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  • Are you looking for help for yourself, help for someone else, what’s up worley? Are you ok?
    in alcoholism Comment by Karuna
  • I hope you find what you’re looking for. Peace, Karuna
    in see y'all later Comment by Karuna
  • I haven’t read this entire post but wanted to contribute my thoughts anyway. I struggle every day with toxic people (mostly at work). Every day is a new beginning in my mind. I try to begin every day by meditating on other people’s suffering. I beli…
    in "Toxic" people Comment by Karuna
  • el-bo, I think you are on to something – for me at least. I paid attention to my food combining today and had absolutely no need for a private walk. Thank you. Also, thanks to evergreen and emtpdmom for taking the time to post the links. I just ate …
    in gas with fruit Comment by Karuna
  • How fantastic!! Thanks evergreen. :)
    in gas with fruit Comment by Karuna
  • Does anyone know of any good reference books or online material regarding food combining? I think I need to spend a bit of time with this information.
    in gas with fruit Comment by Karuna
  • I hear that. By midway through the afternoon I need to go for a walk (alone) in the parking lot at work. I don’t think it’s the fruit, I think it’s the flax crackers/bread that I usually have for lunch. Peace, Karuna
    in gas with fruit Comment by Karuna
  • I have no wisdom in this area but just wanted to stop by to offer my support. Best of luck Stevio – can’t wait to hear next month how things went. Wouldn’t it be great if you were the catalyst to your doctor looking at natural alternatives? ((hugs))…
  • I would be interested to hear. I am looking for some alternatives. I don’t use very much makeup but for what I do use, I would like something natural.
    in 100% pure? Comment by Karuna
  • Thanks Fee – I’m already feeling stronger and have started today well. I’m going out to the organic grocery store now to stock up for the week. Also, a quick stop at Walmart for bits and pieces. Deep breaths and positive energy meditation :) Peace, …
  • Thanks everyone…that really helps. I got swept away on the carbs and dairy merri-go-round. It started with a PMSey type of day which happens on occasion and just continued from there. I have also been stuck inside quite a bit over the past couple of…
  • PerformingMantis – it’s like you went inside my brain, sifted through my thoughts and very articulately wrote them out for me. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in some of these thoughts. There are a few things that I try to focus on to help in m…
    in Overwhelmed...:( Comment by Karuna
  • I can’t WAIT to try it. Thanks very much :D Peace, Karuna
  • I love hot peppers so if you have recipes to share, I’m excited!!! Peace, Karuna
  • That is a real bummer. I love mushrooms. :(
  • I just signed up at www.therawdivas.com. They have a 7 day detox program that’s free. Mine starts on Saturday.
  • I thought it was great. George Carlin has a way of explaining things that just makes you pay attention regardless of the subject matter. I felt naive after watching it – for not seeing things that clearly myself.
    in Zeitgeist the Movie Comment by Karuna
  • I hate talking to my parents about eating raw. Recently, when they were trying to get me to eat their granola, I said that I don’t eat processed grains. They didn’t hear that – they heard “I don’t eat grains”. My mother said “Oh, I wonder why THEY t…
    in Convincing Parents Comment by Karuna
  • I eat loads of fruit. Love it, love it. The only problem I find is that it doesn’t keep me full for very long.
  • Thanks everyone. Annabelle77 – I hear that. When I open a young coconut and smell the fresh coconut water, I get an instant rush. I use the meat to make the ‘yummy yogurt’ recipe from this site. I highly recommend it – delicious.
  • So, if a recipe calls for coconut milk, can I use coconut water? Is there much difference in taste?
  • I agree. Please don’t feed your dog your diet. He is a natural carnivore and trying to feed him otherwise will hurt him. That’s not to say that his best diet will consist of kibble alone. Raw organically fed meat will be wonderful for him. Peace, Ka…
    in raw pet food Comment by Karuna
  • I’ve missed her too. Hopefully she is doing something fun and will be back soon. Peace, Karuna
  • That’s good to know. I need to start a regime again with my Bowflex. That can be my motivation.
  • There are loads of raw foods that contain calcium. Sesame seeds (175 mg per 2 Tbsps), almonds (90 mg per 1/4 cup), brazil nuts and hazelnuts (65 mg per 1/4 cup), kale (100 mg per 1/2 cup), turnip greens (95 mg per 1/2 cup), bok choy (75 mg per 1/2 c…
  • I know lots of SAD food that will bung you up but raw food – no. Are you new to raw? Have you eaten anything questionable recently. Has your water source changed?
    in rid the runs!! uhhh Comment by Karuna
  • I thought giving up certain foods was going to be the hardest part of being raw but it isn’t. The social aspects are much harder. Someone comments on the way I eat every day (in one form or another). How odd – I don’t feel the need to comment on the…
    in VENTING! Comment by Karuna
  • Izhpt – LMAO – I too, try to avoid being kidnapped by the hemp adorned, raw song singers. Not that they wouldn’t be great (I’m sure) but I have stuff to do. thecavsman – I like that advice. There are a number of labels being thrown around by my fami…
  • Oh Queenfluff, you are a wealth of information. Thanks very much. I’m pleased to hear your report regarding MountainRoseHerbs. I plan to place an order with them. Peace, Karuna
  • I agree with beany. Maybe it’s time to find some other things that you enjoy doing together – biking, skydiving, shopping, spa day, canoeing, oh the list is endless. I’m sure that if you talk to her, you guys will figure something out. Peace, Karuna