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October 811



  • Thanks a lot Kait, you are an angel.

    Your calculation exactly meets nutridiary’s: a bit more than 2500 less 250 to lose weight slowly, so about 2250 cals a day.

    Maybe I didn’t log the cals well yesterday. I ate a lot of ramboutans (a sort of litchi) and it is not easy to weigh since I eat them directly from the seed, the “meat” is rather sticked to it. I assumed 50% of the total weight was edible, perhaps it is less. And I had another meal difficult to evaluate in the same day, so maybe I overvaluated my intake, and didn’t eat enough. True that I was a little hungry before going to bed… now I know it wasn’t right.

    After the grapes I feel good again.

    Thank you very much for helping me, I will not need cooked carbs then, and don’t crave them anymore.

  • I am 39 by the way… and don’t drink a lot of water.

  • heyenglishheyenglish Raw Newbie

    I’m sort of back. I was doing so well back in the beginning of September with 811, and having wonderful results… and then life just got in the way, big time. I’m still trying to get back into doing multiple days of 100% raw.

    I figure I’ve been at my new job for almost a month now, I’m finally getting used to my boyfriend’s constant traveling for work (and then having a week off, so lots of dining out), and we’ve been approved for an apartment, so everything’s coming together and settling down. Which means I can get myself back on track.

    I finished reading the book, and it just makes so much sense. And, I hope that one day I’ll be able to fully follow 811. But for now, I’m doing it my way. During the week, I try to stick to 100% raw and no overt fats. I pretty much just eat fruit and some squash. I’ve totally gone off salads and greens right now, which sucks. I might enjoy the occasional glass of organic red wine too. Then, when my boyfriend’s around on the weekend, I try to eat mostly fruit so when we go out for our usual weekend Indian buffet (vegan), it doesn’t affect me too badly. I can give up everything else that’s cooked, but not the Indian. I’m just trying to remind myself that since I am pretty much eating it once a week, I don’t need to have 2 heaping platefuls every time we do eat there. There will still be more in the future!

    Now I just need to get myself back into the gym (or back outside) for daily exercise. My exercise has been so sporadic over the last month that I can notice a huge difference in my performance when I do finally exercise. It really sucks. :( I know forcing myself back into things isn’t the way to do it though, so I’m trying to prepare myself mentally.

    One thing I have discovered in this icky junk-filled month is that I can no longer eat beans, period. They destroy my stomach and make me feel like crap for an entire day. I never remember having this much bloating and gas from beans in the past.

    Today’s food:

    Breakfast – 4 bananas

    Snack – 2 apples

    Lunch – 2/3 of a pineapple, 4 cups of grapes, and a pomegranate

    Dinner – 1 zucchini and 1/2 cucumber peeled into noodles, left-over cooked spaghetti sauce (vegan), and a bowl of lettuce with some veganaise on it.

    Dessert – 1 lb of strawberries.

    Not a perfect day, but still good in the scheme of things. I’m getting there.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Good to see everyone here! No pressure peoples! We’re all just becoming more aware of what we are consuming. I’m not strict 811 yet either. My confession: I have a “thing” for gourmet raw cuisine, and can likely see myself going to the Organic Garden and splurging in the next few days. I’m proud because it’s been quite awhile since I’ve eaten there, but life is throwing me curves and I’ve been craving SAD food out of comfort. So instead, I’ll just eat some gourmet raw and savor it. I will just take care not to overeat and be mindful about the fat content in each dish.

    Today, I didnt eat much. Or at least, it didn’t seem that way. My appetite is “NO!” I’m just not that hungry while my body is recovering from sicky symptoms. I had horrible mucus and fever today.

    I made it to yoga anyway

    12 bananas – could hardly choke them down

    18 oranges juiced – delicious.

  • Heyenglish, I am glad you came back. Welcome!

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    okay, so I would love to know how you guys can fit so many bananas in at once lol! did you have to work up to the point where your stomach can stretch to fit them…. I tried eating just nanas for brekkie and I got to 2 and a half and after that it was a struggle.

  • heyenglish your meal today sounds fricking awesome! i too am a sucker for vegan indian buffet. had some yesterday, incredible.

