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October 811



  • 655+(9.6 x weightkg)+(1.8 x heightcm)-(4.7 x ageyrs) 655+(9.6×68)+(1.8×154.94)-(4.7-66)=1,647.992

    1,647.992 is your BMR – you are never suppose to eat lower than your BMR. You are lightly active so to maintain your weight you should eat 1,648×1.2. 1,648×1.2=1,977.6

    If you are looking to lose weight I would subtract 200-300 calories from 1,977.6 – so around 1,677.6 – 1,777.6.

    You will lose by doing this because you are eating enough for your bodily functions, but less than the amount needed to maintain.

  • Thank you so much KAIT. I just returned from the store and I went crazy grapes,papaya, pomegranet, oranges, Fuji apples, pears, baby arugula and basil.

    I have the feeling that grazing isn’t the thing to do. Am I correct on that.

  • Kait I am going to miss your posts.

    rhean, good shopping you have done. Grazing, does it mean eating small quantities all day long? (I don’t find the meaning in my dictionnary) Then, I don’t know! I have read that it is better to have two, three or four meals at most. But I am not sure whether it is right: the animals eat all day, my baby too.

  • superpapaya: Grazing to me is nibbling all day. I have a bowl of grapes sitting here by the computer. I just had lunch and had a difficult time eating a half papaya, a banana and half of Andy’s tomatoe. I will have more later, maybe at 3:00. I don’t know if I will be able to eat 1,600 calories today let alone 1,777. I willl have a half of avacado on my salad this evening that should help.

    I can relate to baby wanting to eat all day. My son, when a baby, wanted to nurse all the time. It might just have been a guy thing.

  • I forgot to say I had a beer yesterday. And since there was no fruit in the bar I missed a meal, and at night I had more fats to compensate. The result in nutridiary was weird lol

    Today I am doing better: a kilo of papaya and celery in the morning (which is only 400 cal, sometimes it’s good to check in nutridiary), three kilos of litchis for lunch but I don’t know how much is left once the shelf and seed are taken off.

    My baby (three years) helped me a lot for the litchis.

  • hey everyone! way to go rhean! Yes, grazing is a big no no. Grazing causes bodily acids that break down food to constantly be dumping into your system, which will just tear it up and acidify your blood/ tissue. In the beggining stages, it is okay to eat 3-5 meals a day. It is tough getting all of that fruit in with the little tummy space. It’s quite simple once you start to stretch it out, you will read about that a little in Doug Grahams book. I can easily put down 20 bananas, or 4-5lbs of mango in a meal with no problem. Lol, people always gawk at me while I eat.

    Superpapaya- ugh I am so jealous of the fruit you get. I’m looking for a way to get more exotics up in my direction. I’m moving in a few months to California which will help me out. I’ve never had litchis, or many other fruits. I often drool thinking about it.lol. Also, I just found my dream house in Belize, there’s no way I’m moving there anytime soon but that is excactly what I want when I settle down! Grazing is pretty much what cows do, they eat all day long. Constantly, more or less.

  • Kenny- My name is Jason, nice to meet you :)

    KAIT, we will miss you- as we also miss el-bo. It does feel nice when nutridiary is no longer important! I still check up on it time to time, whenever I get new food just to be curious. I’m at the stage of listening to my body and knowing when I’m good. I stopped counting a little early, I thought I had it down. I do now, I can totally tell when i’m off balance.

    I’m thinking of adding an extra meal in when I work at the raw gourmet restaraunt. I’ve eaten the food the last couple of nights I worked, causing me to “break out” on my face. Also, I’m doing this so I can get more greens in on those days. Sometimes I don’t eat enough greens because it is to time consuming when I’m working.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Hey everyone!

    I’ve been doing great for the past week or so. I’ve made sure to eat enough and what do ya know…no cravings! ;)

    Hope everyone else is thriving. :)


  • Hello, I am still doing well with 811. Just something strange happens, I have been constipated for the last three days. What could it be? I ate a large variety of fruit (papaya, banana, pineapple, oranges, watermerlon, blackberry etc) and lots of green leaves, and little fats (avocado, olive oil…).

    Today I am not very hungry.

    Any ideas?

  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    What an awesome thread…wish I’d seen this earlier…I’ve been trying to pursue this for years and would love the support. I got the book when it first came out and am re-reading Grain Damage as well.

