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October 811



  • getting stocked up on fruit tonight! starting 811 tomorrow night :)

  • getting stocked up on fruit tonight! starting 811 tomorrow night :)

  • kennyt – that’s exciting! Don’t forget to pick up some greens, too.

    Hey all, I’ve been pretty good lately, but still trying to kick this cold. I worked out on the stationary bicycle. I was proud about that because it’s the most exercise I’ve gotten in a while, hehe. Hope everyone is doing well.

  • Thank you Shazzz I am going to check out Dr. Graham’s book. That way of eating does sound enticing. Sounds as if there isn’t much food prep to do, which I like. Will keep in touch.

    Again thank you Rhea

  • superpapaya- ” Just a little worried if I can’t have cooked food anymore without being ill, I will test that next week because I don’t want to be too dependent on a diet.” Think about what you said for a second. Does that sound right to you? Your worried that you will get sick from eating cooked food and that will make you dependent on a diet? If you think about it, are whole lives we are dependent on a diet. If we don’t diet (eat) then we will not survive. If a way of dieting (eating) that you grew up on, makes you sick whenever you go back to it, shouldn’t you be happy that you’ve found a healthier way of dieting (eating)??

    What is so good about cooked food? It’s dead, hard to digest, lack of nutrients, body has to spend more time to break it down into a form that it can actually use (i.e. simple carbs, ie glucose, fructose), all around it wastes your fuel and loads you with toxins. I was happy when I realized cooked food made me feel ill, I found a way where I could not live moderately. My activity level has gone way up, my way of life is more positive than before, I feel great, I waste minimal products (only the plu codes and a box which I recycle if I don’t pick it myself), all of my food waste just goes right outside into the ground. I have no more trash to worry about. I’m using my own energy more (biking) instead of the worlds energy (oil). It’s a win win situation for more than just myself.

    Think about that for a little bit. It might give you some motivation and support to leave all that crap, that was just holding you back in your life, behind. Good luck! I hope you feel, think, behave better in your future years!

    KennyT- Rage it bro! YOu got it, stock yourself up, be prepared. I go to my local shop once a week, and that’s just to stock up. Besides that I’m good. It took me a couple times, but I figured a way to buy bulk and not have to worry about anything. In the beginning I bought too much, so I canned a lot of ripening fruit, and then I bought too little, and now I get everything I need in a one shot. Remember, throw in an extra meal if you need to get your total fuel load. That was my problem. I did not eat nearly enough food in the beginning and thought I was “detoxing” too fast. Yes,you do detox, but if you keep your fuel level up it won’t be as incruciating as it would be with minimal fuel. I was trying to be a tough guy and just make the detox go as fast as possible, boy did it hurt!

    KAIT- ugh, I hate colds. Good job banging out on that bike!

    Rhean- can’t wait to see you more in these walls! ask any questions, we will all help you. You can always do vegsource.com/talk/raw , that is doug grahams forum, he will answer your questions. Also foodnsport.com is his page. check it out

  • Tree Of Life, of course I thought about what I wrote before writing it.

    I don’t want to get to a stage where a single plate of rice would make me ill, because that would be a problem in my life. I don’t want to refuse all of the cooked food offered to me when I am invited by some friends I love, also sometimes there is no other food available (it happened when I was traveling, and this week during the storm couldn’t get out of the house for a few days). So, for me, in my personal familial and social and cultural and whatsoever frame, it is not right to be so detoxed that I couldn’t stand a little bit of cooked carbs from time to time ;)

    Anyway I don’t believe it is the case, this is why I will experiment once again the effect of a cooked plate within a week. And if I turned ill again, well I would probably reintroduced cooked food in my diet (the “diet” word is ugly but I don’t know another one in English. I should have written in the former post “don’t want to be dependent on 811rv diet, i.e. not being able to eat anything else than fruits and green leaves would not be right for me”).

    I am convinced that 811rv is the healthiest raw diet. But I can make the choice not to strictly follow the healthiest diet in the world, consciously, for reasons other than health reasons ;)

  • Well, this is my position today, within ten years I may be a breatharian, who knows? lol

  • i know i already asked this but i only got 1 reply…

    how do you all usually eat your greens? i’ll be mixing some into smoothies, but that’s not mono-mealin’ it so i dunno…

    treeoflife you said now you just eat greens straight up…do you usually mix or do you just eat tons of spinach and that’s a meal? while being raw i’ve just been eating big salads with greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, raisins, etc…how can i simplify my salads but still make them really tasty? thanks! (ps could i get a lot of examples of how everyone eats their salads and greens?)

  • kennyt – I normally have a “salad” for dinner. For example, lately I’ve been just shredding a medium head of cabbage in a big bowl and topping it with different varieties of tomatoes. Sometimes I add mango or pineapple, too.

