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October 811



  • first impressions…i should try to eat atleast 8 bananas a day. raisins are tasty and high in calories. i feel like i can finally start eating avocados again! they’re so expensive and i used to eat an entire avocado in one sitting, now i’m just having like an 1/8 in one sitting so i can warrant spending $2 on one. salad was bland but i’ll experiment.

  • question about avocados: what do yall do once you open one? i mean i know how to prepare them and eat them, that’s not the question…..but they’re so high in fat that i don’t want to eat 1 in a single day…or even in 2 days….but i don’t want it to go bad either!! see what i’m saying?

  • I leave it in the fridge, with the seed left onthe avocado. But not too long, I think no more than 24h but I am not a specialist!

  • My name is Kait and I’m addicted to cooked food. :’(

    - I’ve been really terrible the past two days.
    - I need to get back on track.

  • Hello Kait!

    My name is superpapaya and I’m addicted too. Last night I ate cooked rice again, because I didn’t want to be dependant on raw. Today I have three spots on my face. So I prefer to be dependant on raw, and not on rice, finally. I think I am back on track (until next crisis).


  • Me too, me too. My name is Sharon and I am an addict!Kind of laughing. trying too. i had an emotional binge..I was holding so much emotional stuff in for my son who was sad. I am pretty surprised.Had pasta.Ok, Ready to dust off girls???Back on the raw mobile.. and away we go …....

  • Haha superpapaya & shazzz, I’m glad I’m not alone!

    I definitely paid the price for my fall off the wagon. I just had the worst intestinal cramps and bathroom problems (sorry TMI). That put me off cooked food for a while.

    shazzz – I think the cause of my “binge” was emotional, also. It’s very hard for me to let out my emotions instead of drowning them in the SAD. I’m working on it :-)

    Tomorrow is a new beginning.

  • Does anyone else just get kind of bored of fruit? I don’t find it physically hard to eat 4-5 pears in one sitting, or several cups of grapes…but I just get sick of eating that much of 1 thing.

  • Girls, what we did was 811v, we only forgot about the r… LOL

    I have been so frightened by the three spots today (I know, there are things more frightening in the world) and by the detox symptoms that I went back on track. Now I “see” that cooked rice is toxic. I just didn’t believe it before!

    So today I had papaya, 12 bananos, ramboutans, greens, and a dinner with more fats as usual because I hadn’t have enough fruit, but all raw and I am happy as it is.

    Happy 811”R”v to you!

  • kennyt, you get all the difficulty of this diet: eating huge quantities of fruit.

    Now I can do it, but it took me a while and I still don’t succeed everyday.

    In the beginning I used to do smoothies with two or three different fruits, and greens, that helped. Monomeal comes later, don’t be too demanding with yourself for the moment. Also, what I do often is “cut” the day with a salad in the afternoon. A large lettuce with a low fat dressing, or with papaya (not as sweet as other fruits).

    Transition towards 811 should be progressive I think. I did it too fast and now I go forward and backward and forward and backward again…

  • kennyt – when I get bored of “eating that much of 1 thing”, I usually don’t mono-meal for a couple days (as many days as I need). I make big, mixed fruit salads just to get some variety in my life. I know most 811ers stick to one type of fruit per meal, but a few days of fruit combinations isn’t going to kill me and at the end of the day, it still adheres to the 80/10/10 percentages. If it keeps me on 811, then why not.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    You girls are not alone. ;)

    I also went 80/10/10 too fast. It’s really hard for me now because I was raw for 5 STRAIGHT MONTHS…no problems! I did not have any cravings at all!

    I felt my absolute best during that time. My hair was great, my teeth, my eyes, my sweat had absolutely no odor, on and on.

    The reason I backtracked was because I went on vacation. I really thought I was prepared. Anyway, I came back in town and I’ve had a big problem getting back to 80/10/10. After 3 weeks or so, I would cave again.

    I think my main problem has been under eating. When I came back from vacation, I only ate between 1300-1600 calories a day. I thought this was fine because I was not very active. Plus, I was focused on getting my weight back down.

    The problems really started when I became much more active a couple months ago. I’ve been burning a lot everyday, but still under eating! I finally increased my calories recently. It has made all the difference.

    In fact, I went out to eat yesterday with some friends. I was still full from breakfast (3lbs of grapes) and did not even want food at all. I had no problems. A couple hours later, however, when I was hungry with no fruit around, I started craving all kinds of food. I just kept my mind focused on my bananas at home. Once I was full of bananas and cucumber, I no longer even thought about food. :)

    Even though I’m doing well, I’m afraid that 100% is still too much from me right now. I really miss going out to eat and enjoying cooked food with friends. My plan is to eat 811rv and to go out for “light” food 2x a week. By light, I mean salsa and chips, rice and veggies…no meat, cheese, dairy, etc.

