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  • HEY...I'M SO GLAD YOUR BACK!! A long time ago I requested an updated version of the Greek spanakopita spinach dish..Please see if you can figure this one out, you can see my post about it on this site and the nightmare I went threw trying to make it…
  • I have an enormous amount of respect for your strength and you bravery to come out and share your issues and open yourself up to receive positive energy! I do not have any food suggestions, but maybe some metaphysical ones Talk to your body..Tell it…
  • I really needed to follow up on poleidopy's cheeze-its! WOW!!! These are the best I have ever tasted period..raw or other wise. My whole meat eating SAD house ate these down to the crumbs! Now, I have to make a whole dehydrator full of them just to …
  • Thanks for all the support on this issue! I've been messing around with different recipes and I found a tuna recipe on this site that is really good, I'm going to try to couple that up with poleidopy's cheeze-its. Does anyone no a really good starch…
  • Thanks for all the great responses! poleidopy..I copied your kung poa brocolli recipe, I'm going to try that for sure! I woud love it if you sent the recipes for "cheeze-its",Gnocchi w/marinara. I also copied swayze's salsa recipe, Thanks! have_mers…
  • ok...I tried dehydrating them, didnt work. I tried putting a cashew based alfredo sauce on them & dehydrating them, didnt work. Would soaking them in the lemon juice and water work for SOFTENING them, if so, how long do I have to soak them? I ha…
    in KELP NOODLES!! Comment by Drea
  • Yeah, I tried soaking them, but no luck. I will try dehydrating them. I heard soaking them in an acid of some sort would do it, does anyone have info on this?
    in KELP NOODLES!! Comment by Drea
  • its fixed, thanks!
    in KANDACE!!HELP!! Comment by Drea
  • I'm wondering is this something that Kandace or Ray can fix or is this a problem that will be solved once the site is done? Kandace/Ray?
    in KANDACE!!HELP!! Comment by Drea
  • its not fixed yet
    in KANDACE!!HELP!! Comment by Drea
  • Happy B-day anyway! Wise young one!
  • poemmom’s sausage pizza saved my life! It’s delicious!
  • This is the first time i’ve heard of this. What type of brush do I use to try this out? How many times a day do I start? Where can I find this type of brush?
  • Really bean? Have you ever tried any supplements, exercises, techniques etc. that calmed it down or helped it?
    in Carpal Tunnel? Comment by Drea
  • I’ve had my sugar checked and it’s normal. I’m thinking I need to up my b vitamins?
    in Carpal Tunnel? Comment by Drea
  • Thank you KAIT! I assumed that it was carpal tunnel because it only happen in the mornings.
    in Carpal Tunnel? Comment by Drea
  • Signed!
  • Thanks! This helps allot! I hope the buckwheat turns out good, I have 5 pounds of it!
    in OATS? Comment by Drea
  • I agree, it was this film that stopped me from eating meat! Even if a person does not “feel sorry” for the animal (which I couldn’t understand why not) one would have to take into consideration that the misery of that animal is being ingested when t…
  • This recipe is not long and drawn out but it does take a lil love. I found it on this site and it will make a believer out of any SAD fooder! http://www.goneraw.com/recipes/3539-Wild-Bluebe…
  • Let me know how that works out 1sweetpea! If there are any other suggestions out there I would sure love to here them. Im hoping some of you have overcome that “gritty” food taste.
    in "GRITTY" FOOD Comment by Drea
  • Thanks 1sweetpea I try to soak the nuts at least overnight. But for the “Roshi’s badam ka halva (Indian dessert w almonds)” for example, I used milk pulp. When you say “breaking them down with the coffee grinder” do you mean unsoaked nuts?
    in "GRITTY" FOOD Comment by Drea
  • WOW! I didnt know that sunflower seeds left no pulp behind, that exciting news! I will have to try that. I’m interested in hearing the health benefits of sunflower seeds also. I know hemp is loaded with good stuff!
  • yeah, I noticed that! That was a great feature!
  • Well from my understanding nuts have an inhibitor on them when they are raw and soaking them removes it for easy digestion.
    in Soaking&nuts Comment by Drea
  • WOW! There asking you to trust them with allot of your personal information. I dont know…???
  • honestly stuff like this is discouraging! I’m trying my best to do the right thing and now another problem. I have already reduced my diet to nuts, seeds/grains, fruits and veggies and now there is a problem with nuts. It just seems like in a minute…
  • ok great, i bit one of my brazil nuts and it is ivory on the inside! but as far as my other nuts, i was promised by my sources (that I trust) that even though they have no shell that they are raw. Now is this concept absolutely impossible?
  • p.s. the article said that brazil nuts should be ivory white, well mine are sorta darker than that and still have a brown part (i guess from the shell) on it, help me understand please
  • ok so let me get this straight….I should not be eating nuts without a shell on them? All the nuts I have (walnuts, cashews, brazil nuts, pecans,) do not have a shell on them, so this means I’m gonna get cancer or something?