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  • Thanks everyone. I know bilberry strengthens the blood vessels in the body. I will apply all your advice. God bless.
  • Steam. Yes, I had forgotten about that. Thanks for reminding me. I have a small steamer in my bottom drawer. I’ll go and put the kettle on.
  • Jenergy, look up the story of the cancer nurse ‘Rene Caisse’ and read about Essiac tea. It is an anti cancer herbal tea Which is very good. It is worth a try. There is too much stuff to tell you about here, but read about it. I will include you, you…
    in Shellshocked Comment by Trebor
  • Is this the palm oil that is causing massive deforestation to take place?
    in Palm oil Comment by Trebor
  • 1 tablespoon of Blackstrap molasses a day is supposed to stop you turning grey!
  • Why did you call yourself ‘evildarkvirus’?
  • To start with, while still vegetarian, I used goats milk in my smoothies and it tasted good. Then I used rice milk. Still tasted good. I shall have to try nut milk next. I cannot drink them without the creaminess that milk gives.
  • Yes, I hate cooking, but what I am hoping is that his inventiveness will kick in with the raw food.and that he will get to enjoy making food with me.
    in Not new from UK Comment by Trebor
  • I still drink coffee and tea, but if I drink a juice or smoothie first, I cannot stand the taste of tea or coffee afterwards.
  • Hi all.I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS, Wether I should have started a new topic or just put my question here. I’ll do both. I am in the middle of a bad cold/virus thingy and now my sinuses are making me dizzy and I had a nose bleed. A couple of days la…
    in Flu, sickness Comment by Trebor
  • I will not give up tea. We eat cooked vegan, but I am introducing raw things as I learn them. It’s the raw greens that we are trying to overcome.?????HELP.
  • Please, look up and buy some ESSIAC TEA. Look up and read the Story of RENE CAISSE, the Canadian cancer nurse who discovered this amazing anti cancer herb. It is the Sheeps Sorrel which dissolves the cancer cells. www.Herbalcom.com who sell the tea …
  • I am Christian too. I love Jesus so much. I believe He has guided me to raw eating.
  • Thank you deegarry. I thought there was only the brown coconuts. Your recipe has opened up a whole new world for me. When I used margarine or butter in the past, although I enjoyed the taste, I was always consious of the animal/bad health factors in…
  • What I do with the coconut oil is to chop it as finely as possible. It is messy but worth it. I heat filtered water to just below the maximum for staying raw and put the oil in with that along with finely chopped onion, garlic, carrot, a 1 inch piec…
  • No, it’s no a thick soup. It can be a curry sauce poured over steamed or raw vegetables or meat or even fish. Or it can be vegetables with curyy spices added during ‘cooking’ I put mine in the dehydrator, (or at present in my oven at 40 degrees) to …
  • No, I don’t have them posted yet. I sort of threw them together without writing them down. I’ll write them down as I remember what I done. I DID put them in my oven at 40 deg. though. It’s the same temperature as dehydrators but with a shorter timer…
  • I found that Tescos prices have been creeping up and now I don’t go there. I shop at Asda now for my groceries. Where can I get Stone Mills flax seed oil?
  • I have a young coconut coming today, delivered with my shopping. I will try again when flax oil is delivered. Spiritedmama, what brand of flax oil do you use? Renoir, I have just looked up your recipe and it looks good. I will try that one first. Th…
  • Thanks for your input. I got the , well, I won’t call it butter’, more like pulped up old coconut held together with oil thing (lol) out of the fridge and it crumbled and what I will use it for is putting it in curries. I have divided it up and put …
  • The flax oil I bought is FSC (food supplement company) and is cold pressed. I don’t know whether it has lignans in it but it reminds me of the linseed oil I use for oil painting.
  • I’ll take it back on Monday. Thanks
  • Yes, I just bought it a couple of days ago. I don’t like the taste of it. I will play around with the recipe though. It would be nice to get it right. Thanks for your input.
    in natural laxative Comment by Trebor
  • Get your friend to look up online and buy some Essiac tea. It is an anti cancer herb. Read about Rene Caisse and how she discovered it.
    in CANCER... Comment by Trebor