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Helloooo Raw Christians....



  • anngoingrawanngoingraw Raw Newbie

    I like the English custom for acronyms, I have learned a new one!

    As far as I know there is not any indication of how food (neither for Daniel & Co. nor for the others) was prepared. In Daniel 1:5 nothing is said: http://scripturetext.com/daniel/1-5.htm “Pulse & water” may indicate a living diet IF pulse is related with Latin “pulsus” and not just to Latin “puls”. The problem with “puls” is that it seems to arrive Latin via Etruscan, and as far as I know there is not much information on Etruscan language. The greek word “poltos” (porridge) doesn’t seem to be related to the greek word “pallein” (swing). So I don’t see how to go from pulse (seed) to pulse (throb) or vice versa, but there could a way…

    Leviticus 11:37-38 drives me crazy. I don’t know if i understand it. I think that if the seed isn’t wet then it is “die” so perhaps that could explain why there is not problem if a carcase falls upon it. If it is wet then it is alive, so it becomes impure if in contact with mentioned carcase. So I agree with you the most reasonable seems to think that those wet seeds are for sprouts!! (i’ll try to think in an alternative interpretation, just to make as devil’s advocate).

    Ezequiel 4: The guidelines for making the bread seems to me as a “punishment”, God says that they all will eat “impure”/”unclean”/”defiled” bread. So I think that is an exception, not a forever rule.

    I have not understand your first question: “What about zeroim or zereonim is that used?”

    Do you mean what kind of zeroim they ate? If that is the case, I have no idea, i think that in the whole book of Daniel there is not a clue about that. It would be interesting to know.

    Now that you have mentioned the workbook, there is a book on seeds in the Mishna (“Zeraim”) i don’t know if there will be information on these issues.

    Far enough, have a good day!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Leviticus 11: Yes, I think you are right about that. Ezequiel 4: Hmmm, I thought human carcass was the defiled part… gotta read that again (later).

    zeroim & zereonim: Well, I think that means ‘sprouting seed’ according to a not-really-reliable source of information. I was just wondering if it was the in the (Hebrew) bible.

    Thanks anngoingraw for really helping look at these verses a little differently. I have learned some new things.

  • anngoingrawanngoingraw Raw Newbie


    i’ll read Ezekiel again, that is the impression i had, but i’ll take a look and see.

    There is a word that appears in Spanish which is “germen” (sprout) to refer to God, I guess. In the English version it says “Branch” (i’m not very sure about the meaning of this word i thougt it means “group” or something like that). In Hebrew is “tsemach” (sprout). But there is another word “netzer” which means sprout too, i don’t which is the difference, i’ve read that the first one (tsemach) is used more literally and the other (netzer) more figuratively, but i have no idea. Perhaps this can be another way to keep on researching about living diet/living food etc.

  • It is great to see so many christians on this site. Even though the Bible does not focus much on physical health issues I do believe that health is important in the way we take care of our bodies. Also, it is important to properly divide the word of God in all areas including health issues. It seems to me like too many christians just want to use individual scriptures in thier study, but the book needs to be taken wholisicly. For example, in the beginning God told man kind to eat fruit and herbs, and the animals ate grain. After the flood many of the animals were changed in thier nature. Some of them were remaid to fear man and eat flesh. Some of them even began to eat a diet simular to man’s diet. And then God also told man kind that he/she could eat animals. The whole world was changed environmentally also, and now we are living in a world that is no longer perfect! There is so much confusion as people try to gain health by eating grain and animal protein. Jesus even ate of these substances, but he did not come to teach physical health. More important than a healthy body is the cultivation of a healthy soul! I believe that both goals can be obtained by getting back to basics of faith, and obedience to Gods commands. Isn’t it interesting to find that beter health is obtained by just eating raw fruit and herbs instead of trying to eat from the american ideal of the four food groups?

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Well glory be. The only way I found out about this section is by shooting my mouth off in the section of Atheists and Agnostics. Well at least something good came of it. How can other Christians know about this group without opening up there big mouth?

    So Hi! I haven’t even stopped to read your posts. So will close now and get busy reading.

    Sticky bumps23,,, I live near Portland OR. Ever hear of the city that has a lot of floods?

    RawSarah,,, I would like to know how you are feeling now? I have been raw for 3+ year and I think I have finally found the foods I should eat and when to eat. I take more grains, nuts, legumes etc than what has been suggested, but this is what makes me feel at my best. Our body will find its nich.

    pulse,,,I see you are the last to post I hope the others will come back. It looks like all have gone on summer vacation. Four food groups. HA-HA

    Wont it be interesting when the lamb lays down with the lion? You ever wounder what we will be eating then? Dont think there will be meat on the plate.

  • Wont it be interesting when the lamb lays down with the lion? You ever wounder what we will be eating then? Dont think there will be meat on the plate.

