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  • The only tea I drink is Rooibos...It's high in SOD and other antioxidants, has no caffeine and is low in tannins. It also makes a great face rinse since it has alpha hydroxy acids.
  • I always thought they were toxic. That’s great news..I will start juicing them along with my carrots.
    in carrot tops Comment by forrestlyone
  • It’s great for you and feels amazing! especially when someone else does it all over your body. I had a massage and they dry brushed my entire body and it was bliss. especially my back and the back of my legs.
    in Dry Brushing? Comment by forrestlyone
  • Thank God for Alex Jones and Infowars..it is indeed hard to swallow, but I believe it presents a needed counter to all of the misinformation, propaganda and downright lying going on disseminated by the media, goverment and academia.
    in Infowars.com Comment by forrestlyone
  • I admit, I’m an addict and spend way too much moolah there, but I love that store. I am trying to shop at Trader Joes more now but they don’t have such great produce.
  • My favorite routine is to apply Olive Oil on my body in the shower..or making an Olive or Coconut oil salt scrub. I also like to puree avocados and apply as a face mask (along with a little matcha powder) and hair mask. Dry brushing has become frequ…
    in Raw Beauty Comment by forrestlyone
  • I have had a Champion for 15 years. For me, they are simply the best on the market. I thought that Samson juicers were about the same price, but I am not sure. I also have a Jack Lalane for my greens. (I’m a sucker for infomercials but its not a bad…
  • I think that the machine is designed to only last for a brief period of time..like a year tops…it’s a cheapy gadget but I have to say iv’e had fun with mine. The informrcial is quite entertaining actually. I especially like the grumpy and gruff but …
  • Great topic domesticgoddess. I think for me its Acai..I know..not completely raw…but I feel so good after drinking Sambazon Juice after tennis. As for totally raw..it’s blueberries!!
  • I second the get an appointment with the Doctor advice. Antibiotics usually will clear your infection up quickly…I know it sucks but this is one area of medicine that makes sense when there is an acute infection present. They may also prescribe ear …
  • Red Palm oil is supposed to be better than regular palm oil because it contains things like coq10 and squalene. I like coconut oil because it is high in MCTs and antibacterial. I am not sure if palm oil has these qualities as well.
    in Palm oil Comment by forrestlyone
  • Asian Markets have the fresh Durian when in season and as mandelicios said, frozen year round. I don’t think they smell bad but they are smelly…don’t ever bring Durian to work…I did that and the fire department was called because they thought it was…
  • Hi rawrach. The Durian that is mentioned often on this website is the large green round spiny fruit that you can purchase fresh in many Asian markets. You can also buy the frozen pulp of Durian. The inside is white/beige and very creamy like custard…
  • If you are open to a supplement try Culterelle. It works like magic.
  • RawJim…Both…Centrifugal (spinning) juicers such as LaLane create friction that causes heat and destroys some of the enzymes. Masticating (grinding) juicers such as champion “chew” the fruits or veggies and create less heat. The result is a cleaner a…
    in Juicers Comment by forrestlyone
  • msrawdiva…I had he LaLane juicer for a while and it worked well…the biggest advantage is that the opening is really large. I like the champion juicer better..it makes a very clean juice that is higher in enzymes and also makes nut butters..it is als…
    in Juicers Comment by forrestlyone
  • Rooibos (red tea) is my favorite! It is caffeine free and loaded with antioxidants including SOD (super oxide dismutase) which is one of the best anti-oxidants for your body. It also has alpha hydroxy acids so I also make it for a face rinse to exfo…
    in Tea? Comment by forrestlyone
  • I am not totally against eating dairy…as I sometimes have a bit of hard raw organic cheese but it is sad how programs such as Sesame Street promulgate drinking milk in completely weird and inappropriate ways such as this. Chickens are worse. It amaz…
  • Sounds like it was rancid if it was that sharp. I like Spectrum brand..it has a mild, slightly buttery taste..that reminds me, I better go get some more!
  • Coconut water!!...not the kind sold in boxes but get the young coconuts (not the hairy round ones)...hammer holes in them and drain. Great intestinal cleanser!
  • I find pears to be helpful..and spinach is great too.
  • Some people have a difficult time digesting sugars, fiber and carbohydrates (fiber and natural sugars being abundant in a raw foods diet) . Papaya and pineapple primarily can assist in the digestion of proteins. I agree with jedisunrise that Enzymed…
  • Trader Joe’s is a MUCH better option…especially for medjool dates and avocados.
  • Hi hkittykitty,,I love Durian! I think it tastes like vanilla custard and onions…sounds gross but it is savory, creamy, luscious and yummy!!!!
    in Durian Comment by forrestlyone
  • Hi Nuttgirl. There is no one answer to this question. Some people have a head full of thick hair throughout their lifetime and eat a poor diet and others will begin losing hair at an early age no matter how healthy their diet is. Other factors inclu…
  • I had a Champion for a while and really liked it! It is a workhorse juicer and fairly easy to clean. It juiced leafy greens quite well..but I agree that for wheat grass the Green life or a specific wheat grass juicer is best.
  • Chris/Zoe, I’d also be interested if you will have a store or restaurant in Charlottesville..I know it would do very well there. I’d make the trip Germin8…it’s possible..I actually just took the picture from the internet..I haven’t been to the Corco…
  • I’m in Northern Virginia
  • I use cocoa butter from Aura cacia,,it is very soothing and moisturizing and smells awesome!!!!
  • Unfortunatly, Osteoperosis is often related to a hormonal imbalance. It may have been a factor. Also, as 123 said…being a vegan doesn’t always equate to optimal health..it really depends on the diet. Actaully, a healthy vegan diet will supply an abu…