    I can’t wait to jump in on the November challenge with you guys – are you all looking forward to persimmon season? It is just around the corner here.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie


    I had the same thing happen to me a couple months ago when trying to get back on track. I increased my calories and my elimination dropped to once a day until I started eating less. I eat that same amount now without those problems.

    Looking back, I was not exercising during that time. I was eating to much for my activity, leading to constipation…at least that’s what I think. :)

    However, it could have just been the large variety of fruits in one day if that is not how you typically eat. Also, the avocado and olive oil combo could definitely have caused it, especially if you ate it during the day before fruit.

    Raw Curls, glad to have you here! If you want more support, you should definitely check out Dr. Graham’s forum on vegsource.com. There are also a whole bunch of really cool 811rv blogs around. Just ask on vegsource!

    I tried persimmons for the first time last year and I hated them! I am hoping to have a better experience this time.

    Swayze :)

  • Hi,

    Welcome Raw Curls!

    Swayze, you are having a good time with the diet, this is fine! Funny you talk about exercise, I was suspecting that because I did less the last days. So this morning I did jump rope and it helped “letting down” if you know what I mean lol

    Never tasted persimmons yet but I am curious. What is it like? Once I bought a sort of smelly fruit like durian I think, could be a local variety, but it smelt so bad that I threw everything away! I couldn’t even taste that.

    Today I didn’t eat well. I had a pineapple and wanted to eat it before it was lost, but really didn’t feel like eating pineapple. So I forced myself, as a result I didn’t enjoy the pineapple salad, and I didn’t eat enough. Guess what happened at night? Two avocados! oh they were so good after all the acidity of the day, I don’t regret, and the good news are that I didn’t crave rice. It is a progress for me.

    Have a wonderful 811rv day tomorrow, all people who want to do 811rv.

  • oh,and I didn’t have the avocado and olive oil the same day! i could hardly digest the combo lol

  • Raw CurlsRaw Curls Raw Newbie

    Hi – thanks for the welcome!

    Swayze – I’ve been a Dr. D fan for a while, I used to go on his forum on vegsource a lot. It’s very slow to load though. I first saw him speaking about 7 years ago when I was first exposed to raw and was also enamored with Victoria Boutenko. Well Dr. D turned my thinking around really quick! I also have his DVD health series and heard a CD series. It’s just the getting to the 811 that I need to do.

    Persimmons are wonderful, you just have to make sure they are nice and ripe, like a water balloon. The Fuyu type (I believe) can be eaten firmer but the Hachiya (profile pic above) is the one that has to be really mushy and it’s so delicious. If you eat it under-ripe you are in for a very unpleasant sensation – it literally feels like all the saliva has been sucked out of your mouth.

  • rawforhealthrawforhealth Raw Newbie

    i am new to raw..can someone please explain what 811 or 80 10 10 means….i cannot have much fruit and i am guessing this is a high fruit lifestyle??

    thanks for explaining this to me.

  • Hey everyone,

    I was wondering SWAYZE and Everybody else what the other 811 blogs/sites are?I know vegsoursce..

  • Rawforhealth, why do you feel that you “can’t” eat a lot of fruit? From an 80/10/10 perspective all humans have similar dietary needs, and we are most biologically designed for fruit and greens eating. with minimal plant fats. Our bodies run primarly on glucose so fruit is a great choice. Please read 80/10/10 it will explain why everyone, including those told not to eat fruit, can and would thrive from it.

  • superpapaya- Was it jackfruit? I heard jackfruit did not smell good on the outside, kind of how durian smells pretty gross. I heard jackfruit was AMAZING, I would love to try it! Has anyone hear ever tried it?

  • Hello Jason, what I bought is called “noni”, it is known to cure a lot of diseases. But well, I am not ill, so… no thanks lol

    Shazzz, I only know vegsource but didn’t look for other sites.

    I am doing very well today and feel great.

  • jackfruit is awesome. It is the flavor that juicy fruit gum is based on. jackfruit is also sticky like gum and you will be trying to get its remains off your skin for a couple days. It doesnt stink though, at least not to me. it looks kinda like durian but not spikey.

  • Hello!How are you doing?

    I am still following 811rv, I had never been doing it for such a long time and I am not bored of it (yet?).

    Yesterday I ate seaweed, it tasted very good and it contains quite a lot of protein and minerals. Is it in the frame of the 811 according to Dr D? I don’t have the book. It seems that I didn’t digest them entirely, I found little bits of seaweed in… you know!

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