  • Chicory, yes the stomach needs to be stretched. A stomach used to dehydrated food (‘normal’ food) can have two or three bananas, it takes time and practice to eat more. I can’t eat more than seven still.

    Moth this is what you call no appetite?! LOL

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    They were small oranges, hehe. :-)

  • TWICE A LOST MY POST. Maybe I shouldn’t be posting??

    KAIT- Keep up the great work on studying nutrition! I’ve noticed you grow with information! Willpower is knowledge…

    Shazz- Sorry, I’m from MA. I’m glad to share my dentist info with any local doctors!

    Superpapaya- I’m jealous of your tropical climate! Excactly where are you from? One day I should be there! Also, I noticed once my body leveled out (ie blood sugar) my dizzy spells and cold hands/feet went away.

    Kennyt- I eat my greens by themselves. I have fruit, then greens both in their whole state. I love just chomping on some leafy greens. But when I was in my transitioning, I use to blend mango and tomatoe. That is at the top of my top favorite dressings! Another good one is orange-hemp. 1-2 oranges (depending on size/juice) to however much hemp seed you would like. I don’t eat much hemp any more, they taste rancid to me! I live in the states, can’t get fresh stuff around here!

    Moth- I MISS YOU :( Lets go picking or hang out! I found 3 super dank apple trees! Loaded to the brim with apples. The guy who owns them said he didn’t want to see thim go to waste! The apples are HUGE and extremly tastey! They are sweet not tart. We can easily harvest a few hundred pounds, probably several if we really wanted too :) I see your still surviving off of those oranges! Need any more fruit this week? Or are you all set?

    HeyEnglish: Welcome back sweetie!!

    Live, Love Peace

  • TreeOfLife: in your thread “live worth living” I told you were I lived, and how one can manage to stay there ;) you should read it! LOL

    I live in Costa Rica, looking forward seeing you on your bike, carrying tasty apples (there are not here).

  • FruginiFrugini Raw Newbie

    Even though I have not yet read the book (no time to go to the public library today!) I wanted to say hi because I had such a good day and am very proud of myself. And I think I might be naturally eating somewhat 811. So today I had:

    breakfast: green smoothie with 1 orange, 1 apple, spinach bunch (I eat this every morning!) lunch: 3 oranges, 1 pear, and 1 nectarine (I have a little cold, I was hoping the oranges would help) snack: two dates dinner:almost a whole crown broccoli, two collard leaves, green onions, parsley, tomato, with raw pesto sauce. dessert: avocado-carob ice cream.

    I feel so alive! This was a super-stressful day but I breezed right through it. Happy Dance!

  • Good job lindsay! I suggest logging your meals @ nutridiary.com or something else just to get an idea of what you are intaking. I’m proud to here that you are having such a great day.

    Not to critique you and ruin your beautiful day, just given you some pointers – unless your absolutely tiny ( I mean 86 lbs) and inactive, you probably didn’t recieve enough fuel for the day. I don’t like to say calories, because I believe worrying about a certain nutrient or anything will lead to an unhealthy diet. But fuel comes from calories. Oranges are great for colds, vitamin c is the way to go. You will find that an 811 lifestyle is full of immune strengthners! Nothing but pure nutrients, vitamins, and toxin free!

    Ask any questions before you get your book, we will all be glad to answer. Just keep in mind – none of us are doctors, nor do half of us in these walls know what we are talking about. A great site to post on is www.vegsource.com/talk/raw. That is doug graham’s thread. If you direct a question he will usually answer it!

    That is right superpapaya! I remember that now! I haven’t checked that thread out in a while. You will see me down there soon enough, maybe we can get together?

    Happy eating and good night!

  • Ew, last night I had two cantaloupes for dinner that weren’t as ripe as I normally like. I was bummed. Today has been alright. I had mango and pineapple this morning. I bought some champagne grapes thinking I would try them, but they weren’t good at all! I had to chuck them. I feel congested, but I’m chalking it up to detox. Hope everyone is having a good day.