    You might want to check out Robby Barbaro’s blog. He follows 811 and links to his daily consumption on nutridiary. He includes pictures of his meals so this may be helpful to you.

  • ah thanks kait. any other good blogs out there? i like this one. i tried clicking on yours but was denied access :( is 108 in reference to the band?

    today i scored 27 bananas, several lbs of apples and pears, raisins, dates, spinach, lettuce, oj, some avocado and nuts for the fat, 2 bags of grapes, frozen strawberries, and some plums. woo!

    adding fruit to a simple salad sounds really yummy

  • kennyt – I don’t have a blog right now. I’ve been trying to take that link off my profile forever, but something is wrong with GoneRaw. Everytime I try to change my profile, the changes never save. I think they are working on that.

    108 isn’t in reference to the band, although I do like them. Are you into hardcore?? It sounds like you had a pretty awesome day food-wise.

  • Also, here are a list of some blogs. I’m not sure how often they are updated, if at all.

    edit: my link isn’t working, but basically I typed 80/10/10 blog into Google.

  • kennyt, I often mix the greens with fruits, either in large salads or in smoothies. A salad of lettuce or spinach with fruits is good for the calories intake, and also because it doesn’t need fats in it; the natural juice and taste of the fruits make a delicious dressing.

    My salad of the day: papaya, tomatoes, dried tomato, spinach, celery, cilantro: the papaya (800g) gives calories, the rest gives protein and iron, and all of it is delicious.

  • ZaZa Raw Newbie

    Superpapaya, I like your attitude. My default diet, after about 3 years close to 100% raw, is not 80-10-10 but close, depending on the time of year. (More like 90-5-5 in summer, more like 60-20-20 in the winter.) And I eat a much larger variety of foods than Dr. Graham recommends (vegetables, sprouts, etc). Whole foods, no blending, no mixing at all, whatever I feel most drawn to. Default: what I do when I have no crazy whims, no guests to entertain, no hosts to not offend. Every once in a while, I’m happy to make an exception, whether that be a “gourmet” raw dish I prepare, or one I eat at a restaurant/juice bar (everywhere in NYC). Even the occasional bit of cooked food (within reason). But I’ve found that I feel MUCH better when I eat whole foods than when I eat blended/combined foods, and although there’s no way really for me to calculate this, I think defaulting to this and making occasional exceptions for gourmet works better for me than Always eating blended/combined. Plus the Gemini in me doesn’t get bored that way, and my non-raw friends don’t freak out.

    Since I love to travel, I was worried for a while, as you seem to be, that I may find myself in a situation in which I have to choose between deeply offending my hosts (in rural Russia, for example, where hospitality is SO important!) and making myself severely ill.

    I’m eager to hear the results of your “experiments”. I found that between my first 5 and 10 months of being 100% raw, I was most sensitive to cooked foods: a bite or two of cooked rice would make me all pouffy-eyed and spaced-out. Now it seems that I am much more tolerant to exceptions, and this reassures me greatly, not because I Want to eat sub-optimal food but because I recognize (and I think the cultural anthropology course I’m taking now is influencing me) that there is so much more to food among the various humans of this world than simply nutrition, and sometimes it’s just worth it to put other people’s hopes/expectations of you above your super-ideal goals for yourself. Except of course if you’re direly ill—have cancer or AIDS or something.

  • Hey, I’ve been 80/10/10 this past week now by default. (I got my tongue pierced so since it hurt too much to chew I’ve just been fruit and green smoothie-ing it up). What’s really weird though is I’ve started to crave greens. I just finished a huge plate of really plain lettuce and kale (second meal of the day – I can chew now :), I was craving it so bad. And it tasted good. I would never have eaten that in the past. Is this due to becoming raw in general (which I’m new to) or more specifically just eating 80/10/10 for the week?

    By the way, after a week of 80/10/10 I admire you all for doing it, I’m not sure I could.

  • after going raw i started to dread greens haha…i just got tired of them. BUT i think it’s because i over ate on greens and tried to make them too ‘fancy’, now im gonna keep it simple

    kait yeah i like some hardcore. 108 is great! also into gorilla biscuits, refused, the first step, kid dynamite, all that good stuff…ya know the stuff that is positive and/or makes you think. thanks for the 811 googling blog idea, found a lot.

  • kennyt – Glad the google stuff worked for you. Are you into any newer hardcore? I really like Crime in Stereo right now (not so much their newer album, but the previous). Can I ask how old you are? And where are you from? I’m 19. I live in NJ – I think that’s on my profile.

  • Superpapaya – That’s legit. I, personally, am not worried about offending other people. I’m not saying I like to offend people, but if a way of living that is not harming anyone or creature is offending to a person, I think they should really look deep inside. My friends all appreciate how I eat, and I always take my own meals to their house and offer them my food. If they don’t take it, that’s fine by me. It just means more for myself :) I understood what you meant by your use of “diet” and how you were refering to the 811rv lifestyle. If not commiting 100% to 811 makes you feel the best, by all means go and do it. Just do it for yourself, not for others! Your a great person superpapaya, I would love to meet up with you when I travel Central America and make my way down to the beautiful Costa Rica!!

