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  • amysue, you should have sent the marc jacobs perfume my way!
    in Natural Perfume Comment by KelleyS
  • I wear conventional perfume also. I don’t think you are “very bad” for doing it. Honestly, I think most people on this board are entirely too hard on themselves. You are already taking great measures to live a clean life that most people aren’t. We …
    in Natural Perfume Comment by KelleyS
  • Are you trying to be 100% raw? I’ve found that when I try to do 100% I end up screwing up bad after a few weeks. I just do high raw with some simple cooked foods (like vegetables, oatmeal, and quinoa). Maybe 100% raw just isn’t for you.. it wasn’t f…
  • Speaking of sustainability, I found local organic figs at my co-op today! What a treasure. It completely made my day.
  • well as long as you aren’t going hungry and feel good! i just personally can’t imagine eating that little. i’d say i probably eat like 1500-1800 kcal a day on average.
    in SUPERFOODISTS Comment by KelleyS
  • only 600 cal a day? wow. that’s like… nothing.
    in SUPERFOODISTS Comment by KelleyS
  • i’m fortunate enough to have a free gym membership to my university’s gym (which is pretty outrageous i may add lol). i live in texas so i know all about 100-degree weather. i always either go jogging at 7:30 AM (before it gets hot) or 7:30 PM (when…
  • thanks for the suggestions! i already do strength training. i swim 5000 yards 2 or 3 times a week (it’s my shortcut to get cardio and strength in at once lol). i do some weights when i’m at the gym (i hate exercising indoors) so usually only once or…
  • ok well i do agree that it is good to have “green bags” available for those that actually don’t have extra totes, but my point is that they are way over manufactured to the point where it is somewhat wasteful. many people who already have perfectly …
  • okay. is it just me or is this whole trend of mass manufacturing “green bags” not very green? when i go grocery shopping i just take old tote bags that i have had lying around the house for years. i’ve never once bought a “green bag”. it seems very …
  • thanks you guys! bastyr looks incredible. i’m tempted to transfer and finish my undergrad there now… stupid UT nutrition dept.
    in daily victories Comment by KelleyS
  • oh god… i ate vegan cake and ice cream today… as well as couscous and black bean soup… my stomach is going to be MESSED UP tomorrow. bad idea. i went on a great run tonight so at least i burned it off. i was just seriously CRAVING sweets today since…
  • see in austin we have the deep eddy pool, which is fed from the natural springs, and then lakes and other various natural places to swim in… but it isn’t practical during the week since i have class everyday and work several times a week. so i don’t…
    in swimming. Comment by KelleyS
  • maybe add an avocado and a banana daily if you don’t like nuts, that will increase caloric intake by like 400-ish kcal right there. dried fruit, too, is also higher in calories.
    in confused! Comment by KelleyS
  • My favorite band, Shearwater ( http://shearwatermusic.com/ ) recently released their new album, Rook. It is a masterpiece. I saw a special performance they did last week in which they played the new album in it’s entirety with strings, woodwinds, an…
    in good news! Comment by KelleyS
  • nycgrrl, you look amazing. it’s seriously like my dream to have a body like yours… i don’t look nearly as good as you at 19. wow.
  • Thank you for all of the great advice, y’all. I’ve been meaning to start yoga/pilates for a few years. I was at Marshall’s yesterday looking for a new cutting board, and they had a ton of DVD’s on sale. I picked up a yoga, pilates, and a yoga/pilate…
  • If you put fruit in a brown paper bag on the counter, it accelerates ripening. Maybe if you are that unhappy as a fruitarian, you shouldn’t do it. That seems to be the obvious solution.
  • I’ve never heard of someone cooking an avocado. Besides, eating something that was cooked won’t by default make you fat. Will eating steamed broccoli make you fat? Nope.
    in One avocado a day? Comment by KelleyS
  • Okay so I don’t live in Arcata (although I almost moved to Eureka two years back, it’s a beautiful area). I had to comment though, because I read your profile and thought it was funny. I’ve always had the sentiment that I’m the only one who grows sp…
  • my favorite cooked vegetable is broccoli. oh god… yum :D i think the baked sweet potato and asparagus are excellent suggetions as well
  • My experience with Master Cleanse was horrible. I was extremely low energy for extended periods during the day, experienced headaches, couldn’t concentrate, was a complete bitch half the time… just didn’t feel good. I lost a little weight, but who r…
  • Today has been the worst day yet. The not eating part isn’t bad, but I’ve felt really low-energy all day. I had to take a nap and I haven’t been able to concentrate on my schoolwork… any suggestions?
  • Thank y’all so much for the insight and encouragement! Day 3 of my cleanse is winding down, and it has been going well. That mental desire for food that has been a little difficult, but I’m not experiencing uncomfortable hunger anymore so that makes…
  • i am 19.
    in How old are you? Comment by KelleyS
  • I don’t have a blender so I don’t even drink smoothies at all! I personally would rather just have a piece of fruit in the morning and a nice salad for lunch and dinner than have my meals in smoothie form. I think it’s more satisfying.
  • I primarily eat a bunch of veggies, fruits, and sprouted grains and legumes. Nuts are something I eat modestly. I always sprinkle a few seeds in my salads or sometimes put a bit of nut butter on my apples or bananas. Sometimes I’ll have a few almond…
    in Eating Nuts Comment by KelleyS
  • I would like to lose about 10 lbs. While I’m at a healthy weight, I have a few lbs of body fat that need to go. The summer is coming up and all… swimsuits… ughh. I’ve already noticed that my pants are getting looser, which is a lovely feeling. I’m j…
  • Awesome! Thanks a bunch! I’m excited to see how they turn out. I plan on making a salad once they’re done with some sprouted quinoa, bell peppers, and whatever else looks good.