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October 811

Hey everyone! That last thread was getting long, and I noticed some people weren’t checking in as much! So I figured lets start a new thread. Lets make this one longer than the last!

p.s. I am in love with mangoes and my gums have never been better! The dentist said it was because of the change in season and I was breathing through my mouth. Which I always do, so I stopped. I spend more time rinsing after brushing, and I’m back to normal. Even better actually! She also told me that my diet was fantastic (811) and all of that fruit would keep my mouth nice and healthy!



  • TreeOfLife, thanks for the new thread. I was wondering why no one had started an 811 thread for October.

    My diet has consisted mostly of fruit. I haven’t been drawn to greens lately, but I’m sure that will change as it gets colder. My ratios have been around 95:03:02, but I’m trying to balance it back to 80:10:10.

  • Hey KAIT, I feel the same way as you. I haven’t had many greens nor nuts this week. I think only one meal contained greens and nuts. I listen to my body, whenever I need the extra nutrition my body will let me know. I’m not sure where my ratio is at, I haven’t tracked it in a while. I’m assuming it’s around the same area since I’ve been raging the bananas.

    I work at a raw gourmet place and sometimes I over indulge in the raw items, i.e. fat burgers, salt loaded, herb spiced, dehydrated items. I don’t enjoy them, it’s sometimes they are right in front of my face and I eat them. I can sure tell instantly after that it was a bad idea. I always feel bloated, nauseaus, dehydrated, “got to go, got to go right now” bathroom experiences (sorry for getting personal, this thread is as personal as you want to make it).

    I’m trying to break free from the habit. I was thinking about quitting, but someone mentioned to me that I can spread the word of high fruit low fat from the restaraunt, and that is the truth. I have convereted numerous coworkers and customers (sorry boss)!

  • Thank you TreeOfLife for the new thread, and your answer on the other one. 20 bananas!!!! you are my hero lol I am happy your teeth are better, what a fine dentist you have.

    Kait, it sounds very good!

    I still need four meals at least, but I am a beginner. This morning an entire watermelon, it was a small one (4 kg the whole fruit, 600 cal), but though it’s good performance for me. I blended and drank it, that helps. Now I am with a huge papaya, tomatoe and lettuce salad. I hope it’s ok with the tomatoe, I added it because the papaya didn’t taste very good (this is not the best period for papaya). Well my objective is to eat at least 2000 calories, I will work the combinations later on.

  • i guess i might get around to buying 80/10/10…

    right now i’m eating all the raw and (a little bit of non raw) food left in my pantry til i start 811! should be around wednesday or so. so excited. i got kinda bored with raw, realized i was over-thinking it and trying to make elaborate meals, when really my whole life i’ve been obsessed with fruit. plus dr graham coaches a lot of endurance athletes so that’s another thing too. wee

  • also the veg group Compassion Over Killing once had a veggie hot dog eating contest. perhaps an 811 banana eating contest is in order??

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I’m IN! :-)

    I was in for the September 811 thread and halfway through I started eating a lot of gourmet and fatty raw items – and my body made me pay. Now it’s been a few weeks since I’ve buckled down and recommitted to 811 and my bod is thanking me! I can sooo tell a difference in how I feel and look! The big change recently for me with 811 are many many more greens. I definitely wasn’t eating enough green before. I started craving green as soon as the weather changed, too. The greens seem to help me with raw fat cravings.

    Right now my body is fighting symptoms – scratchy throat, some coughing and WOW, there is a lot of mucus on the move! I’m not convinced it’s an illness, as I don’t feel ill. Think it might be a detox reaction from keeping my diet so clean.

    I don’t mind, LOL. :-) I know that eating lots of fresh fruit will definitely help me move past it.

  • Waow you seem to be eliminating the fat food you have been eating. Interesting.

  • Hello, six bananas at breakfast, a kilo of soursop at lunch, and I feel awesome. How are you doing all?

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    I had 2 lbs of grapes around 11am and I just finished another 2. I think I’ll have strawberries and butter lettuce for dinner…

    Swayze :)

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    TOL, I’m so jealous you have a dentist that respects, and even approves of, your dietary choice. All of my doctors would think I’m nuts…if I ever visited them… ;)

    Swayze :)

  • Hello ya ‘all. Count me in! I have been a bit ‘wonky’ with me 811. Mostly on track now.

    Treeoflife I am so happy to hear about your teeth being on the mends and even better!What an amazing Dr too. I think you are in NYC? Would it be ok for you to post his/her name? Open minded Dr’s like that are more than great and I know people would like to have a DR like that!

  • randommararandommara Raw Newbie

    Hi, I’m just finding out about 811. What do you guys eat in the winter when sweet fruits are expensive and lower quality?

  • randommara, honestly i live in a tropical country and don’t know how the others do 811 in colder climates. They must be very motivated!

    shazzz hello!!!

    I did a little mistake today, not ate enough fruit in the morning and lunch, and walked quite a lot so at 4 pm I was already craving fat. I ate a delicious green papaya salad with almond dressing at 5. So I will have to have fruit at night, which sounds weird to me but why not? I have bought rambutans today which is luck… A little more sexy than bananas, for dinner.

    So I know that I need to eat more at lunch time! I thought 2 pounds of very sweet fruit was enough, but not for me apparently. I ate all of it wery quickly, could be a sign that I can (need?) eat more!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    The past two days – my appetite has been nil. My throat is just so sore from whatever my body is healing/fighting from. I’ve basically been forcing bananas and orange juice down my throat and I know I’m undereating cals. Tonight I woke up from a nap craving cooked food/gourmet raw like mad, but I settled for some handmade uncooked salsa I got from the store + celery to dip. The salsa has salt in it (and not the “good” raw kind probably) but I am just relieved I didn’t binge on nuts and gourmet raw stuff – low fat is my priority. So I’ll count my blessings.

    tomorrow is more bananas and orange juice.

  • Moth, if you are ill, better to eat minimum until you feel well. Good that you resisted the nuts.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Yeah, nuts destroy me when I eat them, LOL.

    The salsa wasn’t hot or spicy at all – mild and tomatoey.

    I hope these symptoms let up soon. Whenever I swallow, there is fire.

  • I used to cure that with natural extract of grapefruit seed, a few drops in the throat and I was fine next day (I speak at past tense because I haven’t had anything for months).

  • good idea to get full on food—eat S L O W. we’re so used to eating fast and “getting it over with”. eating slow helps us appreciate it more, digest it better, and get more full.

  • 811’ers—gimme some ideas for salad! what do you all do for dressing….how simple or complex are your salads usually…?

  • FruginiFrugini Raw Newbie

    I am very much interested in 811. Recently I have been struggling with my diet, even staying raw, and would really like to go back to how I felt when I was eating mostly fruit. I have been really stressed with school, my community, and have been eating high-fat raw. What would you eat on an average day? Could you all provide a list? How much do you exercise? I am a 5’4” girl, 110 pounds, and I lead a very active lifestyle.

  • FruginiFrugini Raw Newbie

    I am very much interested in 811. Recently I have been struggling with my diet, even staying raw, and would really like to go back to how I felt when I was eating mostly fruit. I have been really stressed with school, my community, and have been eating high-fat raw. What would you eat on an average day? Could you all provide a list? How much do you exercise? I am a 5’4” girl, 110 pounds, and I lead a very active lifestyle.

  • Hey lindsaylou – have you read the book? If not, I highly suggest it. It will answer all your questions (i.e. what to eat on an average day in any of the seasons, a list of foods, information on exercise, etc.). I know $30 seems like a lot to spend on a book, especially as a broke college student LOL – I can relate, but it’s so worth it!

    I’ve been so drawn to mango, pineapple, & cantaloupe lately. It’s so hard for me to mono-meal right now because I just want all the flavors at once :-) but I’m working on that. The cantaloupe at my market has been so ripe & juicy. mmm

  • FruginiFrugini Raw Newbie

    You’re right…30$ is a lot to spend on a book! Library here I come!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie


    Before I started eating my greens plain, I tried many of the dressings from the 80/10/10 book. One of my favorites was blended pistachios, tomatoes and cucumbers. I ate that one for a while until I moved to just limes and now…nothing. Beginning with lots of tasty dressings really helped me to enjoy my salads.

