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  • That sounds like a sweet deal. I found this while looking at the blender; http://healthyjuicer.com/pages/quicktime_movie…. its a manual juicer that looks really great and is only 44 bucks. Has anyone use it ore a similar model? Check the video!
  • Sounds like your doing everything right Mon46. I am basically the same, low fat with lots of fruit and greens in simple meals. I often reach a point when I am sick of greens (thats when I know to stop eating). Same goes for fruit and fats. I think i…
    in Greens addiction?! Comment by Nagev
  • I agree with RCBAlive. It is hard to use many raw recipes because they often have cooked ingredients (Nama Shoyu, Miso, Maple Syrup, etc.). A TRULY RAW and properly combined recipe book would be neat.
  • I would try dumpster diving. Find the behind grocery stores and see what you can get. I once found an entire case of perfectly ripe papayas BESIDE the dumpster. I didn’t even have to go in. But inside you’ll find a bunch of great stuff too. Freeze w…
    in Dirt Poor: Raw Envy Comment by Nagev
  • I eat A TONNE of fruit. Fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have a second dinner later at night of a salad usually with a fat such a avocado or real raw tahini. Personally, I cannot go a day wihtout fruit.
  • I’ve seen truly raw dried coconut in Wholefoods for 24 bucks a pound—RIP OFF! I’ve bought mature coconuts before and dried them in the sun or just used them fresh when it calls for dried. But I don’t really do that anymore because most of the mature…
    in Dried Coconut Comment by Nagev
  • The first day is always the hardest man. You get moody and hungry. Both go away on the second day and are replaced with bliss and total awareness on the third day. What Socal said about resting is probably good advice but I’ve done all my water fast…
    in Fasting. UGH! Comment by Nagev
  • Like the others I cannot stress how much fresh fruit in the morning helped me. Just go to the sotre buy every kind of fruit you want for a week and chow down as much as you need to each morning. You can wat them whole, in smoothies cut them up into …
  • I follow food combining law pretty strictly. The reasons for this are pretty simple. My body has an easier time breaking down one kind of food at a time. Fruits pass thorugh much faster than fats and when these groups are combined, the fruit will fe…
    in Food Combining Comment by Nagev
  • I’m living in southern ONtario in the Gta. Anyone close?
    in Raw Teenagers Comment by Nagev
  • sobizaar: I am a college student too! The social implications are sometimes hard but I think they are far outweighed by benefits of raw food (organic or not). If you can’t get organic produce just wash it off as best you can and don’t dwell, it’ll o…
    in Raw Teenagers Comment by Nagev
  • What kind of raw diets are you guys following? When I went raw I was eating alot of dried nuts and fruits. Also easting sooo much fat. Lately I’ve been sticking to whole foods and eating way less fat. I’ve been trying 80/10/10 and it is really worki…
    in Raw Teenagers Comment by Nagev
  • Im from Ontario, Canada, 18. Its cool to know thatare are more raw teens out there. Watching all my firends destroy their bodies is hard. Partying is hard too sometimes cause every one gets drunk. Has anyone tried drinking wine since being raw? I th…
    in Raw Teenagers Comment by Nagev
  • My understading is that TCH needs to be “activated” by very high temperatures in order to have psycoactive effects on the body. I have eaten small quantities (a few grams) of high quality, organic cannabis before with no psycoactive effects. But it …
  • I’ve had similar experiences and fasting has helped to balance me out. I’ve only done water fasts but I imagine a grapefruit one would have similar results. JAmes
    in Feeling strange Comment by Nagev
  • Herbert Sheldon, the “father” of Natural Hygiene drank raw goats milk a few times in his life when he was sick. But to me it really doesn’t seem natural to drink the milk of another animal. On another note, I was listening to this radio show about v…
    in raw goat's milk? Comment by Nagev
  • I would do a water fast (eat nothing and drink only pure water). I’ve never done a juice fast before for two reasons; I don’t have a juicer and I think water fasts would be more effective at removing toxins. When nothing is entering the digestive sy…
  • I haven’t tired it but before you do make sure you ask yourself if you actually need all that extra protein.
  • Maybe your body just doesn’t want tomatos. Not everyone has to like everything. IF you don’t ant to waste them give them to an tomato loving friend.
    in Tomatoes Comment by Nagev
  • If I feel myself getting sick and I sense that it will not go away on its own, I fast for three days. When I am sick all of my elimination organs start acting up and purging the toxins from my body (mucous membranes, sinus, bowel, skin, etc.). Fasti…
    in eating while sick? Comment by Nagev
  • Whenever I eat a papaya I save the seeds to eat them later. On an herbalists advice I rinse them and put them in the sun to increase their potency. (If you dont rinse them, they ferment). I was eating 15 or 20 a day to get rid of a parasite I had be…
    in Papaya seeds Comment by Nagev
  • I eat raw honey. Honey is available locally and tastes great. To the people who won’t eat honey: Is it an animals rights or a health thing for you?
    in Sweetener Confusion! Comment by Nagev
  • Technically freezing is raw, but it also kills the cells and is unnatural. That said, I still freeze fruit for smoothies sometimes.
    in freezing raw foods Comment by Nagev
  • I know in Canada you can get except from vaccinations on religious or other grounds. But immigrating is probably different.
    in VACCINATIONS Comment by Nagev
  • I never thought that it was because of raw but lately I have been very successful at creating my own reality.
  • The first few months I was raw, I was always bloated. I would just eat, eat eat because my body was so happy to be getting raw goodness. No I am accustomed to raw so my body handles it better and my body isn’t worried about filling up on great food …
    in overeating Comment by Nagev
  • Zoe, I was depressed to before I went raw. The difference is definitely night and day!
  • Feed them! What better way to teach anyone about food. And go to a farm!
  • Up until a month ago i had hair down to the middle of my back. I never washed it whit shampoo or any natural things either. It oily but easy to brush and natural. Last month I shaved it all off. It was a very liberating experience. I just thought I’…
  • queenfluff, ya I just rinse it with water and give my scalp a scrub. When I first started doing it my hair went crazy for a few weeks. It as really oily and gross. But if you stick it out, the natural oil cycle will sort out and you will be left wit…