worm or an animal organ. you couldnt pay me enough money to try that. BUT…i love Durian…very much. it’s mos def an exotic TREAT!
    in Durian Comment by mrs.rev BT
  • Pucca – hi there! after looking at your profile photo, I have to say that I think you have beautiful glowing skin already. Not sure when you took that picture but, worry not, your skin appears to be flawless! but to answer your question. I noticed m…
  • a dehydrator, a vitamix, 2 champion juicers, a mini food processor, parchment paper (for the dehydrator), oranges (3 kinds), grapefruit, pineapple, apples (2 types), cucumber, roma tomatos, dino kale, celery, ginger, lemons, mangos, kiwi, half a dur…
  • winona: thanks for posting the link to lil Alex’s blog. my own 2 1/2 yr old, enjoys a similar diet. flaxseed crackers are one of his favorites w/some homemade guacamole (local organic avocados). kindaraw: tips for going raw = check out the site that…
    in Raw for Toddler Comment by mrs.rev BT
  • sounds like you’re already doing alot to jump start your weight loss (running, and eating more raw). i’ve read nursing actually uses like 500+ calories during milk production. so yes, keeping some extra pounds might be necessary. but then again, i t…
  • i drink a green smoothie once and sometimes twice a day. gotta have it! and if i’m out and about rather than carry a green smoothie w/me…i get a big 32 oz water bottle and fill it w/distilled water and a big spoonfull of vitamineral greens or just s…
  • whatever you decide to eat…dont put it in a microwave. in fact, if you still have one of those…get rid of it. :D
  • msrawdiva – i’m used to the smell so i dont notice it that much. my older son always knows when i’m eating durian cos he smells it right when i split it open. i’m sure you can get your durian to look freaky too…watch Shazzie’s “Duriasm” video on you…
  • chakra essence – i buy mine whole and frozen too. i usually let them thaw for about a day (or until i see no trace of frost between the spikes).
  • EnjoyRaw – you eat the “fleshy part”. it’s custardly-like and surrounds a seed pod.
  • Luna blu- thanks for the durian tip…I’ll have to try out the cinnamon and nutmeg. i agree, durians must come from outerspace. i was reading in Naked Chocolate that this fruit is a favorite of orangutans, elephants, tigers, & all other jungle cre…
  • hahaha, after watching Shazzie’s youtube video “Duriasm” we started taking some duriastic photos….she’s such an inspiration. yes, i too prefer durian as is, right outta the shell. it’s said that durian should best be eatin and enjoyed at night becau…
  • i didnt have access to a ball pond either. my husband and i decided to skip the ball pond and just roll around in bed….wink wink oh and we took this pic: and a quote from Naked Chocolate: “Those who eat durians are known to be more attractive. Singa…
  • I love durian~ Enjoy it :) Sometimes you can tell that durian is ripe and ready when it begins to split slightly near the top or very bottom. When I first tired durian my husband took a knife to it and cut it down the middle. LOL, we learned the har…
  • 12 steps to raw food was/is a big help to me. Easy to follow and a simple plan. I keep my 12 steps to Raw book right next to my AA and NA 12 steps books.
  • when i first tried it years ago i thoguht it was really gross tasting. but then again, i used to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes and put other acid forming things into my body. as a raw fooder today the taste of wheatgrass is sweeter to me. i thin…
  • i love my green bags, they def make difference. use them over and over again!
    in Green Bags Comment by mrs.rev BT