  • Hello! yes Kait when the fruit isn’t good enough how disappointed. Today I wanted to eat a salad of papaya, lettuce and basil, I don’t know why but the plate was bitter so I threw all of it in the blender with bananas and sweet orange juice. Not the best but I had a very nutritious meal at least. In the morning, blond grapes too, imported from the US, and more or less good ;)

    Last night I had “portabello mushroom pizza” the recipe from Bronwyn, with a mayonnaise of sunflower seeds. Soooooo delicious! I was just at 10% fat ratio at the end of the day (eh… not mentionning a few crackers I ate while the mushrooms were in the dehydrator, and that I didn’t log lol), and I think I needed that after several days without overt fats. Today I feel much better than yesterday.

    The link of the recipe: http://goneraw.com/recipes/5219-Incredible-Port…

  • Hi folks! I really want to start 811 but it seems everyday I start, I end up eating no no foods by midday. My biggest issues have been cooked carbs (gluten free..but still not good) and spicy foods. I had the same problem when I first went vegan, taking many trys to “get it right” Some of my favorite things are excluded on this diet mainly salt, garlic, onion, and spices (curry, jerk spice yum yum) I keep thinking I would do better if I gave up these things one at a time. I am getting better at the mono fruit meal, which makes me feel good!Which do you feel, based on personal experience, gave you the biggest boost to give up?

    todays food: orange juice out of 10 oranges 5 bananas 3 apples steamed quinoa with curry veg (carrots, bell peppers, broccoli) big salad with cabbage, collards, 1 tablespoon avo, 1 more orange juiced, bell pepper, cilantro, yellow tomato

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey guys! I had SO MUCH FUN today! I’m still pretty sick – I was having coughing fits all day and lots of mucus – so I drank the juice of 32 organic oranges and slept a lot (had the day off) that REALLY seemed to help.

    Then, for dinner, I met up with TreeOfLife and a few others and enjoeyed a raw gourmet meal at the Organic Garden while he munched on mangos and grapes! LOL – it was AWESOME. I felt such a sense of community and freedom while we were all hanging out together in the raw vegan restaurant.

    Today, I had:

    juice of 32 oranges

    Dehydrated crackers with salsa and a nut cheese (some other raw sauces too)

    A big slice of raw pizza

    Some salad

    Some cacao truffles and a rich cacao dessert pie!

    A few glasses of vegan wine (raw?)


    Delicious – as I said, I had so much fun today!


    I know it wasn’t strictly within 811 standards – but I wonder if it actually as – as I go pretty long periods without adding any overt fats at all – and then have a day of indulging – so if I zoom out I might actually be within 811 ratios.

    Circleakitchen – the hardest thing for me to give up is cayenne pepper. I can do long periods without salt with no problem without feeling longing – but for some reason, I really do miss cayenne when I cut it out.

  • Circle – Great start! Don’t be too down on yourself about the cooked carbs. It sounds like you are going from cooked foods straight to 811, so be proud of yourself of atleast sticking in the guide lines. It seems like your off to a pretty great transition. I’m not sure if you are doing it, but before your cooked meal eat some fruits, then have your meal. This will help you eat a smaller cooked meal. Over time, increase fruit decrease cook until you are fully 811. I’m not sure if your craving these cooked carbs, you probably are, but your body craves food that it is use to getting certain nutrition/ calories or whatever from. When you teach your body that there are other ways of getting that vital nutrition or fuel your cravings will go away. What I’m saying is it seems to me you are not getting enough fuel from your fruit (i.e. calories)! Maybe if you up your bananas it will help you out.

    Knowledge is what gave me the biggest boost to give up. Willpower is knowledge, my friend. Teach your body and your body will want only what’s best for it. Try my little tip and it might help out. Work on stretching your stomach and fitting a large lunch full of sweet fruit to get your fuel in you. We are all here to help! Let us know your daily routine, we might be able to point things out. Keep in mind most of us are transitioning, so take everything with a grain of salt (just don’t consume that grain of salt ;) )

    MOTH- I’m really glad we got together again tonight! I had a blast! Very great energy! We should go for a hike this weekend and eat lunch outside. You bring your oranges, I’ll bring my mangoes? I know of a few great parts my way, if there are some up your way I would be glad to check them out.

  • What a great moment you shared in the gourmet restau TOL and Moth!

    Hello circleakitchen, welcome.

    I still have spices and salt, well now that I am thinking about it, less and less. I am crazy for curry, cumin, hot pepper… often use them with the vegs. But since I eat less and less vegs I consume less spices too.

