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  • good to know, I'll check em out : )
  • thanks, rawkidchef : )
  • great suggestions….I usually use warm lemon ginger water with some raw honey and celtic salt gargle feel better : )
  • yuna, you use wax paper in your dehydrator with good results?
  • sounds like your digestive fires are running low….have you ever added enzymes to your diet? some raw fooders prefer to stick with food only, though I have found enzyme supplementation to be helpful during certain passages good luck!
  • I got mine here http://www.wheatgrasskits.com/ they have a beginner’s deal with the whole kit and then you can updrade the juicer later if you want and they discount for your initial investment. I ‘ve been really happy with this ultra basic juicer s…
  • thanks guys !
    in irish moss Comment by blujett8
  • I might agree with you , rawkidchef, thought I wouldn’t lump nuts and seeds together…they are very different in my experience, providing very different things nutritionally, and acting differently in the body.
  • yes. I found this to be true also of Trader Joe’s “raw” items….nut butters and bagged nuts as well ! I felt not so great after eating some of their almond butter, gave them a call to find out that “raw” just means unroasted! LOL! good to know.
  • yep- I can relate here. Usually I just try to be intuitive…..good luck ! and congratulations for tuning in to your body : )
  • I really like Spirulina and Vitamineral Green, both from Healthforce Nutritionals. MSM with vit C is also working wonders for me.
  • personally, I like to start my day with a green drink that has some fat, usually in the form of oil or hemp seed in it….do the fruit thing throughout the day and then a salad last with avocado or whatever I’m feeling.
  • yeh, I think it’s different for everyone….I love to start my day with a green smoothie, but can’t mix greens and fruit! HA!
  • nuts & seeds (especially chia), avocados, maca….for a supplement/powder- Healthforce has a great product called “Earth” . I imagine that sprouted grains are pretty grounding too, but I don’t eat any of those so I can’t comment there….
  • have you checked out Tim’s RunningRaw site yet or his vids on youtube?....also Fruitarian Fitness? I find that I perform much better without carbs. It’s amazing what the body can do with fruit alone during an extended workout! .....dinners out with …
    in raw athlete Comment by blujett8
  • one year total. The first half was easy b/c I was living alone….now I have a not raw partner….whole different trip!
  • I personally use garlic as a medicine when I’m getting sick or feel my immune system could some assistance. That’s about it.
  • oh yeah…good one elizabeth!
  • when I want to add on weight I combine coconut oil with lots of dark green leafies in my morning smoothie along with some kind of resistance excercise….like pull ups or yoga. Also hemp seeds have worked for me in the past….best of luck, shgadwa!
  • hey Luna blu- In my experience, a crusty day is usually followed by a jump to a higher level of health soon after if I can get through…....good luck & hang in there!
  • Great timing! I’m in!
  • avocado with healthforce brand spirulina piled on top. I’m a spirulina freak! Sometimes I sprinkle hijiki on there too.
  • no….I don’t worry about this b/c I trust that my body will tell me what’s best for it and I’m excited to keep learning and change as necessary.
  • I’ve not tried the diva cup, but feel very comfortable with similar products. The Instead leaked a lot for me…not good, when they leak, they really leak! I move around a lot and work on the floor making art- not a good match for the Instead. I do us…
    in Diva Cup anyone?? Comment by blujett8
  • going raw has really helped me here too. I’m regular for the first time in my life and also no cramps at all! a miracle since I used to get knocked out for two or three days with intense pain : )
  • using something like colloidal silver is an alchemical approach. If you want to know more about it’s benefits, you may want to look into alchemy. If not, raw foods are excellent.
    in colloidal silver Comment by blujett8
  • hey shane this has some info on both spirulina and chlorella…not sure if it’s what you’re looking for. http://www.chlorellafactor.com/ peace blujett
    in Help!! Comment by blujett8
  • thanks, ray I don’t own a TV, but sometimes would like to watch something on my computer. 1.99 is pretty good! thanks for the info
  • ray- how much do you pay for tv on itunes?