    Another thing that helped me eat large salads was using a spiral slicer on my cucumbers. Having them in a sort of noodle like form made them seem much heartier and more delicious.

    If simple raw dressings are still unappealing for you, you might want to add salt for a while. It took me many months to finally rid my diet of salt. I found it was much easier to gradually get rid of it instead of all at once. Now, I can’t imagine tainting any of my lovely raw foods with it! ;)

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie


    Hehe…I’m also 5’4 110. I’m slowly but surely working my way back down to 105lbs.

    Here’s a typical day for me…

    Breakfast: 48 ounces OJ Lunch: 2 lbs grapes, 3 baby cucumbers Dinner: 3.5 lbs strawberries, 8-16 ounces butter lettuce, 8 ounces cherry tomatoes

    That comes out to around 1800 calories, 600 per meal. I burn around 2000 calories a day, so this works for me.

    I exercise between 30 and 60 minutes a day. The rest of my day is pretty active, except when I’m working. I like to bike, dance, walk with my dog, whatever. I don’t really consider it exercise, but it definitely counts as far as caloric expenditure.

    Hope that helps, Swayze

  • Hi, hard for me today, I woke up feeling weak, after a 7 bananas smoothie, and for lunch a kilo of mixed papaya and guanabana, still feel tired. I am very careful to have around 2200 cals a day, and no more than 10% (in reality 8%) fats and proteins. So what could it be?

  • It’s hard to say, superpapaya. I’m not expert – but maybe you could let us know more about yourself so me or others could help.

    How tall are you? How much do you weigh? How active are you? Even though 2200 calories seems like a lot, it may not be enough.

    When you say a ‘kilo’ of papaya and guanabana, is that including the inedible parts? If so, you should only count the calories that come from the edible parts of the fruit.

    Also, how long have you been raw? How long have you been 80/10/10? Is it possible that you could still be detoxing? I hate to chalk it up to detox lol, but it could be.

  • I am 1.69m tall, 70kg, I am surely not detoxing. I have like vertigoes, when I get up too fast. I am quite active, taking care of my boys, exercise everyday, some days more intense than others. I slep well… So I don’t know, what do you think?

    When I say a kilo, it is only the edible part, so about 600 or 700 calories depending on which fruit. I log everything in nutridiary.com, food and exercise.

    Well I just bought 3kg of grapes, I will eat as much as I can. I am craving cooked food for the moment :(

  • Hm, well, I’m unsure of your age, but I figured out your BMR assuming you are 30 years old (you may figure it out using your exact age):

    BMR (metric) = 655+(9.6 x weightkg)+(1.8 x heightcm)-(4.7 x ageyrs)
    655+(9.6×70)+(1.8×169)-(4.7×30) = 1490.2

    Your BMR is the number of calories your body NEEDS each day to function.

    Now, I think your activity level would be considered “very active” because you seem active in your day-to-day life and you exercise each day in addition to that.

    If you are very active: Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.725 Your BMR = 1490.2 so… 1490.2×1.725 = 2570.595

    Therefore, to maintain your weight you will need to eat around 2570 calories per day (give or take). You could probably get away with eating a little more than that since raw foods are so easily digested.

    I don’t know if this will help you, but it’s worth a try. Attempt to eat a bit more throughout the day and see how you feel. It may seem hard to get all those calories in, but shoot for more calorie-dense foods.

    Also, do you drink plenty of water? I know most raw foodists say that you don’t need much water because raw foods have a high water content, but I’ve found that it helps. I no longer get dizzy or bad headaches since upping my water intake.

  • I forgot to add that if you are looking to lose weight, you could decrease your calories by 200-300. I personally wouldn’t reduce it by any lower than that especially with your activity level.

    Also, I want to warn that I’m not a medical professional, hehe. So what I have written above is a simple suggestion and I think that if your vertigo persists – you should probably see your doctor because it could be serious.


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