    How about Manna? Hmmmm….It was the superfood from God! Sounds good enough for me, except for the fact that it sounds like it had to be cooked on Saturday so that it would last into Sunday. Well, now that Christ came to full fill the law and the Sun. laws are done away with, I am sure that we could be raw all week! Otherwise I would fast on Sunday! How about you?

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Why not fast, that is the Lords day any way.

    Glad to see some one is still around. I am on H.A. a lot but they are 85% raw vegan so I wanted to be with some all raw vegans sometimes. I realize not every one here is 100% but most are trying to be. I also got a lot of good info. on the health section. I am glad people are trying to make recipes with out nuts. They have gotten to be so expensive. I feel like a “nut” buying them.

    I am a Christian (Born again believer in Jesus the son of God)and have been for many years. I also have been in the health scene for many years. It has been interesting to watch different health ideas come and go. I wounder if we are still around, will we see raw vegan go, too?

    I just saw your post on God is Good. I am so glad that you said something about the Holy Spirit. We need all the help we can get.

  • beany-I have been to h.a. also. I am not real impressed with thier pushing of carrots and barley green as I feel that grain and root veggies should be only used on moderation. As for nuts, well, I do so like them! However, I do believe that the fruit and herb is better for us, as the nut is not a whole food unless we consume it with the hull, and who would do that?

    On the topic of faith, I am glad to hear that you are born again. I wish every one would experience the gift of the Holy Ghost. I have a lot of questions about al lot of things, but the Holy Ghost is not something that I question. It is real and is more precious than my life’s blood! It is my guide, my teacher, and my link to the Almighty!

  • I wasn’t going to sign up for yet another forum, but I saw this discussion and just had to chime in. I’m an Apostolic Christian and have been vegetarian for a year now. I am just starting to tweak my diet again to add more raw foods. I started with a juice feast last week, and am now on to the exciting part of trying all the new recipes :)

  • i am too a follower of The Way. im glad to see so many lovers of Christ, into raw foods. It is kind of thin ice for most people to talk about raw food around Christians because they have not experienced raw food and its different to them. and different is wrong untill you can prove it right. its just kind of annoying haha. but hang in there. i believe that eating meat is alright, but i do believe that eating no meat is healthier. no where in the Bible does it say that eating meat is healthier. also there are a couple scriptures saying otherwise, though the one i am thinking of in Daniel supposedly was referring to meat that was unclean. but still, they ate veggies and were better looking and “fatter” than the rest of the men. haha. hang in there guys. have an awesome day

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Amen to that!

    I am drinking a lot of carrot juice, because of physical challenges. H.A. is also also close to my belief so I feel comfortable speaking as I please. I know I wont offend. I, having a very out spoken personality have to be careful.

    Oddly enough the twice planted parsnips didn’t come up. So maybe there is a good reason for that.

    For my own self, I have noticed I need more sprouted legumes, grains and seeds more than most. Concerning grains, I cant eat wheat or most of the wheat relatives, except Kamut. Figure it is the fungus on them.

    I am going to get use to green smoothies. I figure Barley Grass juice is a start. ugh If Jesus wants me to do it. Then it is possible.! Tho I will wait for a cold snaps to sweeten up my kale.smile. Procrastinating.

    I love fruit. Sadly, they always end up on my hips. Do you get the magazine, “Purely Delicious?” There is a piece in it called,” Winning the Battle of the Bulge:” The paragraph next to the last was a real help. God helped me to realize why some foods I was holding onto. Sad at the time but needed.

    Just finished up a bowl of cauliflower pop corn. yummm So since tomorrow is church need to go salt wash my hair. This will be my first time with salt soaping.We will see..?????

    My one does need patiece with this forum!!eeeeeeeee

    Zack, the way meat is today I would say for us it is unclean yuck

  • shgadwashgadwa Raw Newbie

    Really….Heaven is coming to earth. Not we going to heaven. That is biblical.

    Now, Are you guys talking about the millennium? The 100 years of peace? In that time, people that are alive, as in, they never died physically, will need to eat food. I imagine it will be vegetarian because the lamb lied down with the lion BUT…

    If someone truly loved Jesus… then they would not care AT ALL what they ate while they are living with him. What I mean is it would be so AWESOME, so glorious…that you would not care AT ALL about your flesh.

    Also, is not this what fasting is all about…denying your flesh. You need food to feed your flesh but you are denying your flesh. You are not eating because you see God as being more important. And you dedicate more time to him. I think it basically means that you mean business… I dunno.


  • shgadwashgadwa Raw Newbie

    Another thing…

    My dad talks about this a lot… Today, because of sin, we have junky meat… we have sick companies that make sick food. We have corrupt companies like Tyson who did this antibiotic free chicken thing…anyone read about that? It was NOT antibiotic free chicken. It was false advertising and Tyson was forced to change it or they were going to be sued. But yeah, our produce is junk, unless organic. And even then, seems organic should be better for you than it already is….

    Its because of sin and there will not be any of this stuff in the Kingdom of God.

    The word says he will rout out all that do offend.

    I hate to be the one that offend his plan…

  • Welcome, vigilant20!

    Hey,shgadwa! Glad to see you decided to join in with us Christians!! :)

  • shgadwashgadwa Raw Newbie

    OK…..everyone has problems….

    I can tell everyone what I struggle with currently and I would ask for Christians to tell me what their problems are so that I (or we all) can be praying. God is faithful.


    1. I really need the baptism of the Holy Spirit. God is faithful and I am learning (very hard for me to learn this one) to wait upon the Lord. It is a hard thing as I want all of him and I want it now. but, he is helping me and I am greatful. Not to be prideful, but people have prayed over me a few times, and I know that God has something HUGE for my life. I am going to be drawing many to Christ, and this is my desire. I do not know all that the Lord has for me but I am exited.

    2. I seem to have always had a lot of pride. It seems like God is helping me with this but I still can be very prideful at times.

    3. I still struggle with fear. Fear as in not asking for prayer always publicly when I need it. Fear as in not always speaking when I should have spoken in our fellowship. Fear as in not talking to as many people openly, about Christ (without being religious or pushy) as I ought to. Many times, I just do not seem to have the chance, as in the door is not open, I think.

    4. I need a fire in my heart. A fire for God. I do not have enough of it. It is like, I strongly desire to have a fire. I desire to spend more time in his word…but it seems hard. That is my prayer…Light the fire in my heart.

    That is about all I can think of currently…

    Please pray for me and let me know what all your problems are so I can pray for you.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Well young ones. I think I can call you young ones as I am 66. Been saved since 7 and rededicated my life to Jesus at 22. I was filled with the Holy Spirit During the great move and revival of the Holy Spirit in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

    shgadwa I would like to mention a few names. Moses, Jesus, Apostle’s, Paul. All these people had something in common. They waited and learned. Until they were ready to be used by God. God established them in one place and they learned. Dont go hopping all over to get more information. Seeking knowledge. Right now you have all the knowledge you need. The Word of God. Study it, feed on it.What was the most important thing to David? Gods law’s, God’s precepts.When you get prideful, go to the Word. When you get impatient, go to the Word, When you get fearful, Go to the Word. The Word is all things to all people. Start doing word studies. like on fear, pride, etc Do you have a Strong’s Concordance? Have you moved yet? If so, get established in a good Christian church.

    Nope, I dont have problems. I always give them to the problem solver, and I don’t take them back. Now some may see that I said I had health challenges, but to me they are not a problem as God has given me a way out.

    Well pulse, vigalant20, zach and shgadwa, This shall be interesting. From now on, I would for myself, like to give more testimonies. Sounds good to lift God up right now.

  • May God bless you all richly. I am a raw, vegan, Hard-core, born-again, Jesus-loving, Baptized in the Holy Spirit, Tongue-Speaking child of the Most High God.

    I live in Nigeria, West Africa and I believe that I am one in 10 million who is raw.

    I am an author. I have written one book called- “Living Longer, Living Stronger” on increasing our lifespan. I am working on my second book on brain longevity.

    I joined this group after finding this particular post area.

    I want to connect with all of you who love Jesus, particularly on the raw food tip, scripturaly and practically.

    I mainly fruits and some veggies. I eat simply- I am not into processing.

    I am into sustainable living and organic food, though both are not popular here. (Believe it or not, alot of the food in Nigeria is grown with chemicals!)

    It is refreshing to find this thread. God made His eating agenda very clear in Genesis 1.

    Just as we are living spirits serving a Living God, washed in Living Blood, inhabited by His Living Spirit and we read the Living Word, we also need to eat Living food physically to maximize His purpose for our lives on the planet.

    If you can’t build a living spirit on dead words, then you can’t build a living body on dead food!

    Enough for now. I would love to hear from you!

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Hi joypeace, I correspond with a Christian person from Nigeria. This person now lives in another country and is vegan raw. Make you feel better?

    I am so thankful that green popcorn was put on. After 3+ years of me being raw my DH has just gone 95% raw. This is due to high blood pressure. Most raw foods I make for him, he doesn’t like. Not even fruit smoothies. I have been praying that there will be recipes put on Gone Raw that he will like, and finely we got a winner! Also, yesterday I made the Corn salsa as a salad. There was no complaints about it either. God is good.

    I have read in various places that those who eat raw should not get tooth decay. But I notice I have two small cavities, interesting for the length of time I have eaten raw.

