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  • I think you should just be honest with his parents. Are you a vegetarian? If so, I think you should just tell them that you choose not to eat meat. Most people will respect you more if you present yourself honestly from the outset instead of playing…
  • that’s really interesting bitt! I didn’t know beans were high iron. I am very anemic. I have started taking iron supplements again so that should help.
  • thanks for the responses! farmschooler: can you eat raw, unsprouted beans? I thought they contained tannins or other toxins that require cooking or sprouting. chriscarlton: thanks for the raw idea! Are sunflower seeds nutritional equivalents of bean…
  • the thing is that generally i don’t prefer beans, grains, or nuts. I’ve always loved fruit, veggies, avocados, and seeds. lately though all i want is beans and grains! strange, but I’ll start sprouting some garbanzos today!
  • Lately I found myself rather addicted to dates. How many do people tend to eat? I just discovered raw almond butter (it tastes so different from the not-quite raw almond butter I have made myself!) and almond butter with dates is heavenly. So far I …
  • coconut oil makes a thick, truly white frosting that doesn’t get runny.
    in Whipped Cream Comment by Frugini
  • I’m taking Ashtanga through my University and my teacher told us that our mats come with some kind of factory slick layer, which is why you slip off the mat in downward dog. I had that trouble at first but never got around to washing my mat but even…
  • I just got mine at Goodwill. A $5 score, and it works great!
    in Juicer Comment by Frugini
  • Speaking of salt, what do you do when you are craving salt? I tend to crave popcorn when I want salt, but I would like a better, raw alternative.
  • If your friends are true friends they will respect and support you in your decisions. Your friends like you for YOU, and if raw is part of the package, they’ll accept it.
  • I sometimes use a bowl or colander and just cover it with a plate. Feeding 25 people takes a lot of sprouts!
    in Sprout seeds Comment by Frugini
  • I just got my first juicer! It was 5 bucks at the goodwill, couldn’t resist. I think I will go on my first juice fast soon! Fresh fruit juice…so yummy…
    in October 811 Comment by Frugini
  • Even though I have not yet read the book (no time to go to the public library today!) I wanted to say hi because I had such a good day and am very proud of myself. And I think I might be naturally eating somewhat 811. So today I had: breakfast: gree…
    in October 811 Comment by Frugini
  • You’re right…30$ is a lot to spend on a book! Library here I come!
    in October 811 Comment by Frugini
  • I am very much interested in 811. Recently I have been struggling with my diet, even staying raw, and would really like to go back to how I felt when I was eating mostly fruit. I have been really stressed with school, my community, and have been eat…
    in October 811 Comment by Frugini
  • I am very much interested in 811. Recently I have been struggling with my diet, even staying raw, and would really like to go back to how I felt when I was eating mostly fruit. I have been really stressed with school, my community, and have been eat…
    in October 811 Comment by Frugini
  • I’ve had two pears (a pair hehe)for a couple of weeks and they still haven’t ripened!I’ve been keeping them in a paper bag with various ripening bananas. They keep ripening, so I have to keep eating them!
    in fruit shelf life Comment by Frugini
  • When I got my wisdom teeth out last year, I got some kind of antibiotic resistant infection. I refused to try another kind of antibiotic, I just stuck a clove of garlic down the hole. Within four hours, the swelling was gone, and the pain relieved. …
  • This past summer I accidentally ingested butter at restaurants while visiting family. I’d been vegan less than a year, but both times I was incredibly ill about four hours after the meal. I had really sharp pain right below my belly button and flush…
  • Yes, I have tried condoms. But besides not liking them, I don’t trust them. I’m admittedly paranoid about pregnancy and even when I use a condom I’m still worried until my next cycle.
    in Painkillers? Comment by Frugini
  • I’ve been thinking about it, and think I should just go ahead and get it over with instead of fearing it for another few weeks. I don’t really see any alternative right now. Birth control pills just messed me up and I don’t want to try anything else…
    in Painkillers? Comment by Frugini
  • Braggs Aminos is MSG soup. There is a another post about it somewhere, maybe someone can find it for you!
  • Hi Tree of Life! I am 19 years old and have similar aspirations. The only thing is that I am in college. My partner is quite a bit older than I am and will be graduating college this summer. I often have dreams of taking off and backpacking across t…
    in Life Worth Living Comment by Frugini
  • I tried sprouting quinoa the other day but within hours of soaking it started to smell funny. It was bad by the next day, even though I rinsed it three times a day with my other sprouts.
  • The idea was that we could hang it up in our room. With the unpredictability of the weather here (Eugene), there is no way we could put it outside. Over the summer I was able to dehydrate things pretty successfully on they roof, but now that the rai…
  • Thanks! I’ve been looking on craigslist like every day! I really want to get one soon though, to help my partner stay raw. He really craves bread-like substances and more traditional protein sources.
  • I just wanted to report that me and another girl who is interested in raw teamed up for Sunday night dinner shift and we made it all raw! We made an eggplant/zucchini lasagna and a salad with plum hazelnut salad dressing. Everyone loved it! I think …
  • Thanks, TomsMom and Wailingwoman. I think the hardest part about eating raw is not just that I don’t eat what is prepared, because I usually do go to meals and sit and knit while people are eating so I am still present. The hardest part is the judgm…
  • You could try a non-dairy milk. There are a lot of choices: oat, almond, hazelnut, soy, and my personal favorite, hemp. Hemp especially is very thick and creamy; I assume it would work the same as regular milk in coffee.
    in I Give up! Comment by Frugini
  • The last few times I’ve tried eating walnuts or pecans I’ve felt kinda queasy. I don’t know what the difference is, but seeds (pumpkin, sunflower) don’t seem to have that effect. I’ve only been raw about a month though, so maybe I’m still discoverin…