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  • Thanks!
  • Baking Soda from somewhere like Costco will be cheaper. Borax at the store. Not sure about castille but I think I saw it at the grocery store too. I think it would be cost effective. I personally think you could half the amount of any detergent and …
  • olive oil is a good way to wash. apply to skin and wash with washcloth. Then rinse. Leaves skin clean and soft. A friend of mine made ground up oatmeal and lavender, which is a great scrub. Simple and cheap!
  • no we never camp in campgrounds. We go were we don't need to pay or see anyone really. Although it's not rough. If we ever wind up at a campsite with all the hookups I will be sure to bring my bullet, for I love that little magic blender! Thanks for…
  • Thanks for your advice and now I am off to make a couple of drinks and do a little rafting....
  • HI there I am a mother of a very picky four year old and the wife of a "meat and potato" man. We are on a tight budget which I got alot of good advice here for that. I went raw for health issues and although my husband is not interested he has seen …
  • I was wondering about sprouted breads. I too am three weeks raw, and was wondering how heated these sprouted breads are?
    in Bread, Should I? Comment by hannah4
  • I stick mine in a window (pretty sunny), water and trim as needed!
    in Wheat Grass Comment by hannah4
  • Thanks to all of you! I do love to hear all of your input. Thanks again
    in detoxing? Comment by hannah4
  • Hey there I went to my local health food store to get my wheatgrass (hard winter wheat berries? I forget) to grow. They gave me thier extra trays that they used for wheatgrass after they were done with them. I use half peat moss and half organic com…
  • Thank you for all the great advice. This is why love this site!
    in raw on a budget Comment by hannah4
  • Hi I also have a little Rosacea on my cheeks. Also Eczema. I do not know how your diet is, but I did a juice fast for few days and my eczema was gone. This is before I went 100% raw. I guess with me it seemed I just needed that nutrients and rehydra…
  • I am in sunny Utah. Is there anyone else from here?