    The biggest boost for me is eating lots and lots of fruit. If I don’t, I crave cooked carbs too. And I don’t have the knowledge by the way, what is the problem exactly with cooked rice or beans (without cooked fats)? if somebody could tell me, thanks.

  • Oh I forgot, I ate a pancake! not even vegan, there was milk and egg. My son (11 years) is learning to cook and did everything, worked hard to bake the pancakes. I am proud of him and didn’t have the heart to refuse tasting it.

    Only meat I refuse systematically, for the rest (cooked vegetarian) I do exceptions sometimes in certain social situations.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Both rice and beans are low in vitamins C and A, vital nutrients for humans, and grains even contain antinutrients that lower zinc absorption. These nutrients are only reduced or lost during the cooking process. Also, neither one of these foods contains soluble fiber appropriate for human digestion/satiation.

    More importantly, can you eat either of these foods in their raw states? More importantly still, would you want to? ;)

    That being said, if you are going to stray from raw, cooked rice or beans are probably two of the better options…as opposed to meat or cheese.

    Hope that helps some, Swayze

  • Hey Swayze that was a well informed reply.Appreciated that.

    Hey Superpapaya I would have eaten my son’s pancake too!How sweet!

    I am happy to say I enjoying mostly seasonal foods. I am devouring carrots by the bundle!Also some cabbage and celery. Slower to eat leafy greens..mostly lettuce. So glad to be in alignment with the seasons.Its grounding me.Oh, I have to add that I am eating fruit, esp apples and pears.

    Keep on ‘trucking’ 811’ers!

  • Hello all 811s, and thank you for the information swayze.

    Today I am a little bit ill, and tired, and disappointed because I hadn’t been ill for months…

  • Hi All

    I am new, just joined. Please tell me about 811. I have been pretty much following Dr. Gabriel Cousin’s “Conscious Eating” and “Rainbow Diet”. About a year or so I read “We Want To Live” by Aajonus Vonderplanitz and followed his raw diet for awhile. I gained alot of strength with it. Now I do very little raw meat and then only when I can be sure how and where it was raised. Occasionaly I do raw fish and we do raw dairy and eggs. However, I am open and when something new crosses my path I feel it is important to check it out. Now, what is 811 about?

  • WELCOME rhean!

    811 is short for 80/10/10.Thats percentages for a raw eating, 80% of cals from fruit and veg carbs and 10% each from fat and protien. Dr Doug Graham came up with 811 and in his opinion (and experience) for optimum health. He has written a book of the same name that explains things beautifully if you are interested. foodists in that the daily cals typically tend to be from a much higher percentage of fats. “811er’s” eat a great deal of fruits because they are higher in cals. Most fruit and veg actually break down to similiar percentages of fat and and protien anyway. Theres his website about this too. I think vegnsport?? ..may need to do a search. Thats generally it, hope that helps.

    Eating this way raw is a different from typical raw


    Sounds like a pancake detox :). Perhaps you are detoxing your foods quicker these days, emotionally as well.Wishing you well.

  • My type is going off the page in my post, hope the last post makes sense…

  • Hi everyone. Thank you all for your encouraging comments. I have been raw for over 5 years. I work as a vegan, mostly raw chef. I stopped eating 100 percent raw about 7 months ago because I hit a plateau with my healing and actually started to see old weight issues creep back up as well as other health issues. I have recently hung up my chef coat to go back to school. Being raw, then working with raw food, and then having the raw food I was eating and making, and serving others stop making me feel good really shuck my belief system. So I am in the process of figuring out the whole thing, and have wanted to do 100 percent 80/10/10rv to see how that would make me feel. So far I have been successful on maintaining the fat/protein/carb ratio most days, but having a hard time making it 100 percent raw again.

  • shazzz, do you think it is possible to detox after just a single pancake? well, and a plate of rice and beans this week too. The reaction seems wery strong for just that. Well my mind rejected the 811rw today and I had a little more raw fats than usual (dehydrated crackers and raw sauce). After that my body took control over my mind and I juiced and drank 16 oranges… I just couldn’t stop my hand juicing the oranges LOL

    We had a full week of rain, it is winter here, fruit are not as diverse and tasty, I find it harder to follow the diet.

