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  • if you like end grain cutting boards a great option is to find a slice of a log or get a friend with a chainsaw to cut you a thin one. Then just sand it down a bit. james
  • I’ve been traveling all summer so when I got home my garden was going wild. I harvested zukes that were HUGE like you described. My garden is organic, so I would guess that the miracle grow probably had little effect on the size of the fruits from y…
    in Franken-Zucchini? Comment by Nagev
  • I watched that movie with one of my “normal” friends. The funniest part for me was seeing her reactions. I was already familiar with most of those versions of what is happening in the world. The one thing I didn’t like was the first part. I don’t re…
    in Zeitgeist the Movie Comment by Nagev
  • Ilove fermented foods and I have consumed and made them without ever getting sick. There is alot of fear of fermented food in our society but that is mainly due to lack of info. Infact, almost everyone on in western society consumes some form of fer…
  • I’ve been staying on an organic farm for the past month that has fresh, raw goats and cows milk each morning. Even with the opportunity to drink it, it seems so unnatural to drink another animals milk. But some people swear by it. James
    in Why no milk? Comment by Nagev
  • My advice is to make FRESH foods the staples in your diet. It is easy to get caught up in buying alot of pantry type or dry ingredients but they are expensive and often not raw. Smoothies are a great way to incorporate raw fruits and veg and I agree…
  • Meditating: I think moth is talking about fresh mangoes. They are bathed in warm water before they come into the us or canada. but you are def right about checking out dehydration temps with the company. james ps. about contacting companies: today I…
  • They are fine in y opinion. For me raw is about LIVING foods. The heat obviously does not kill the mango or it wouldn’t ripen, it would rot. James
  • No sense trying to convert other people. Taking care of yourself is the best you can do and if you are truly healthy and happy, people will notice and ask you questions. James
  • I heard that alot of backbackers get suckered into mango picking jobs while travelling. My friend told me that shes has seen people covered head to toe in rashes. KNowing this, I would probably do it just to be able to eat the fresh mangoS! jAMES
  • If the almonds are labelled “raw” that only means that they have not been roasted. If they came from the united states they are pasteurized. You can buy “unpasteurized” almonds that are truly raw online and some sotres are now starting to carry trul…
    in RAW Almonds.. Comment by Nagev
  • Eating raw food is the best thing I can do to help the planet. The domestication of fire is the root cause of all the world’s problems (industrializaiton, division of labour, civilization, COOKED FOOD!). Ideally, I would be living somewhere tropical…
  • oh! one more thing. this way of eating makes food combining easy and I really notice a difference when I eat a poorly combined meal. In fact, I seldom do because I will pay for it later. James
    in the 80-10-10 diet Comment by Nagev
  • I haven’t read his books, but my diet is pretty close to what Doug Grahanm advocates(Today I had a green smoothie in the morning with mango and greens, a big salad with 1/2 an avo for lunch an a big fruit slad for dinner). The hardest part for me wa…
    in the 80-10-10 diet Comment by Nagev
  • I’ve been wanting to get a dehydrator for a while but I can’t justify the cost so I use the sun! I made my own solar dehydrator but the Sun on its own works better in my expirience. Just put what you want to make on a baking tray and some parchment …
  • I’ve shots of that stuff before and it gave me a buzz. But I wouldn’t spend the 30-40 dollars a bottle on it. James
    in e3live? Comment by Nagev
  • In my expirience, you always find a way. Throwing out food is hard enough but, throwing away the veggies that you loved and have watched grow is even harder. Even it if means giving them away to your neighbors. If for some reason you do have to comp…
  • People label things radical because they are scared of the truth. Unfortunately, this day in age listening to your body is a very strange idea. Don’t let her comment bother you, it is a reflection of her own insecurities not your lifestyle. James
    in Radical lifestyle?? Comment by Nagev
  • Don’t let the government control what enters your body. This is just another step towards government issued meals in pill form.
  • The nori gets soggy very quickly when it gets wet. I usually put a bed of dry greens down and then put everything in the roll. This way, the greens act as a moisture barrier and you crispy nori!
  • I sundried some corn chips or wraps or something like that one and theyr were awful. Bitter for sure. I thought it might have been due to sundrying but it sounds like it wasn’t…
  • I’ve met and seen Daivd Wolfe speak. He was very friendly and obviouosly paissionate about raw food. He practivces what he preaches and it appears to be working for him. I’m not really into a spuerfood high fat diet though. Luna and Chakra: I’m tota…
    in David Wolfe!! Comment by Nagev
  • I’m a raw food college dude. I spend about 70 80 bucks a week on organic produce! The hardest part is socializing cause its totally based around food. Also I don’t drink so that can be difficult but its still a BLAST! james
    in RAW...in college? Comment by Nagev
  • I used prunes in cookies a while ago and posted a recipe: http://goneraw.com/recipes/364-Amazing-Almond-P… They were really good but I don’t think the prunes or almonds were truly raw. I have yet to find a raw source of prunes. Let us know if you ha…
  • Been to Live and Wild Organic Way (last night in fact!). WOW is way better in my opinion but Live was still really good. James
    in raw restaurants Comment by Nagev
  • when i still ate cooked vegan food my mom bought me that mac and trees once. it was soo good, i had it with salsa! I bet cashews would make a good substititue but it would be really fatty with the nut cheese as well. try it and let us know how it tu…
    in Macaroni and trees Comment by Nagev
  • Even if the enzymes don’t denature, some food dies after freezing, especially tropical fruit. Also, if the food is alive when you freeze it and has water in the cells, I think they would rupture during freezing and or thawing. I don’t think that fre…
    in Fresh vs Frozen Comment by Nagev
  • Luna blu: I’ve been to that maple syrup festival in Elmira so many times. My family used to take me there when I was young. It’s disappointing that such a local source of sweetener isn’t raw but local raw honey is even better I think.
    in Maple syrup Comment by Nagev
  • If you have a dehydrator, you could make raw crackers and some dip. people love crackers because of the crunchy cooked texture. Also, mock sushi is easy to make and always a hit at SAD gettogethers when I make it.
  • I’m basically a fruitarian. I work at an organic produce store so I can get the best stuff! I still eat some green leafys and other veggies though in smaller amounts and nuts of course but they are fruits too. Are you eating fruit exclusively? What …
    in FRUITARIAN!!!! Comment by Nagev