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Join me for a Master Cleanse, Friday, the 25th!



  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    On day 29!!!!

    One more day for my Master cleanse…one more day…one more day….one more day…one more day…one more day!!!!


  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    What an incredible feeling, Isis!! I remember how I felt on day 9 of my first cleanse just having one more day. The anticipation must be tripled for you. You’ve done a great job, and you’ve done tons of good for yourself. Congrats!

    I have more energy today than I did yesterday. I feel like I got over a hump. I’d love to go out and take a walk, but it’s cold outside, so I may use my rebounder instead. I laid out in the sun for awhile this morning, and it felt great. I’m so grateful that I have the knowledge and opportunity to take care of myself well.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Wow Isis, 30 days! Congrats! (a little early). I hope to do as well on my juice feast I’ll start 2/6. My worst time after the first couple of days is always breaking the fast. I did much better on my 5 day liver flush, so I’m hoping I’ll have control again when it is finally time to break the juicefeast.
    Rawvoice- I also feel blessed to have discovered this knowledge and can help my husband and I stay as healthy and vibrant as possible. My husband is not raw, but at least he is exposed to health info! I hope you sail through to the end of your cleanse.

  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    RawVoice – Hang tight!! Are you on day 6 or 7? I do know that 7 is a hard one.

    I had a hard day today. Burning eliminations, and I was so tired I kept falling asleep. I feel like I don’t even want to drink the LA anymore, I’m not hungry or craving food, I just am sick of the same thing everyday.

    Please feel free to call on me if you need support!

    deborahann- a juice fast sounds like a great plan. Lots of celery juice is a great flush. What did you do for your 5 day liver flush?

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    John Barron’s world detox event. It entailed taking a liver tincture and blood cleanser (both cleansing type herb extracts) 3 times daily, fresh juice as needed and a morning flush drink to stimulate a good gall bladder contraction. The morning flush was 1 cup of a citrus juice (I used grapefruit), 1 peeled lemon, 1/2 cup or so of water, 1 inch segment of ginger, 1-5 cloves of garlic and 1-5 TBSP of raw olive oil. You started at 1 and increased 1 clove and TBSP each day. I actually felt pretty good the whole time and wasn’t really hungry when it was time to break the fast. I didn’t pass any stones on this but I could see the bile in the eliminations so I think I was definitely contracting the gall bladder!
    I hope you get to feeling better. I have done a couple of colon cleanses in the past and have days where I thought I was going to die,I felt so bad. Knowing that I’m ridding my body of junk keeps me going and when I feel better, it’s usually extremely better.

  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    Thank you deborahann I will look that up for the future.

  • deborahann I noticed earlier that you said you are starting a juice feast on 2/6. I tracked my package of salts as they still are not here. I guess I will probably get them on Monday. In any case, for various reasons I have decided to start next Wed, which I guess is 2/6. Im so ready! I’ll be getting back on this thread during that period and I hope to hear how you are doing on your juice feast.

    RawVoice Sending you the best of all vibes. Thank you for starting this thread and best wishes as you complete your 10 day MC!!!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Marysia- We can keep up with each other on this thread. I usually check in at lunch and evening. I am going to do some juicing this weekend to get my timing down and mixtures figured out. I am also trying to lighten my diet which I needed to do anyway in prep for wed. I think it is better for me to be at work the first few days because I am not tempted to eat and hopefully I’ll be into the groove of things by the weekend. I always eat too much on the weekend! I would rather be hungry and feel bad at work where my attention will have to be focused elsewhere!

    Isis- I am using the juicefeasting.com website for guidance through this and they want you to drink the juice of 1 whole celery head daily! in addition to 1 or 2 pounds of greens, many different veggies and a bit of fruit. Nutrition-wise I think it’ll be the best my body has seen in a long time! I have been eating very high raw this month but I tend to get stuck in ruts with the food I eat so I am so looking forward to this.I’m sure by day 3 or 4 I’ll be wondering what the heck I was thinking! LOL!

    Best Wishes RawVoice

  • I did a Master Cleanse a few weeks ago and will do another very soon. I am so glad that others know who Stanley Burroughs is. A great pioneer. I have not found a better cleanse.
    I always use the tea and the salt water flush. I loved the feeling of how light I was when I do both. I also was a bit weak the first time and then I realized I was only doing 6 or 7 glasses of the lemonade. I started drinking the 12 and I was never hungry or weak.
    I can’t wait to do another cleanse.I might do what you did IsisDC and do one for an entire month! I read about a woman that did a Master Cleanse for 372 days straight! She ran 7 miles every day and maintained her weight at 115 lbs! Amazing!