    I’m hoping that once I get comfortable eating raw again, I won’t want cooked anymore. Hopefully…

    Swayze :)

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Yes, monomeals definitely comes later. I ate 2-3 different fruits in one meals for many months. I did not even try to start monomealing…it just happened that way. Now, it’s very hard for me to mix fruits. Smoothies are almost out of the question (which makes winter time especially hard because I no longer have frozen fruits as an option). I do like OJ and pomegranate juice together, though…

    Swayze :)

  • thanks for the monomeal info.

    i definitely think i’ll be like 90% 811 for a bit…i definitely do miss eating cooked food with friends and such. when i was raw and did occasionally eat cooked foods it didn’t upset my stomach or anything at all. for the last 2 years or so my fruit and veg intake has been so high while not even thinking about raw that my body didn’t need much adjusting to mostly or completely raw.

    i never wanted to turn into a calorie/diet freak but nutridiary is kind of fun, haha. but i haven’t been getting enough protein. for the most part i’ve been getting around 80 carbs, 15 fat, 5 protein. how do i increase protein while keeping fat low?

  • Kenny T- Up the greens. Greens are loaded with protein. From what your diet sounded like you had a little more nuts/ seeds/ fatty fruits (ie almonds, flax seeds, sesame seeds (hummus/tahini), avocado’s to get the high percentage. It’s all good through, bro. Keep it up. 811 is not a daily task, its a yearly average.

    As far as getting bored with fruit, nope, not at all. My favorite meals are mono meals. I absolutely love them. My taste buds get soooooo excited. Once you kick all of the bad stuff to the curb that your body has been so dependent on to survive, you can finally just live. Your body will be excited to eat just one fruit, it won’t have to work as hard to fuel itself, and the taste is just immaculate! Untill then, mix it up. Do what you have to. You are reprogramming your body, it’s tough when your whole life you’ve been taught one way and now your like hmmm okay time to do the complete opposite. I stopped looking at my food as calories, and started looking at it as fuel. That’s what it is. All calories are is the amount of fuel you can get out of it. Once you log for a little bit, you can finally stop being like oh no calories, vitamin this, nutrient that and just start saying alright, I’m doing a 30 mile bike ride, that means I need this much more of that so my tank doesn’t empty on me. Good job at excercising!

    Like I said, 811 is not a daily task, it is a yearly goal. And more greens for the protein. You don’t have to hit 811 everyday! Sometimes Im 80+ (most of the times) other times I’m 80-.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lp65DC0I68

    Dr. Doug Graham: Nutrition and Physical Performance part 1/6. Check them all out. Good information for everyone if they didn’t know this stuff

  • Hello,

    I have been in restaurant today and didn’t order anything. I made sure I was full of bananos before going in! And when I came back home at night, I was very hungry and had a headache. I just launched myself on the ramboutan (sort of litchi) and ate two kilos, the third one is still waiting on the counter but for how long? lol The stomach is fresh, the headache is gone, it is so good to feel good.

    Well we spent the day on the seaside, the weather was hot, that helps craving fruits. My son ate some lettuce, it must be the first time of his life, usually he says that anything green is poison, and fruits too.

    I would love to watch Dr Graham’s video but my connection is not good enough.

  • good idea on upping the greens. treeoflife,whats your name?

    that video you posted was actually the video that introduced me to 811/doug graham. i showed it to my brother (whom usually teases me about my veganism, lovingly though) and he’s now asking me about raw food and is upping his raw intake!

  • I’ve come to the realization that 811 is so much easier to follow when I stop counting calories and record my ratio. :-) I’ve been doing good. I feel relieved.

  • I stopped counting too as I came to know by experience how much fruit I needed (after a lot of “nutridiary” practice), and it’s true it’s nicer this way. I still check once a week, or when I have doubts.

    Last night I had an enourmous avocado, a quick mental retrospective on the day told me why I ate so much of it, no need to calculate ;) The challenge for me these days is staying raw, and sane, doesn’t matter too much the ratio.

    The cooked food I had three days ago hasn’t been evacuated yet. Today I am on a watermelon diet and enjoy it.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Glad to see everyone doing so well! :)

    Well, I went to eat last night to an asian restaurant with friends. I ate vegetable soup and steamed broccoli with garlic. It was pretty good and I had fun. However, I would have preferred to eat fruit and, of course, did not feel great this morning.

    I still want to go out, but I would prefer to just bring my own food. Plus, spending money on food that I don’t really want is pretty silly…especially when I have so much delicious fruit at home.