    KennyT- Heres my menu of the day. Lunch: 7lbs/grapes. Dinner 4.25 lbs (edible part)/mango and 1.5 heads of romaine. I was going to eat celery, my new favorite, but I had this organic celery that tasted funny. It was fresh, well “fresh” from across the country. I had a half of a stick of celery and my mouth went numb!! I’m going to call the company in the morning and see if they use any “organic” pesticides or what the deal is. So needless to say I didn’t eat that.

    I ate the grapes whole for lunch. For dinner, I started with the mango. I peeled the mango back and bit into it, that’s the way I like eat my fruit. Let my teeth be the first thing to break the delicious food :)! After, I ate the romaine, just handfuls at a time. Chewed it up until there was nothing but insoluble fibers left and water. That’s my diet in a nutshell! In the begining I would add fruit to the salad, and on occasion top it with a dressing made mostly from fruit, maybe with seeds and nuts (i.e. hemp orange dressing. 2tblsp hemp/1 orange or Mango Tomatoe: 3:1 ratio Mango:Tomatoe)

    Onion: It’s amazing how something tastes when your body wants it. It’s always so delicious, usualy sweet. You craved it because you are most likely becoming more sensitive, and are able to listen to what your body wants. Your body wants something in particular when it is craving a certain nutrient (unless it’s an addiction – that’s just “appetite” not hunger) 80/10/10 (811) definately consists of a lot of greens, usually during dinner. We are not frutarians, well some of us may be, but I’m not shall I say.

    What couldn’t you do about this diet? What would you miss out on? Just out of curiosity..

    LoveFoodLaughter: It sounds like your 811 to me. Actually it sounds like you are right on 811. 811 is not a daily task, it is a yearly goal. Consuming more fats in the winter makes sense. Fats are numbing. When there is winter, there are a lot of nuts produced right before it. You could store the nuts throughout the winter and feed yourself from them. Of course, that is if we were in the wild. And most likely, most of us wouldn’t be able to survive through winter unless we hybernated. Which strangely, some people believe we can actually do that… That would be really interesting.

    How was/is everyones day??

  • TreeOfLife – 7 lbs of grapes? I just fell off my chair.

  • kait—newer hardcore stuff i’ve been diggin…...dangers (their full length album is great), coke bust, mindset, trapped under ice, cold world…....i’m 20…living in tennessee for school but maryland the rest of the year. i miss the east coast!

  • FruginiFrugini Raw Newbie

    I just got my first juicer! It was 5 bucks at the goodwill, couldn’t resist. I think I will go on my first juice fast soon! Fresh fruit juice…so yummy…

  • Hi TreeOfLife—I recognize you from RawFu. Funny, I’ve had the same thing happen with celery. I’m pretty sure it was organic, too. Let me know what you find out or if it happens again. Laurie

  • i started nutridiary today….......i thought bananas were like 200 calories each…according to a nutridiary they’re around 100 :(

  • Yes around 100, and this is the most “calorific” low-fat fruit. It gives you an idea of how much-much-much to eat.

    LovefoodLaughter thanks a lot for your post :) I will be happy to be sort of experimented by you then LOL It is hard to find seeds where I live, well I might go to town this week and can look for some. I have been reluctant since I intoxicated myself with sprouted quinoa (not fresh), and with sprouted beans (toxic raw but I didn’t know yet). I just have sprouted lentils and garbanzo humus from time to time. Did you do something special to become more tolerant to cooked exceptions? Funny you talk about Russia, I love this country and it was a subject of discuss at home a few days ago, with my brother in law who is fond of russian culture too. Do you have extralucid powers or something? lol

    To come back to the subject… I am discouraged these days, bored of eating fruit all the time. Last night I had rice again, but very little, two tablespoons, with the soup of black beans. I had raw fats too, too much of it. And today I feel like “detoxing” again, with a light headache, and tiredness. So… don’t know if those are good news (TOL will say yes lol) or bad news, I need to think about it. Now I believe that when I was ill the other day, it was detox (I never get colds, and nobody around me was ill).

  • ZaZa Raw Newbie

    TreeofLife, I may well “be” 80-10-10 practically speaking, but I do not believe that one should “aim” for 80-10-10 right off the bat, or even ever. Many people find themselves thriving on a comparable ratio of carbs to protein to fat after years of being raw, and this is certainly interesting to take note of, but turning observations into perscriptions is a dangerous endeavor. People’s bodies are in such different states, and require different things at different times. And there is so much more to nutrition than carbs, proteins and fats. What of minerals, vitamins, bacteria? Should we all aim to ingest the same amounts of each of these every day too, regardless of our age, state of health and environmental climate?

