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  • I live in Toronto. People are really open minded here because of the diversity in the city. However, there are only 2 raw vegan restaurants in the entire city (Toronto is fairly large). I suppose that’s better than none. The scene here isn’t very bi…
    in Raw Canadians? Comment by bronwyn
  • i live in toronto canada and the use of pesticides is illegal. granted, it’s a bi-law so it’s not really enforced strongly but there’s definitely no trucks driving around spraying chemicals at the general public and their private property.. i’m sorr…
  • i know! thanks trouble! :)
  • thank you so much for the kind responses everyone. :) we went to a decent restaurant and i had a huge garden salad with olive oil. i ended up getting the raise! hooray! a lot of great suggestions here, i really appreciate it.
  • I see how it is determined, but I also think that it should be changed monthly or something in order to shed light on other great recipes.
  • wow! thank you all so much for the wonderful advice and suggestions!! this is so helpful to me right now :) troublesjustabubble-i will definitely be making that seed cheese soon. i am trying to avoid excessive consumption of nuts right now so that s…
    in Eating Raw at Work Comment by bronwyn
  • much love and respect to waterbaby and her family during this time. you are in our thoughts.
    in Waterbaby.. Comment by bronwyn
  • all the best to you and your family during this difficult time, sending good thoughts your way.
    in Waterbaby.. Comment by bronwyn
  • welcome, halo_effect! there are some amazing people on this site who are more than happy to help you with your transition! don’t be afraid to ask questions and best of luck :)
  • I hate dates. I really genuinely do. Since going raw I’ve tried to take a liking to them but that definitely failed. I guess we’re both out of the club, LOL. Waterbaby-they so taste like rotten molasses grapes to me. Even though they’re not vegan/ra…
  • oh-and the double posts seem to have always been an issue on and off.. will this be rectified? thanks a lot!
  • my recipes are no longer listed under my bio in my profile. is that a new change? thanks again for all your hard work on the site, kandace and ray-we all appreciate it so much.
  • my recipes are no longer listed under my bio in my profile. is that a new change? thanks again for all your hard work on the site, kandace and ray-we all appreciate it so much.
  • hi tomsmom, thank you kindly for your response. the reason why i haven’t said what i’m going to be taking and why is because i don’t want anyone to play healer with me, that is not what i am seeking. i appreciate your answer because i genuinely thou…
  • I don’t know the answer to this, but I am currently looking for an answer too! I have a candida overgrowth in my blood stream/intestines and I need to have it rectified asap. The only thing I know that might work is a colon cleanse. Sorry I can’t be…
    in candida cleanse Comment by bronwyn
  • Respect and kind thoughts to you during this time of need, Blue eyes.
  • Hi Ktay, I know how you feel. I’ve suffered from severe cystic acne for 9 years among other health issues and it has just recently plumetted me into a deep depression after years of failed treatment. I’ve never taken drugs for depression and I don’t…
  • Hey Caleb, thanks for asking-it went so well! For the appetizer I made a salad on iceberg lettuce with cucumber, dried cranberries (soaked), apples, cherry tomatoes, red pepper and hemp seeds. The dressing was olive oil, a little apple cider vinegar…
  • I know! Tell me about it. I just remembered this recipe that I’ve been meaning to add to the site.. http://goneraw.com/recipes/5442-Macademia-Cashe… I might make that for the main course tonight! I may not be able to get macademias though. Thanks fo…
  • sweetpea. first of all i would like to mention that i have tried a few of your recipes and they’re absolutely amazing. you must be a great raw chef. also-can you please tell me what that dish is in your profile picture? i drool everytime i see it, i…
  • I am so excited to make this delectable cheese. I never saw it before now and I will certainly be making it for dinner tonight! Yum.
  • ps- welcome and good luck! everyone here is very friendly and the recipes are all so excellent.
    in Hello Everyone Comment by bronwyn
  • try going vegetarian first, then vegan, then raw. jumping right into a raw diet from meat based diet makes it incredibly hard to kick cravings. not to say it’s impossible-but it is most definitely easier on your body to take it slow.
    in Hello Everyone Comment by bronwyn
  • i quit caffiene two months ago and it was the best thing i ever did for my body and my diet. i feel incredible. although, i don’t crave coffee anymore but i do crave caffienated teas! i still haven’t succombed to this craving despite my urges. i’m t…
  • beetboy, that is me in my avatar (on a good day before my skin worsened on raw) but i’m ashamed to say that makeup and a little bit of photoshop to blot out blemishes can really do alot. pianissima-that actually sounds like a good idea. i’ve tried e…
  • great thread, i’d be curious to know more about this topic. i have had severe cystic acne for 9 years and i cannot bear it any longer. i went raw 3 months ago (was formerly vegan) in an effort to clear my skin and achieve optimal health (due to othe…
  • Live in Toronto is absolutely amazing. They have %100 raw organic vegan dishes on half the menu, then some cooked vegan dishes on the other half. Incredible food. The best cashew sour cream I have ever had!! Just went for dinner the other night, suc…
  • Hi Luluska8, I have been looking for a site that delivers genuine raw, organic foods. Rawguru doesn’t deliver to my city and I noticed you mentioned sunfood. I see the prices are pretty good. Is everything genuine raw/organic? Thanks!
    in Budget Raw Joy! Comment by bronwyn
  • Welcome!
    in New to Gone raw Comment by bronwyn