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  • My period is light but I also still feel sleepy when it comes around. I so want a massage, but the massage therapists here have been trained to decline clients who are on their period :( :( :( They claim it is supposed to increase flow. I told my ch…
  • Who's Christian raw vegan in 2017? 
  • Running my first marathon in Feb! im coming off a 5-day juice fast and I'm now back on a modified version of 80/10/10. I'll be doing it with some coconut oil.    
  • I first heard about the raw diet in 2005 in the Philippines from a gal who was a fellow volunteer at a books for children in poor communities. Her family members were getting sickly and they stopped this cycle when they started eating raw. She gave …
  • Thanks for the encouragement! I did a liver for 1 1/2 days. I did well - wasn't feeling too alert on those days, but I survived.
  • Thanks everyone. I think I may have found the missing piece in green smoothies: http://gulaygirl.blogspot.com/2010/11/happy-birthday-sergei-boutenko.html (Warning: has a bit of religious content. May be offensive to others who don't share my beliefs…
  • Hi powerlifter. It would be great if you can find the repost! I would appreciate it.
  • Hi Kurite. Here's what I have on an average day. For breakfast: a green smoothie - usually 4 bananas or plantains, green leafy vegetables, flax seeds or flax oil, dalandan (our local citrus fruit which is not as tart as an orange), and whatever frui…
  • Hey beaglelove. Where can I get more info about adaptogenic herbs?
  • Juicing has cleared up my skin too, but then I get cravings for other food, then my skin gets bad again :(
    in eczema! Comment by GulayG1rl
  • oh, and roasted chestnuts too!
  • beans and rice gluten-free pasta squash and string beans cooked in coconut milk
  • Breakfast: muesli with dried cranberries and soy milk Lunch: Tribeca mushroom "pizza" and a strawberry shake (no soy milk) Snack: cashew crunch and plain cashews and a mango papaya shake (no soy milk) Dinner: marinated portobello mushrooms, sprouts,…
  • Hi! I have PCOS too. I haven't been high raw for very long so I can't really tell if it is helping as I have also only started on supplements last month.
  • You don't need one, but I really love mine :) I wrote about my experience with the Vita-Mix here: http://gulaygirl.blogspot.com/2010/12/strawberry-banana-ice-cream.html
  • Hi JesusFreak! My eczema flared up again, so I decided to go high raw again. (I slipped and fell back into cooked foods a few months after being high raw). I so do notice that I have trouble getting up early in the morning if I eat cooked (especiall…
  • hi gang. is there a way to send private messages? I want to contact jesusfreak to ask some questions about PCOS. ty!
  • Hey there Raw Grannie! Mikfizzle - Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:26-28 Hey all! I am pleased to report that my insomnia's been s…
  • Welcome Tallmako. Has anyone heard of this meal-planning e book and tried it? http://www.ezhealthydiet.com/vegan-meal-plan.html
  • Durian, Andrea, jesusfreak, missemy, thanks for the warm welcome! MLove, welcome fellow newbie! Durian - well, I had corn today! It was sweet and organic. Really good. Jesusfreak - I really am unable to eat meat anymore. It's a taste/digestion thing…
  • Hi everyone. I'm thrilled to have found this thread! I love that we can freely share about our food choices without feeling like we need to be New Age. This is so awesome! I'm almost vegan (The only animal product I eat now is honey, from time to ti…
  • Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines