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Days 100 % Raw Support Group



  • Okay…so I’ve come to a comfortable “middle” ground on 100% raw. I’m allowing myself to eat cooked food when I go out to restaurants. In that context, I’ve been 100% raw for 30 days except two dinners out:)

  • Has anyone else found they get REALLY bad stomaches during the evenings of their first week or so? It was so bad that the only thing that made it stop was to eat cooked food…it really frustrated me and kinda makes me concerned…I’d like to just go 100% raw right now and not look back but it seems to be SOOO hard for me!!

  • Alexandra- I did have the belly aches after going 100% raw. I had the trots (diahrea) for two days. I think it was because I went cold turkey. I am easing myself into the transition now. It is hard but having my stomach upset like that was ROUGH especially when you have to be somewhere! I am disappointed that I have to ease my body into it but I will be 100% one day!

  • Wow! This is just what I was looking for. I was 95% raw last year for about 8 months, went on vacation and that was it. Downhill after that to now almost 20% raw. Yikes. Anyway, today I’m making the plunge again. My goal is 30 days totally raw.

  • rawladyrawlady Raw Jr. Superstar

    Congrats to everyone that is doing 100% raw!!! Setting a goal of 30 days – then the next goal, then the next worked for me. I’ve been there a bit over 3 years—ummmm – guess it computes to 1114 days. Now it is just a way of life.

  • kauaigirlkauaigirl Raw Newbie

    Just a note to everyone struggling with their first 30 days…this is the HARDEST part! Actually the first 3 are prob THE hardest. It gets SO much easier later on. I can go to dinner with friends and not even care about what they are eating.

    “When I use the word discipline many people hear the word punishment. To be disciplined is to care enough about yourself to do what is to your highest good; it is a form of self-love, self-respect.”

  • kauaigirl – the quote on your post was truly inspirational for me! Discipline is something that is very much relevant to me at the moment as I am in the application process for the Los Angeles Police Department, and I went 100% raw 17 days ago. I too have gone to dinner with friends who cannot fathom why, with the spectrum of choice before me, I choose to pick the salad minus cheese, candied nuts, etc, and instead opt for fresh veggies as my topping. They bandy the word “discipline” around like I am torturing myself, not really using the term in an admirable way. Your post helped me reclaim that word for my own use – a use I intend to help me in my career aspirations and in my choice of reverential eating!

  • Hi, I’m Dee and I’ve been a 100% raw for 15 days, but I’ve been 80% for 2 months prior.

  • Hi everyone! I’m new here and this “support group” is great. I’m working on getting to 100% raw. Congrats deasmiles on staying 100% raw through all of your detox stages. You are an inspiration. I started going raw 2 days ago and I’ve had really bad headaches. To make matters a bit more challenging, I have a healthy, active 13 mth old (who is mostly raw) and today I just started watching a 6 week old today (10 hrs a day) cause her mommy had to go back to work. Needless to say, I don’t want have much prep time. Great quote on discipline, kauaigirl! Thanks! Keep on keepin’ on everybody. Looking forward to hear about everyone’s continued raw journey!

  • Been 100% raw for little over 3 months. It has been challenging but well worth it!!

  • Hi I am Kim and I did 3 days 100% Raw and than Lost it and did cooked food today… I will start again in the morning… I did this before for 2 years and don’t know why it is harder for me this time. Anyone else been there?

  • I am so glad this site is here!

  • willmizewillmize Raw Newbie

    What a great idea for a forum! I’ve been raw since September 1st! So right now I’m working on seven days. I’m a big fan of online tools to help me keep track of everything from my calendar (Google calendar) to To Do Lists (Netvibes), and I found one that I think may be of benefit to folks. It’s called Joe’s Goals and I use it to keep track of my “Days Raw”. I even break it down into meals “Raw Breakfast”, “Raw Lunch”, “Raw Dinner”. The website is joesgoals.com. It’s free to sign up and free to use. Hope it helps you on your journey.

    - Bill

  • Bill, thanks for the goals site. Hopefully that will help me set some positive goals and keep them!