    Do you guys think that it would be rude of me to bring my own fruit? I mean, I would be going with other people who were going to order anyway. And I could bring my own plastic bag for any “remains.” Maybe if I order something, like a salad, it would be okay??? Any thoughts?

    P.S. I actually did eat bananas at a restaurant once…a whole bunch of them! The waiter had no problem with it and actually brought me a plate to put the peels on. :)

    Swayze :)

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    Im a nursing mother and want to go 811. i’ve been raw two years, do u think it will be ok?

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Yes, definitely. :)

    If you want more info, you should visit Dr. Graham’s forum on vegsource.com.

    Good luck, Swayze :)

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Has anyone been watching any of the Rawkathon interviews???

    Dr. Graham’s interview has been the only one that I have watched all the way through. Everyone else just seems to ramble.

    It’s hard to watch when they are asked to explain something regarding the human body and how it works and they simple cannot answer the question. They just continue to talk as if the answer will somehow come to them.

    I guess it just surprises me that many of them have such a large group of followers.

    Swayze :)

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    acually, i really enjoyed karens last night. she said some wonderful thing aobut emotional eating that not many others seem to cover. good for her. Good for me! :)

    what detox symptoms should i look for?

  • i stopped nutridiary, it just made me THINK too much. and if raw is going to make me happier and a better-feeling person it’s definitely not gonna include logging everything i eat. too tedious. i now have a pretty good idea of what 811 is in terms of real life foods so that’s good.

    but a bad thing happened today…....so it’s been raining SO hard all day…i was planning on going to class then swimming afterwards but on my bike ride to campus i was literally drenched after 30 secs. i ride back home and get a package from mom and dad for halloween. tons of vegan goodies…trail mix, banana chips, peanut butter pretzels, bars, etc…ive been junking out on it today and didn’t get to work out. and this weekend i’m going backpacking with the school group and it would obviously be too heavy to bring 50 bananas :) so i’m bringing some trail mix, bagels, peanut butter, and bars. it’ll definitely be a high fat backpacking weekend! but it’s ok…it should be a beautiful hiking trip and i’ll get back on track on monday. new week, new start. must stay away from peanut butter though, definitely my ‘trigger food.’

    dr grahams rawkathon interview was great. karen knowlers was good too. didn’t really care for anyone else. i feel like most raw “gurus/experts” are just trying to cash in on the movement….maybe that’s just me…but it feels like doug grahaham is one of the few experts who’s doing it for the ‘right reasons’...seems like a very, very genuine guy. hope none of that offends anyone that’s had great experiences with certain experts, but it’s just my observation. correct me if im wrong!

  • Waouh this package was just irrestible!!!

    I feel he same about the “raw” leaders, only Graham seems to know what he is talking about. Sorry for the others but I (still?) haven’t heard or read from them any scientific argument that would make sense for me.

    Doing well today with 811, I am glad.

  • Hi, I think I have come to a new stage.

    Today I didn’t have breakfast, only water with a few drops of lemon juice. Funny, I needed to use deodorant because it gave me smelly sudor, I believe it made me detox a little bit. Then I succeeded in having a full 1200 calories lunch, it is the first time I can do it. A smoothie of 6 large bananos, chinese cabbage, celery and spinach, then 4 bananos more.

    I hav been feeling perfect, all the morning and still this afternoon!!

  • I haven’t been here in a few days. I guess I feel kind of like el-bo felt before he took a break from the site. I feel like I need to do this on my own for a while. I’ll be writing everyday on my blog (link is on my profile). Good luck everyone! Be back soon xo

  • I received “The 80/10/10 Diet” last Thurs.and had planed to start a week from Tuesday. I am flying down to Mesa, Az to help move my Mother to a group home. It is difficult to even eat raw when I am there. Thier dinning room salad bar is a joke with pasta salads etc., ice berg lettuce, over ripe tomatoes. The fruit they serve is canned, ugh. However, after reading three pages of your entries I am not going to wait. When I am through here I am going to the store. I plan to buy apples and cut them up to carry with me in plastic bags as well as whatever else looks good. Bananas should travel easily as well.

    As far as eating out, we eat out maybe once a month, I will have a baked potatoe or rice, once in a blue moon I might have a cooked soup. I don’t do cooked at home at all. We are doing raw dairy, goats milk, raw butter and cheese. It won’t be difficult at all for me to let that go.

    The butter lettuce someone mentioned sounds really good to me so I am going to fix us salads tonight with that. Oh man, I am excited.

    By the way I am 66, 150+lbs, 5’1” or alittle more. I have calculated that to lose the extra pounds I should have 1,400 calories. Am I right on that?

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