  • joypeace, hey!! I’ve read your blog the other day! funny I run into you here. small world…lol blessings!

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    naturodude, I dont have a blog, unless you are talking about my posts on Gone Raw. Or I post a lot on H.A., but no blog’s.hummmmm

  • Thought I’d chime in as well.. I’m also Christian.. trying to maintain an 80% raw diet.. though I’m not yet fully vegan.. though I’m considering it.

  • Hi joypeace! I would like to read your blog. What is the link? Or maybe natrodude will share it with us. Thanks.

  • hey beany, sorry i meant joypeace’s blog. pulse, I can’t remember the site address, sorry.

  • Hello! Jesus Freak here also!!! LOL! And darn proud of it. I’m not 100% raw YET, but trying to get there. God Bless! :-)

  • I wanted to share a bit about my background concerning food. My grandparents sold thier farm when they retired and moved in town. My grandpa turned his whole back yard into the garden of eden! There was a huge garden and the rest was filled with every type of fruit tree that would grow in zone 5! Plus he started grafting the trees so that there were some serious confused trees with many types of apples on one tree, and another had several different pears, ect! So pretty when they were in bloom! People all over the neighborhood knew they could just walk into his back yard and take whatever produce they wanted off of his picknic tables!! LOL! It was something to see (and taste)! HEE HEE! I have been hog wild with junk food for too long, now and am wanting to get back to eden! I have been up and down with raw food for a few months now. I am not convinced that meat is any worse than processed foods for my health, but I have cut most of those items out and am focusing on mostly fruit, nuts and green smoothies. I am having a real hard time with the salad dressing thing and I do not like lettuce in my smoothies. I know that for the most part it is a journey that everyone has to just work out for themselves. For the time being I am working on turning our 3 acre yard into a garden. So far I am not doing so well as grandpa did, but I am enjoying providing for my family and have started to share with the neighbors!

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Oops, sorry naturodude. Thought you were saying,”Joy Peace!” smile.

    I am 100% raw, have been 3+ years. This comment from, ” Why Christians Get Sick” is one of the many reason that got me to the point of 100% raw. “Tests conducted on raw eaters reveal that when cooked food is consumed, it actually causes the white blood cells to multiply in order to deal with this toxic, foreign substance entering the body.”

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Beany—were you ever able to connect with waterbaby on the other website or by phone? She hasn’t been online since August 1st. I would imagine that she is quite uncomfortable from her fall last week, and hope she is healing nicely. If you are in contact with her, please let her know she’s really been on my mind the last several days. I live 250 miles from my nearest child, and know how difficult illness and injury can be when there is no family nearby. I also miss peeking in on your conversations with her.

  • Hello! I am new to this site (joined because I saw all of the Raw Christians on here! Thanks everyone!) I have been “going raw” for about 4 years, without even realizing it. I lost my Mom to Ovarian Cancer in June 2004, then I found out that I had stage 1 cancer in Dec. of 2004, at age 30! I have been radically and slowly changing my lifestyle since that time. (I completely rejected all conventional medicine, and dived into learning all I could about nutrition to cure cancer.) About 2 months ago, I bought one of Natalia Rose’s books, and I have been 90% raw ever since. I do eat fish, as I live high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and we catch our own, from high mountain lakes. My Husband and kids eat meat, but only meat that my husband hunts (Elk, mostly) Around here, you can be sure you are getting 100% organic meat. Anyway, I also have started gardening, trying to grow my own organic produce, but we have such a short growing season here, it is difficult. I feel so blessed to have been led to this way of eating, and to this site, it is nice to see so many other christians on here! Now, I need to go finish reading all the posts! Oh, BTW I am “Cancer Free” and healthier than I have been since I was 10! Thank You Lord!

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    emtpdmom-—- Sorry I have not heard a word. I didn’t phone her as I am on the west coast and she east.$$$$$ She didn’t show up on the other site. Didn’t know about her fall. Does she have a DH around? Boy and here she had so many, “putting up” plans. Will remember her in prayer.

    Getting all of the crackers and breads done as my dehydrators will be full with fruit after Wed.. Thats if Azure comes through with the order.

    cpagosa---I am so blessed to hear testimonies as yours. God knows what will make us well and keep us that way. I pray that more of His children will follow to His leading when it comes to eating. By the way how is your water?

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Beany—She fell Friday afternoon. Here’s the link to her post: http://www.goneraw.com/forums/6/topics/7113. I’ve been worried about her and kept her in my thoughts and prayers. A fall can be so dangerous, especially as our bodies age. I believe all three of us are in our 60s. I know when I stumble I am sore fore several days. It’s been a while since I actually fell, but the pain and stiffness seems to last forever. I was just hoping that the two of you had made contact and you could update us on how she is feeling.

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