    I’ve been 100% raw for about 2 weeks although I did lose it for one of those days (stress binge), so that makes about 13 days. Physically I’ve been feeling great but emotionally it’s been hell. I’ve had heightened irritability and hypersensitivity and have been snapping at people. Not a great thing to be in any situation, but especially now when I’ve started a new situation where I’m dealing with new people who don’t know me yet and are probably getting the impression that I’m a horrible person! So I’m trying to keep away as much as possible and remember that I’m going through detox, that this is a new situation that I need to give some time to in order for it to pass. It’s tough, though!


  • I’m day one into a water fast and plan on jumping to 100% raw after I’m done. Does anyone mind if I count this as day one?

  • I cant do it anymore! I had chips and salsa over the weekend and immediatly felt tired, grumpy, and in a bad mood. I am going to Portland this weekend and although I am going to try to remain raw, I know that it wont happen. So after this coming vacation. I am going on a cleanse and stay 100%.

  • CandiceCandice Raw Newbie

    sydneystart—Count whatever you want as your 1st day (and a water fast definitely should count)! Besides, you’re the only one who knows what you’re really eating/drinking. I could be having a cheeseburger with onion rings right now and telling you all how very RAW I am!I’m impressed that you’re doing a water fast. Do you get lemon in it or anything?

    jkd—Don’t be too hard on yourself! It’s a process for everyone. Maybe chips and salsa was the lesson you needed. Enjoy your vacation!

  • kauaigirlkauaigirl Raw Newbie

    Just pulling this one up again…it is one of my faves…. I’m counting down to my 1 year anniversary on Thanksgiving. I had a real blow-out cooked vegan Thanksgiving last year. For my anniversary, I plan to refine even further to get rid of some of the “questionable” items including Nama Shoyu, cashews, miso, agave, etc.

    Also, just want to say to any of the newbies that it really helps me to hear about the struggles of going 100% because it reminds me of how far I have come. Sometimes it seems like your diet is never good enough with all of the “not really raw”,”not too much fat”, “not too much dehydrated, dried, complicated, spiced, blended, whatever”. It reminds me of how kicking the sugar habit was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

    Hope everyone is doing well on their journey!

  • okay—10th day 100% raw. WHen I discovered the concept of raw foodism- 40 days ago Have been 95% raw- the 30 days before that slip up day…

    Yay for raw! So fun. So fresh. So detoxy…

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    this is my 22nd day raw. It has been really easy, since it is just me in the house now (hubby is in PA with new job till our house sells) When he comes home though, it is difficult. This past weekend I cheated when he was home (he wanted to order sushi) I was so sick after i ate it, and before, that was one of the easiest foods for me to digest. It just went in and out of me in about an hour. My body did the right thing by ejecting it so quickly! I just hope when we are together again full time that he will support my food choices. he is a happy carnivore, and unwilling to change, although he is very lean and appears healthy. How does one keep from cheating, when they are expected to make cooked dinners for the rest of the family, and make your own seperate meal? It is almost like everyone else has their feelings hurt if your plate (or glass) doesn’t look like theirs.

  • valentinavalentina Raw Newbie

    Starting today on my recommitment to going raw/staying raw! Have had such amazing results in the past with raw that it only makes sense to do it again. Seems like it's a no-brainer when you feel so great on it but those old bad habits and "temptations" are hard to resist sometimes. So here we go- 30 days

  • RondrekaRondreka Raw Starter

    I'm on day 9 and I am not a happy camper. I literally quit my job that I had for over a year yesterday (I decided I couldnt take it anymore and walked out)... Im sure my detoxing had something to do with it. I am on edge. Im usually a very nice person but lately I have been angry about the smallest things and have no patience. I am ready for this phase to be over with so I can have energy and feel like myself again. I am losing weight and look great, but I mainly went raw to improve my cholesterol (my total cholesterol was 162 on a junk food vegan diet). I am not hungry and am eating over 2000 calories a day. I am 5'8 and currently weigh 156 pounds. My goal is to have my total cholesterol and weight under 150... just waiting for this detox to end so I can stop being a Negative Nancy.

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