    Circleakitchen, the most difficult I find is to eat enough. I can maintain the 80/10/10 ratio rather easily, but eating so much raw carbs yes I agree it is kind of weird. Well it comes with time, by the way I ate 8 bananas at lunch, and could have eaten more if my mind wouldn’t have stopped me – I just felt crazy to eat so many bananas.

    rhean, welcome! If you have time, could you please tell more about gabriel cousin’s diet, i wonder what this man has for dinner. The other one sounds less interesting for me since I don’t eat meat at all.

    Thanks for the support dear 811ers.

  • Hey superpapaya, I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling great :( Keep your head up and keep on trucking. Just because your doing 811 doesn’t mean you’re a super hero! That’s something we all seem to forget. You’ve been 811 for how long? How long were you eating a SAD/SWD diet? How long were you high fat raw? how many generations have your family been eating an unhealthy diet?

    Rejuvenation will take time. Sickness is your body trying to heal itself. Let it do what it is suppose to. Make sure to drink pure water, get fresh air, sunshine, plenty of rest, whole foods if your body will allow it. Don’t give up on 811 just because you got a little sick.

    Also, keep up the great work. You have a lot of positive energy, don’t let it go to waste! Good job with your 8 bananas! I remember when I first put down 8 bananas, it seemed like a task :). lol. Today I had 10 mangoes w/ lb of grapes for lunch. And for dinner I had around 20 medium bananas and 6 dates, 2lb celery :) I also had a great, excercise for an hour. Nothing long, today was an easy day.

    One more thing super, throw in an extra meal to get all your fuel if you’re having trouble consuming enough foods. Most days I only eat two meals (like today), but if I excercise for an extended amount of time I usually throw in a nice juicy breakfast.

    Circleakitchen- I work at a raw gourmet restaraunt and I understand how eating that food makes you feel and serving it to others. I realize that raw gourmet places are GREAT stepping stones for one to get into the raw community. It’s what converted me to raw vegan. I use my position to teach others about the truth on raw gourmet, and why a high fruit low fat diet is key. I’ve gotten a lot of co-workers on the wagon, and a couple customers.

    Great job with raging the 811! It’s okay that your not sticking it 100% raw, that will come back. Try getting more calories in from fruit, instead of cooked carbs (assuming thats your raw fall back). As I mentioned to Papaya, throw in an extra meal if you can’t fill your tank. I use to have a lot of trouble with going to work and munching on the food I made. I realize that I wanted that food because my body wasn’t getting enough fuel and those dehydrated concoctions are compact with fuel (that cheap type that makes your engine stall, though). I upped my intake, and no more problems. Also, I think I really needed sodium and that’s why I ate it because it was loaded with salt. I never enjoyed the salt, always made me dehydrated (go figure :) ), and bloated. I started eating celery, which I use to hate and now tastes like candy, and I now have absolutely no cravings to eat that food.

    Besides that, don’t give up. If for some odd reason you decide too, make sure you did 811 to the fullest extent. I always hear “I did 811 and it wasn’t for me. Everyone always tells me I must have not done it right, but I did. It just wasn’t for me”. I don’t care what blood type your from, nationality, sex or anything. We are all the same species, we should all have an extremely similar diet. When people say that 811 wasn’t for them, they usually did not do it right. Majority of the time, they didn’t get enough fuel in. They weren’t eating enough carbs. They felt shakey, or tired, or conjested. The food they were eating, most of the time, was unripe. There caloric intake was small, and usually they were doing bad food combos. Keep it up though, you got this one under your belt!

    Shazz- if you put a space at the beginning of a new paragraph, it will go outside the box. Some sort of glitch or something?

    Live, Love peace

  • Hi, thank you very much Jason for your support. True that I haven’t been raw for so long, six months now, with periods of 811, some cooked food from time to time. I have seriously followed the 811 for the last six weeks I think (didn’t check dates), with a raw/cooked break two weeks ago.

    The oranges made me feel better almost instantly yesterday and today I am well, and on the 811 track again. Just a little worried if I can’t have cooked food anymore without being ill, I will test that next week because I don’t want to be too dependent on a diet.

    Have a nice sunday all.

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