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  • If you have a spiralizer beets make great "noodles." I love the gold ones for this purpose - I think they're milder.
  • How about a yappy dog? Might keep the cat away, but may also inhibit the birds some.
  • About a week, but I make less than a gallon at a time. When the weather is colder it takes longer.
  • Or lock up the foods you're likely to get into?
    in Sleep Eating :( Comment by Suasoria
  • Try posting this on the forum category specific to website questions...some people here are pro searchers and can probably help.
  • There are at least two raw kimchi recipes on this site. I've tried one and it was deelish, if a bit spicy.
  • I agree w/ freewitheft - I use them mostly for texture (to thicken) but also just because they're good for ya. They don't have a strong flavor to me. Could be also that I use enough stronger-flavored ingredients (such as citrus and pineapple) that t…
  • Have you browsed through the recipe section here on the site? It's chock full of ideas. There are tags (like "breakfast") that will pull up a whole list of ideas.
    in Cheap and easy Comment by Suasoria
  • I believe there was an EU study that showed organic foods to be up to 50% more nutritious - especially in some categories like antioxidants and minerals. You'd have to google it. Minerals come into the plant directly from the soil. Conventional food…
  • What about coconut water? What are you using it for?
  • Very funny. Beet greens - there's more to you than meets the eye. You don't care about appearances or superficial things, but could stand to lighten up a little! I don't know what "Green leaf" is here - but my favorite is Swiss Chard, which isn't on…
  • It's possible you aren't getting enough calories to support your activity level. Do you know what your caloric intake is? Also it could be that you need to eat your heavier meals in the morning to sustain your energy during the day. I pretty much ag…
  • This is a pretty good icing http://www.g3expressyourself.com/wordpress/?p=792
  • I advise everyone to get B12 through a simple supplement. The risks of deficiency are serious. This is a gamble I would not take. There are so many myths about B12's availability in sea vegetables, tempeh, unwashed produce, mushrooms, etc. The older…
  • At least the PB&J is vegan...but yeah. SAD is so, um, sad.
    in my coworkers Comment by Suasoria
  • "now I am a raw vegan, 2-3 weeks and coutning. Currently I am experiencing detox symptoms such as dizziness, low energy, weakness, and slight troubles breathing fully." Shawn, congrats - some of those symptoms may also be that you aren't getting eno…
    in What to expect Comment by Suasoria
  • Oh boy, you are in for a massive transition. People have written entire books about this so it would be impossible to tell you what to expect, and everyone's different...but yes, physical and emotional changes are probably in store. If you cannot su…
    in What to expect Comment by Suasoria
  • I've heard you mention you don't like taking supplements - but a multivitamin/mineral might be good to have as a backup particularly if there isn't a lot of variety in your diet. Otherwise Eecho makes a good point about other factors like stress wea…
    in always sick Comment by Suasoria
  • Good question! I'm inclined to believe #2 would be more supported scientifically. I'm not sure if it's related to cooked food or rather the introduction of more meat into the human diet. Secretions from the pancreas neutralize the acidity of meat. O…
  • Well said - and wise. A quote that has been resonating with me lately is "The perfect is the enemy of the good."
  • Yes, you can turn the dehydrator back on when you come back. I got a cheap lamp timer that I use sometimes if it's on overnight or during the day. I wouldn't fear leaving it on during the day. They use very little energy and don't get sooo hot you'd…
    in Dehydrated chips Comment by Suasoria
  • Nope, they were delicious. If they crumble they may be over-dried.
    in Dehydrated chips Comment by Suasoria
  • Look up the kale chip recipes on this site. YUM. There is also a tag for pulp so you can find recipes that use it. Have fun searching!
    in Dehydrated chips Comment by Suasoria
  • Okay, here you go: The "raw temperature ceiling" isn't a magic number - more like an estimate - which most people believe is somewhere between 114-120 degrees F. So we're talking about max temperatures of about 48 celsius max. First of all you would…
  • No and No.
  • I third the recommendation of the blender - I just got a Magic Bullet at Costco for $40. I didn't need it but...it was only $40. (Aggghh...) If you get hooked on smoothies, you might find that one with greens and fruit and maybe coconut water is a g…
  • If you went from SAD (Standard American Diet) to mostly raw vegan overnight, it is a huge transition. Your body is accustomed to getting its fuel from fat and flesh and chum, and now you're loading it with fiber and nutrients. Regarding energy, is i…
  • Interesting question! Most of the dietary wisdom on diabetes applies to omnivorous diets. Legumes are actually low on the glycemic scale. Two doctors who specialize in diabetes-related research are Dr. Gabriel Cousens (who focuses on raw foods for r…
  • I think the logic is that the body repairs and detoxifies itself at night, so if it's digesting it isn't committing its full attention to those functions. Spitfiredd has a good point about the *types* of foods people usually eat at night being diffi…
    in Eating before bed Comment by Suasoria
  • It sounds like it needs some raisins or goji berry mixed in. I find it's best to store dehydrated foods in paper.