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  • Sheesh, I’ve wondered too, but there are so many variables-sprouting time, concentration etc. You should know by the smell!
  • Actually there is a connection here-did you know cows are killed by the age of 5 because their reproductive organs have been forced into overuse so many times? Ahhhh! What is wrong with people?!!
  • Sounds yummy! Did you accept the risk of non cold shipping? Or can you really afford to pay $12 for cheese?!!
    in Dr. Cow Cheese Comment by jeshuabrown
  • Apple cider vinegar0 2 tbs in a glass of water will help move along the tract anything that’s not digesting. The enzymes are active in breaking it down!
    in Upset tummy Comment by jeshuabrown
  • I have to chime in here. I noticed myself begin an addiction to coffee-then abruptly quit drinking it for a week. Then I had half a cup and felt like i was having a heart attack+. I must tell you. my father drank coffee for 30 years, and is now is t…
    in I Give up! Comment by jeshuabrown
  • Wow, the steel dehydrator is $300!! I couldn’t ever justify paying that much, when I know children are starving! But, we’d better not get started on that. I think about this problem too, and the fact that everything we buy comes in bags that no doub…
  • I’ve read, can’t remember where that our bodies produce mucus to rid of a foreign object-i.e. non food items. I know i get the same runny nose if I have baked stuff or coffee!
  • http://www.altcancer.com/neemsup.htm ruby/neem_oil_uses.html”>http://www.industryinet.com/ruby/neem_oil_uses… I use condoms because I am deathly afraid of becoming pregnant. I can’t say I’ve tried the suppositories, but will soon. I’ll let you al…
  • Wow, Heavy bleeding? Copper implant. Sounds so scary! And quite contradictive to the whole point of this site-not putting things in our bodies we don;’t need! I understand the importance of birth control and it’s one I’ve struggled with too .Tried e…
  • I can vouch for Frontier. I used to work there-the grinders WERE cold! They don’t iraadiate either, so I use them!! And grow them…fresh is best!
    in spices? Comment by jeshuabrown
  • I really miss pumpkin pie-can you think of any way to rawify it? I guess there is graham cracker recipe here, but it’s not the same….
  • That was really beautiful. It instantly makes me think of God’s promise to restore the earth to paradise-soon-and in Isaih where it speaks about humans living harm free and close to animals! (Isaiah 11:6-9) 6 And the wolf will actually reside for a …
  • I’m surprised no one talked about the pus and blood! Y’know, the cows are given hormones, then they get big blood vessels which break, so blood is in the milk, and then they’re given antibiotics, so that’s in there. This causes infection=pus. The FD…
  • Oh! I’d like to know this too!
  • I dunno, I know the sun is very good for us, but sadly it has to be in moderation because of the humans who have depleted our ozone over time!I say in small increments like 20 min should be good…
    in Pure nonSUNse! Comment by jeshuabrown
  • Wow. I’m jealous! any chance you’d share some elixir mixin’ ideas? Were are you located?
  • Let’s see, I thought the gobs were dead yeast cells but I dont remember where I read that. It’s so cheap and easy to brew your own. You can filter the gobs with a strainer-mesh!
    in kombucha Comment by jeshuabrown
  • The best news is, soon, God will restore the earth to it’s original paradise state. and we will all become perfect again-it’s all there in his word the bible. What could be more comforting than that?!
    in good news! Comment by jeshuabrown
  • I use a supplement by Nature’s Plus called DIM. It has been wonderful in balancing my hormones and is made of vegetables-can’t go wrong there!
    in Healing acne Comment by jeshuabrown
  • Amen. This place is literally a lifesaver! So many health problems, so easily (or sometimes, with a struggle!) turned around by simply-food! The creativity is pur genius!
  • Actually loofahs work great, and are biodegradable. I am unsure if they’re sustainably harvested…hmm. I know food grade hydrogen peroxide is the best sanitizer (among other things it’s wonders never cease!) splash a teeny tiny amount in a bowl of wa…
  • Wow. Thank you for the thorough response. I see some possibilities here, and this has has really helped me to know what to ask a friend of mine who is studying to be a natural doctor. Hmmm, I’ll check into the macro thing and supplements. It does so…
  • Hmm, this is all good advice. But I was thinking-reading thought the part where you want to share, want it to be beautiful-well, sheesh maybe someday you could open a restaurant-or at least be a chef at a raw one!! Really, the fear of getting sick i…
  • Ah! Thanks for the advice-I posted the ? last night and only now got the response, so I left them in all night, they’re a little dry on the dges but otherwise delicious. You know, I wonder about cling wrap, seems easy, however I am a little weary of…
    in Darn Crepes! Comment by jeshuabrown
  • Wow. Looks like a great idea. Now I wonder if companies will have interest in using it. Interesting idea, probably could be done at home easily enough…
  • Defiantely gallstones-I’ve had the same problem. Google gallstone cleanse, basically epsom salts and olive/coconut oil. I did one flush and got allot of stones out. Thast was a few months ago. Now I’m feeling those pains again, so I need to flush ou…
  • thanks for the tip!
  • You’re right on-”the meek will inherit the earth.” The bible also tells us the righteous will reside forever upon it, and that God will destroy those runing the earth. So the answers are of course in the bible. We need only search it for truth amid …
  • I just have to say, there is a remedy for stress. There are calmers like lobelia and kava kava but for me what really worked was a supplement from Gaia herbs for adrenal fatigue, When we stress, our adrenals release cortisol and other feel good chem…
    in beautiful hair Comment by jeshuabrown
  • I have big ones, that are rapidly reproducing. However I live in Iowa so it would be better for the earth to find one close to home. try this: http://www.kombu.de/suche2.htm#usa It’s ok to mail a mushroom in a baggie with 2 cups of “starter” that’s …