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  • The only bad ingredient in the master cleanse is the maple syrup. Now if you did it with some honey then that sounds a whole lot better.
  • www.naturalzing.com I usually get 5 lbs so it lasts.
    in raw carob Comment by humanimal
  • If eaten in excessive amounts garlic and onions will give your body a pungent smell which is not very pleasant. Both of these foods have small amounts of toxins. Most of these toxins are released through the skin which is the cause for the smell. It…
  • Enjoy your garlic cravings but please do not overdue it. For some reason every time I eat 1 or 2 cloves of garlic a day I feel really sluggish and tired. So when I am craving some I just eat 1/2- 1 clove a day. Raw chocoholic is correct! When ever w…
    in GARLIC Comment by humanimal
  • Some days I just eat fruits and no veggies and I feel no negative side effects. Just remember to take a variety of sweet fruit and non- sweet fruit. Not all fruits have to be sweet. Non-sweet fruits include tomatoes, avos, green and yellow squash, b…
  • Loads of bananas, collards, avocados, bell peppers, seaweeds, cacao, blueberries, celery, oranges, grapefruit, and the occasional kombucha for B-12.
  • I drin tea everyday. Instead of water a a base for my cacao elixirs. I use a blend of herbs like pau d’ arco, cats claw, soaked goji berries, nettles, vanilla bean, and cinnamon. I also add some dried shredded coconut. I soak all of these ingredient…
  • check this out on B-12 http://mangodurian.blogspot.com/search/label/b12
    in protein levels Comment by humanimal
  • Dont exercise and drink only fresh juices and garlic.
  • I’m really sorry to tell you but once roasted always roasted and dead. You could soaked them a bit to remove the excess oil and salt. Thats all I can really suggest. V
  • Too much acid and sugar will cause teeth problems. Too much acid = cooked foods, excess citrus fruits and excess fermented foods (sauerkraut, kombucha, etc). Too much sugar = excess high sugar fruits such as bananas, dates, raisins, dried figs, etc.…
    in raw power! Comment by humanimal
  • Warm welcome! anytime you have questions or concerns ask away! Lots of Love, V
    in new to all this Comment by humanimal
  • you cant find any dried coconut meat?
  • 1 cup dried shredded coconut, 4 cups pure water, sweetener. Try it out and tell me how you like it :) V
  • I agree with rawkinroll. Most of the gourmet raw recipes out there are just pure fat with small amounts of vegetables. I prefer to eat lighter meals of fresh fruits and vegetables with a small amount of fat. Too much fat makes me feel lazy and drunk…
    in Cooked food! Comment by humanimal
  • I also wanted to add that you may not be absorbing enough nutrients from your food which is the reason that you do not feel satisfied. Make sure to consume fresh vegetable juices daily. The nutrients are more easily absorbed and their liquid form be…
  • I suggest that you add some good quality fats such as avocado, coconut butter, hemp seeds, and black or white sesame seeds. This should help you feel fuller longer. I like to eat lower in fat but not as low as the 8/1/1 lifestyle. Also it will take …
  • top ten reasons to eat more processed foods. 1.they form like glue in the intenstines 2. they require more energy to digest 3. many days days or weeks to digest 4. some provide the body with a lot of powerful toxins which cause increased disease 5. …
  • Most of the nightshade family fruits are picked way before they are actually ripe. For example green peppers are just immature bell peppers, so are green tomatoes. Even though eggplant is purple when you buy it, it was picked green. Picking these fr…
    in achy muscles Comment by humanimal
  • Are you still drinking coffee. Coffee is known to promote achy muscles. Also foods from the nightshade families may do this as well. Achy muscles may just be a sign that you are allergic to the nightshade family. I will also add that too many spices…
    in achy muscles Comment by humanimal
  • First I have to ask why you want to consume maple syrup. I really recommend that you stay away from it because it is very highly processed (heated at high temperatures). Try out raw agave or yacon which are the two main sweeteners which do not cause…
    in Raw Maple Syrup Comment by humanimal
  • I eat a lot of bananas,oranges, celery, collard greens, carrots and carrot juice, spring mix greens, kale, apples and apple juice,and dulse. I also include 1 avo a day, 1-2 tbls cacao powder, 2-3 tbls maca powder, and herbal teas. I love smoothies a…
    in Low fat Comment by humanimal
  • Couldn’t have explained better. Awesome achin!
  • beautiful! :)
  • You make some good points as well :) I believe that we should all take in information and and do with it as we please. No one is obligating anyone to live a certain lifestyle. I remember Dave saying that a woman came up to him and told him that he t…
    in David Wolfe!! Comment by humanimal
  • Most of you are complaining about what Dave says and what he eats. First of all the man has a lab of is his own where he tests all of his products. No hes not a scientist, but most scientists today are making drugs and so called “foods” which are ki…
    in David Wolfe!! Comment by humanimal
  • Dave def. rocks! He has always been a very inspiring speaker!
    in David Wolfe!! Comment by humanimal
  • Oh! I watched that video and it really touched me. I wish I could feel what she felt for just a minute.
  • Stock up on red bell peppers, brazil nuts, and MSM. These foods are all very high in sulphur and will help to build up your hair and nails as well as rejuvenate your skin. Also try to consume avocados and flax seeds or flax oil. like flybaby stated …
    in beautiful hair Comment by humanimal