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  • I love Dr. Cousen’s books, they are super informative. Sugar of any kind should be consumed in moderation. I try. For the holidays I will be making some rich and sweet dishes, but it’s for the holidays. Normally I eat sweet fruits only occasionally …
  • I’ve just been reading Gabriel Cousens Rainbow live cuisine, and he was saying that it takes about 2 years of eating raw to get through the transition. I think you need to be more patient with the process and yourself. Are you juicing veggies? That …
  • mmm, good advice. After my original post I took 3 chlorella caps and took a nap and I feel so much better!
  • OK I can tell you guys something totally gross…One of my old favorite SAD treats were twinkies (the worst thing ever!) and I gave in yesterday and opened one up…I have roommates who keep them in the pantry..and oh my GAWD, it tasted like gasoline! N…
  • Greens, greens, and more greens. Think of a 400 pound gorilla.
  • Hi k-mom, check this site out. http://www.westonaprice.org/children/index.html It talks about how to make your own formula. I don’t know what all you have available where you are. It is very difficult for me to obtain raw milk where I live so I didn…
  • oops I guess I should have added that he is now 10 months old and is VERY healthy and thriving. He’s never been sick, and he grows like a weed. We call him our little linebacker, which is so funny ‘cause he was very small at 5 pounds when he was bor…
  • Yup my little guy is on formula (yuk!) my milk would just not come in enough and then I got preggo again soo…I’ve been feeding him solids since about 5 months old hoping to get him off this formula as soon as possible. I basically just make him smoo…
  • Yes I used this one http://goneraw.com/recipes/202-Carrot-Cake but didn’t put in grapefruit juice. I think I used like 2 cups of apples instead of the 1/2 cup. The fuji’s are just so nice and sweet! I frosted it with a cashew frosting. Super good!
    in Food Dehydrator Comment by lauralai
  • I recently got the small 4 tray excalibur since we live in a small apt. and I love it! Bigger would of course be better but this works great for now. It’s very easy to use and I’ve been pleased with everything I’ve made. I made a carrot cake last ni…
    in Food Dehydrator Comment by lauralai
  • I had to order it online so I am waiting for it to arrive. So I’m just doing kale and wheatgrass juice each day and eating oranges to boost absorption.
  • Wow, that’s just the info I needed! Thank you so much1
  • Well, this morning I had a smoothie made with pumpkin seed milk, blueberries, and greens. I haven’t had lunch yet, my appetite has been weird lately. Not very strong for being 7 months preggo.
  • Yes Wisconsin for now, CA in January. Yay! Southern CA though. I plan on traveling up to attend classes. One of my very dearest friends lives up in Ukiah. Wow, enjoy yourself!!
  • Ooo I would like to know this stuff too. I’m planning on taking classes there next year. Thanks a bunch!
  • I agree, the kitchenaid blender stinks! But the food processor is great.
  • I’ve got a kitchenaid 12 cup processor. I was lucky to get it for a wedding present. I really like it. It comes with different blades and discs to shred or slice or puree. It’s fairly easy to clean and you can get lots of accessories for it too. I’m…
  • Oh yes, I used to be allergic to almost anything raw when I was a kid!! When I finally got into health food, I just tackled it by eating a bunch of raw stuff ALL THE TIME and it eventually went away. I just think I needed a cleanse and was never rea…
  • I also have a black one.
  • I also agree that negative people should be removed. It sounds harsh but sometimes it’s the only way. You will be freer, lighter, and happier. Just my two cents….
  • It is over the top but very cool. What I like is that he isn’t selling anything!
  • Yes I do think cooked food puts us in a haze!It’s like being numbed. I am so much clearer since going raw and it’s only the beginning…Anyway, I want to get some cute fabrics and make my own shoppping bags. Maybe others will notice how cute they are …
  • Oh wow you guys….I just checked out this book from my ob/gyn’s office (they have a little library) called “Going Against The Grain…” Oh my goodness! It is so in depth about the dangers of grains, I’m still in shock!! I don’t eat grains myself anymor…
  • raw apple cider vinegar does wonders to get rid of buildup and to replace the acid mantle of the skin. I put it in an applicator bottle like you would use for hair dye and apply to my scalp once a week. Then rinse it out. It’s also a great toner for…
  • Hello, I’m Lauralai and I’ve been 100% raw for 13 days!! yay