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  • Hi - Happy New Year. Miss you guys - things aren't the same, that's for sure. Hope 2009 brings you happiness. Peace, Karuna
  • I disagree. I believe that dogs are carnivores and by depriving them of meat, you are depriving them of what nature intended them to eat. Perhaps raw meat is the way to go – not sure – but seriously, I don’t believe they were designed to eat all veg…
  • Spending time with my nephew. Finding the cutest teddy bear in the second hand store and bringing him home. Being healthy. Having an amazing family. Watching my favorite movie for the umpteenth time and loving every minute. Being able to give love –…
    in happy thoughts :) Comment by Karuna
  • Me too – Southern Ontarian. Welcome. Peace, Karuna
    in Hi from Canada Comment by Karuna
  • I live right in the middle of apple country. My favorites are (in order of preference) Honey Crisp, Ambrosia, Ginger Gold and Mutsu. Once apple season is finished I will go back to Royal Gala and a few Granny Smiths. If you have never tried a true C…
    in Favorite Apple? Comment by Karuna
  • Wow – I didn’t know this existed. Love it!!! Thanks.
  • Welcome back – I wondered what happened to you. Peace, Karuna
    in Roshi's is back! Comment by Karuna
  • Thanks Kandace. Please do whatever you have to do. I miss how things used to be.
  • Thanks very much Kandace and Ray. You guys are great and I hope you know how much your time and efforts are appreciated. Peace, Karuna
    in Updates Comment by Karuna
  • I would love to start a little herb garden in my windows. I only have one window that gets direct sunlight (in the afternoon only). I was thinking of setting up an aquarium type of structure to grow them in. Because my house tends to be cold in the …
    in spices? Comment by Karuna
  • Got it – thanks very much. :)
  • Thanks for all of the info everyone. Peace, Karuna
    in Salt Comment by Karuna
  • Mono meals for me are just eating one food for that particular meal. So, perhaps I will have a bowl full of cucumbers for lunch – and that’s it. This allows my mouth to really experience the taste of the cucumbers. It’s a really nice feeling. I don’…
    in Salt Comment by Karuna
  • mewmewmint – nice to see you – it’s been a while I think. It took me a long time to wean myself off of salt…at least 6 months – if not a bit longer. During this time things tasted pretty bland and I craved salty food. It almost felt like quitting sm…
    in Salt Comment by Karuna
  • rawperasinger – I’m sorry to hear about your Grandmother. It’s terrible to lose someone you love. It also does seem to bring about a nostalgic time which can be healing. Peace to you as you work through it. Karuna (((((HUGS)))))
  • It really is the best. Dry brushing – warm shower – then coconut oil. Bliss!!! :) Peace, Karuna
    in Dry Brushing? Comment by Karuna
  • I have the 9 tray Excalibur – best money I ever spent. I highly recommend it. Peace, Karuna
  • I’m the opposite – I LOVE the fall and the winter. The air is fresh and cool – not hot and sticky. No bugs. Cold clear nights curled up in front of the fire. Polar fleece, fluffy hats, watching your breath, toboganning, ice skating outside, walking …
  • Good for you Johnny. I think you did a great job.
  • {{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}} Relax, it will be fine. We already think you’re great – everyone else can buzz off. Peace, Karuna
  • Yes, I too have struggled with cravings. I find that the more raw I am, the less cravings I have. So my solution is to try to find raw solutions for whatever I’m craving. The Real Cheddar Cheeze sauce got me through quite a few evenings as did Zoe’s…
  • Soaking nuts and seeds stimulates the process of germination, not only increasing the vitamin C content, but also increasing Vitamin B content and carotenes (pre-vitamin A). Most importantly, this soaking neutralizes phytic acid, a substance present…
    in Walnuts Comment by Karuna
  • I agree with Moth and Springleaf – there’s no need for that. I find that I feel sorry for people who have a grocery cart full of red meat, Twinkies and SunnyD. These also seem to be the people who are dragging pale faced, sunken eyed, hyperactive, c…
    in Vegan attitudes Comment by Karuna
  • Thanks Meditating. I suppose it’s just one more reason to not eat anything processed. Peace, Karuna
  • Is HFCS listed in the ingredients as just that, HFCS? Or can it be called something else?
  • I have been searching for this book on all of the Canadian websites (Amazon, Chapters, etc..) and it doesn’t seem to be available in Canada. Any ideas where I can get it?
  • Has anyone mentioned watermelon? Just watermelon. Makes me feel happy with the world and energized. It’s my favorite breakfast. A nice big bowl of cold watermelon. Mmmmmmm. Happy Birthday Izhpt!! Hope you have a good one. Peace, Karuna
  • It will take your bowels a little while to get used to raw. Depending on how SAD your diet was before, things may be a bit intense for a few days. It should balance out fairly quickly though. Lots of water is my advice. Peace, Karuna
    in Is this normal? Comment by Karuna
  • Hey you guys – I didn’t ask the question but I sure will benefit from your answers. I am determined to get to 100% raw by my next birthday (Feb 27th). $50-60 per week on groceries sounds much better than the $100-120 that I’m spending now. I think I…
  • OK – I’m going to say it – sounds as if you like to be the rescuer. I know that behavior comes from a kind heart, a loving soul and an honest and sincere desire to help the people that you care about. Unfortunately Worley, real help will only come t…
    in alcoholism Comment by Karuna