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  • iluvlife-they state on their website that their bars are not fully raw, I can't remember where else I read it but the following is a direct quote from their site. Are cashews truly raw? Heat steaming is often used to extract the cashew nut from the …
    in Trader Joe's Comment by mmmorgans
  • **Larabars are not truely raw...they are delicious though
    in Trader Joe's Comment by mmmorgans
  • Chris- I tried to email you at purelyraw@yahoo. com but got a message saying it could not be delivered. I have treid a few times now, is there an alternate email I can use??
  • The only problem with that chattanog is the weight will just come back....master cleanses are not healthy
  • Thank you formosa....I do a green smoothie everyday for breakfast (even when I wasn't raw) and try to drink a lot of water throughout the day...I am just getting back to eating salads, but I really love using a nuts/avacado's for the dressing...I wo…
  • the movie "EARTHLINGS"
  • joannabanana- I tried the no poo for a whil, rinsing every 2 days with water and every 3rd day with ACV/peppermint mixture...I recently went back to using shampoo because I started to look "greasy" lik you mentioned as well as my scalp was really dr…
    in No Poo Comment by mmmorgans
  • Jennipurr- I am having the same problem, but I like to eat a lot of nuts/seeds/avacados.... I would have to agree with the comments already left, don't weigh yourself as often...you will start to obsess over it like I did which is bad because then e…
  • I live in Canada, on the West Coast so a little warmer than most of Canada (at times) Is it ultra important for you to do the 100 mile diet?? In order to do that it will be a bit of struggle but it is definately do able... Just keep it super simple …
    in raw in Canada Comment by mmmorgans
  • Hi JPD...Welcome!
    in Hello! Comment by mmmorgans
  • From my experience tanning in unnatural light causes premature aging...Almost always you end up looking too dark...embrace your pale skin!! You will thank yourself when you are older and take a look around only to realize you look younger than you a…
    in Tanning beds Comment by mmmorgans
  • Well I am just super stoked to hear that MACA may be my answer!!! I battle with a low sex drive, thankfully my boyfriend and I have been together a while now and he loves me enough to deal with it...it's terrible though because I really do feel like…
  • I live with my non raw boyfriend along with our roommate who is also a meat eater. I am just getting back to eating raw again although it is not in my interest to be 100%. I find it to be too time consuming and it alienates me from my friends and fa…
  • I date and live with meat eaters!!
  • I was recently in Mexico and purchased agave, it IS raw, Ithe name escapes me at the moment, I'll have to check when I get home.
  • 1)greens for smoothies 2)cacao smoothies 3)almond butter, spinach, bananas, carrots, spirulina
  • Wow this is insane!! But I am not at all surprised…that is why I keep my FB profile private, I even have a diff last name:)
  • Before going raw I used Bob’s quite a bit and never did they claim to be raw on their packaging…I was just checking out the website, they claim their almond flour is made from raw-blanched almonds, hahaha, bit of a contradiction there! I am 100% pos…
    in raw flour.. how? Comment by mmmorgans
  • bean this is off topic but I too live in BC!! We are lucky :)
    in sea spaghetti? Comment by mmmorgans
  • So all the juice is, is the ‘gel’ from inside??
    in Aloe Vera Juice Comment by mmmorgans
  • Karuna- this is off topic but I love your avatar! Is it your kitten?
    in Hi from Canada Comment by mmmorgans
  • Welcome Kary!!! I too am Canadian:) West Coaster, this site will blow your mind, I have found so much here that I never imagined possible:)
    in Hi from Canada Comment by mmmorgans
  • Rosita-Khan I too am raw in Vic! It is such a lovely city, we are truly fortunate…Maybe I’ll bump into you at Bliss one day! ps I LOVE your helmet, too cute. what kind of bike do you ride?? I have a 73 Raleigh SuperBe3
    in Raw Canadians? Comment by mmmorgans
  • vtrawgirl-I have found Goji Juice at Lifestyles Mrket, Thrifty Foods, Planet Organic and The Market on Yates. Those are all Canadian stores though.
    in So Tired... Comment by mmmorgans
  • Fujis or Galas
    in Favorite Apple? Comment by mmmorgans
  • epmtpdmom- thank you. I was just clicking on the link to see the example of multiple pictures, but if they do not work, then there is no need for me to go looking >.
  • Kandace-the links that you posted do not go directly to the recipe but to the front page of the recipe section.
  • EEK! So this is why the forums are all weird. I can’t wait until there are back to normal but I sure do appreciate that Ray and Candice are working so hard to improve this free site for us! What an amazing, selfless couple! Hooray for Ray and Candac…
  • Is it just me or are the forums looking weird for everyone??
  • That’s so strange, did you wash it right away or did it sit out for a while?? I know I have to clean all my gear previous to sitting down and eating, it’s just easier plus when you’re all done you just get to sit and relax since the cleaning is alre…