    I went through a two-month phase about two years ago in which I wanted fat fat fat all day long. When i didn’t have fat, I would feel awful. Sprouted almonds, young coconuts, avocadoes, and sashimi (forgive me, vegans) were my best friends. I am very sensitive to my body’s needs and I am quite convinced that this high-percentage of fat intake for me at that time was good, served some purpose. Perhaps it has nothing to do with fat but with lubrication of the intestinal tract, or bacteria, or minerals, who knows?

    I just get sad when I read that people are feeling disappointed in themselves for not always wanting what some random dude in Costa Rica simplistically declared was “optimal” for all mankind. There is so much more to life than food; if you’re eating anything more than only-rice, you’re already eating better than half the world population. You know better than anyone else what you should be eating, no matter who you are. Since everyone seems to need a guru, I wish there were a guru who taught meditative introspection, an hourly consultation with our “higher selves” so we would all learn how to trust ourselves and our own instincts.

    And, fact: while it may be unfortunate, or pathetic, or unfair, the truth remains that if you’re interested in traveling and learning about foreign cultures through immersion, you Will be hampered by a restrictive diet. In rural Russia, for example, as I was saying, you might be offered 5 different kinds of smoked fish, caviars, blini, several salads with creme, several kinds of bread…you can refuse some things, but refusing everything will inevitably cause your host to imagine that you are judging them, and your interaction will be stilted as a a result. You probably won’t hear the funny story about how someone’s uncle escaped a gulag and seduced a moscovite stage-actress. For me, this is gold, this is what life is about. I’d rather live 80 years and hear people’s dreams and stories than live 150 years and be suspected of arrogance. So I’d eat the caviar. Or whatever at least had no gluten or dairy in it. Then I’d say it was delicious but I just ate or something and move on to more important matters.

  • Kait- Yes 7lbs of grapes :)

    las-lala- Haven’t heared back from the celery farm, hopefully soon.

    Superpapaya- If I’m not mistaken, dates are the most “caloric” low fat fruit; weighing in at about 65 calories for one, one ounced date.

    KennyT- a ripe large banana is 100 calories. medium-small have less (obviously) and xtra large have even more. Make sure all of your fruit is actually ripe, unripe fruit doesn’t have nearly the amount of nutrients to it. It is also acid foaming in the body, which is no good!

    LFL- I couldn’t agree more. It’s not about hitting a caloric ratio because some guru says it is. I mean, the phrase 80-10-10 is pretty much a coined name of NH that sounds interesting. My body seems to naturally gravitate towards 811. Which is why I now eat this way.

  • Just ordered a whole lot of dates online. I hope they are fresh and juicy. They’re claimed to be, but I’m still crossing my fingers!!

    MMMM I love dates :)

  • Hey TreeOfLife, Desserts! Gah, I just made some avocado ice cream and it’s so good. I’m not really attracted to nuts, but all the nuts in desserts… And I don’t want to have to analyze what I eat, and figure out how much fat and how much carbs etc I don’t mind eating large amounts of fruit, that’s basically all I eat. I’ve always eaten a lot of fruit though, even before I was raw, I like it.

    I love dates too – I’d never had them before I went raw!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie


    I believe I answered this question already, but I’m not sure…

    I also eat my greens plain. This evening I had 48 ounces of tangerine juice, 8 ounces of butter lettuce, one avocado and 8 ounces of cherry tomatoes. I started by alternating sipping my juice and eating my greens. I like greens, but I have to alternate bites with fruit.

    About an hour later I had some avocado and tomatoes. It’s funny because I used to eat this mixture…avocado, tomatoes and lime juice…with lots of salt. I could not even take one bite without it. I finally stopped using salt a few months ago and now it’s just as good as it ever was with the salt! :)

    BTW, it took me quite a while to get to this point of eating simple greens. I ate barely any greens when I first went raw. When I finally made myself eat them, I started by making huge salads. I tried almost every salad recipe in the 80/10/10 book. While it took me quite a while to make dinner, it really helped me to cultivate a taste for greens. Plus, it made me feel “normal” again because I could spend time in the kitchen with my mom while she made dinner for everyone else. :)

  • first day of 811 (kinda)

    breakfast mini snack before run: raisins, almonds, dates 45 minute run smoothie w/4bananas, flax seed, strawberries, water, spinach

    30 minutes swimming

    lunch (eaten in a spread of 4 hrs) raisins 2 cups grapes 2 apples

    dinner lentils/onions/barley and some hummus & carrots (leftovers from the weekend i hadn’t finished yet) salad w/romaine, tomato, cucumber, avocado

    calories at 2,574….burnt around 600 from exercise alone. doesn’t include biking to and from campus too. overall 80 carbs/7 protein/13 fat

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