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  • If you go cold turkey (pardon the expression) with raw you will no doubt experience detox symptoms that can be overwhelming. Try a more relaxed approach of adding more raw food into your diet and cutting out all cooked fats as they are really bad fo…
  • When transitioning it might be easier to eat raw during the day and to have something cooked with your evening meal.
  • That would have to be my luxury chocolate roll.  
  • I'm sure there is lots of info on the web regarding feeding dogs on raw. There is also a group at www.giveittomeraw.com on raw pets. I have rats and they are real easy as they are omnivores. We feed them fresh fruit, leafy greens, smoothies, nut myl…
  • If they don't smell rotten ,they are probably ok. I prefer wild rice as it swells and can be eaten within a day or two.
  • Hello, go to www.treeoflife.nu and click on the cafe. Check out the pdf files for rainbow green cuisine. If you stick to a phase 1 or 1.5 you will reduce/heal your candida. Raw Christmas
  • Omega 3s- flax, hemp and sesame oil massaged into scalp with a little rosemary oil at nighttime. Greens, some seaweed, pumpkin seeds are all good. Baldness can also be in the genes.
    in Hair Loss Comment by Anabrese
  • There must be so many on this site. I always make warming food as I'm a cool body type. I add ginger and cayenne to most recipes and use chocolate, oats and more dehydrated foods in the winter along with spicy soups, puddings and sweeties.  
    in Warming Recipes Comment by Anabrese
  • I drink warming spicy teas. Green teas are high in anti-oxidants but still have some caffeine. You might like to try a warming hot chocolate using a seed mylk and adding cacao, maca, cayenne and ginger. Add spices to your food and eat some dehydrate…
  • Ooh, winter can be challenging, being dark, damp and cold. Stay cosy and make nice food. Enjoy the downtime, less 'out there' kind of thing. Light candles, meditate, exercies to music, get fresh air and sunlight when it does shine. Maybe consider vi…
    in I hate winter Comment by Anabrese
  • Deep relaxation exercises and some light activity in the early evening might help. Also, drink chamomile tea an hour before bed. Keep your diet alkaline as too much acid will keep you awake. Raw Christmas
    in Insomnia Comment by Anabrese
  • i second work by Gabriel Cousens and David Wolfe. It depends on what you're looking for, info or recipes? Raw Christmas
  • Everyone has different requirements for fat depending on age, lifestyle etc. Listen to your body to see how much you need, if you're always hungry, you can probably eat more and protein too. If you feel sluggish, lack of appetite, eat less. Raw Chri…
  • I'm also on low fat and I make sure my recipes are generally low on fat and nuts/seeds. I tend to use fruit and veg, adding only small amounts of oil or seeds if I need something creamy. Peas, bananas and oats are all good to add creaminess without …
  • Try blending for a while and eating fruits as they are easiest to digest. Veggies can be tough, even for a seasoned raw fooder like myself. I avoid cruciferous veggies and always add a seed dressing to my greens to make them easier to eat. Apple cid…
    in Digestion Comment by Anabrese
  • Seaweed and good omegas in the diet should help. Massaging the scalp and hair with sesame oil is good and left overnight.  
  • I would go for sweet pumpkin pie. Just made a crust and puree the pumpkin with spices and add agave, pinch sea salt to taste. Dehydrate for about 1 hour.  
  • A good diet with plenty of greens and reasonably low sugar will help. If you have an infection, rub bruised garlic on it and rinse with hyrdogen peroxide before bed. http://rawchristmasandthanksgivingrecipes.blogspot.com
    in Dental Cavities Comment by Anabrese
  • Hi, when transitioning you can be hungry alot as old toxins and cravings enter the bloodstream. Increasing your level of greens will help and making soups and smoothies. By blending the food or making filling puddings you will feel less hunger. it w…
  • A simple way is to make a huge fudge ball, flatten and decorate with icing made from coconut oil and cashews. http://rawchristmasandthanksgivingrecipes.blogspot.com
  • I gave up calorie counting a long time ago. It really isn't necessary on a raw food diet. Just eat a good variety of fruit, greens and not too much fat.  
  • Keep talking on the forums for ongoing support and just try to make the best choices. Learning how to prepare raw food into gourmet dishes will help you stay off the cooked food you crave. Buy the occasional raw food book to keep you motivated.  
  • Hi, I've just finished creating an ebook that shows you how to make your own raw chocolate and desserts. For further information visit my site http://www.rawlifestyle.co.uk
  • If you make a nice chocolate fudge by blending seeds/nuts with dates and cacao and then shape them into little bars/logs. Dehydrate them until they firm up a bit. Wrap in parchment and foil and store in the fridge. It's great to just pick one up and…
  • That's brave of you doing only fruit. For long-term healthy, you really need other foods in your diet such as leafy greens, kale etc. It is better to eat organic fruits but you have to take what you can get in your area. Just make sure you wash them…
  • I would suggest you really have a go at making your own if you have a dehydrator. You can add flavourings to your taste. Do 9 trays at once so you can store some, lasting for a month or two. I have a recipe'fantastic flax crackers' I think they're o…
    in RAW CRACKERS Comment by Anabrese
  • Oh yeah, banana leathers are great fun to make and then to make a creamy fruit filling. I love crispy kale in the drier.  
    in Need Ideas Comment by Anabrese
  • Does it get worse or come on with a particular food? If it's worse after eating nuts, oils and fats, it is likely to be liver related.
    in LIVER PAIN! Comment by Anabrese
  • yes, it's so important not to overdo high sugars and keep a good amount of dark leafy greens in the diet too, kale is excellent. Sometimes, we have to sensibly just stick to the portions we know are healthy with certain foods ie nuts, cacao, dates e…
    in Carb Sensitive Comment by Anabrese
  • Sounds like you need to build your health all round and the eyes will improve. Include lots of greens, carbs in your diet with the addition of some quality omegas like hemp oil, flaxseeds, coconut oil. Avoid high sugar foods like dates.
    in Sunken eyes Comment by Anabrese