    Peace, love and light.


  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Astara: That is amazing that someone could do the MC for so long! I’ve done it 2x in the past. The first time was wonderful – i could not do the lax. tea because I had intense pains and cramping, so i only did the SWF. I did the 10 days and then 3 of juicing and slowly began eating again. I think i lost about 8 pounds and kept it off. Then, i did it a few months later and it was great. I did it for 12 days and then 3 days of juicing, etc… I had planned for 15, but i ended up ending it early. After that last cleanse, i was craving anything and everything sweet. Kinda defeated the purpose of the cleanse :) I plan on doing it again in February. I’ve been raw for about 5 months now so hopefully this one will be an excellent one! I too was never hungry or weak – except on that horrible day 7!!!! Day 7 should be banned from the MC! Ha! Keep up the good work with the MC everyone :) Will be joining you in about 2 weeks!

  • i did the salt water flush and it eliminated stuff in my colon fast. im drinking the lemon water but there was some growth on top of my maple syrup so i was scared to use it.when i loooked it up it said that mold can grow on maple syrup and shelf life is 6 months.i was buying large syrup in bulk. maybe i should buy smaller ones in a glass container.then someone said maple syrup isn’t raw. do i need the maple syrup?i just need a good sweetener. i also took a tablespoon of bentonite clay for the first time. interesting sensation. laxative tea bothers me, i think it’s because of the senna. i had pains and had to go to the bathroom more often than the salt water but maybe thats because i ate more food then. the salt water didn’t irritate my colon.

  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    Astara- I was told that you must wait at least 3 months between Master Cleanses. But, if you would like to wait, in three months if you like I will do another 30 fast and we can be fast buddies.

    Carrie- yes day 7 is HELL as is day 15 and day 22 day 28 …..but it’s like that test of fire in The Magic Flute, and what doesn’t kill us…you know…makes us “stranger” lol!

    Debra- JuiceFeasting looks AWESOME, I am one day back on food and I am sick of eating already, I might do a few days of this a week to keep things going.

    TopCat- Master Cleanse experts claim you really cannot take anything else but what is written in the book.
    There is an excellent forum that is really supportive that I have posted on:


    There are some really good people on there to help you along and it’s a very friendly and welcoming board.


  • carrie6292-Yes it is amazing! I found her story in the book by a student of Stanley Burroughs, Tom Woloshyn. “The Complete Master Cleanse” is a great addition to your library.
    Day 7 was nasty to me too the first time. You might looking for another tea. There about 10 on the market and 4 kinds in my store.

    topcat-You do need the maple syrup and make sure it is Grade B. That is important. Grade A is the first run of syrup of the year. Grade B is the second run. It is darker, has more body but the important thing for this cleanse is that this run has more minerals. Maple syrup is also a natural preservative. It will preserve the lemon juice if you need to take it with you. Just put the 2 tablespoons of juice and the 2 tablespoons syrup in a bottle and add the pepper only when you make the drink. If you add the pepper sooner it will make it real HOT! Like Stanley said,” It won’t work if you don’t follow directions.”

    IsisDC-I have not found the passage that states a 3 month pause between cleanses. I have four books and I studied all of them about a month before I attempted the first cleanse and still opened each one almost everyday of my first cleanse. The but regardless, I would love to do a thirty day cleanse with you!!


  • RawKarateGirlRawKarateGirl Raw Newbie

    How is everyone doing???

  • I just finished a 20 MC. I feel great and have stayed RAW since I ended. Can’t wait to do it again in a few months. Good Luck

  • Good for you dolludlux! I cant wait to do a cleanse a little longer like the twenty or thirty days. I just did a short one and felt great.

  • RawKarateGirlRawKarateGirl Raw Newbie

    I’m still new to raw food and was wondering what you do in this fast???

  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    RawKarate- Here is a really good site that can help:


    Dolly- Good work! Don’t you feel great? I can’t wait to do it again in April or May.

  • RawKarateGirlRawKarateGirl Raw Newbie

    Thanks IsisDC!!!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    well, the juice feast starts tomorrow so wish me luck! Good luck and Blessings to all those on or embarking on a cleanse!

  • Good luck! My Master Cleanse starts tommorow, as today ended up being a raw food potluck. Cant miss that! Ill be checking in and looking forward to exchanging impressions! Have a blessed day!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    First day of the juice feast down and I learned ALOT! I started juicing a 5 AM and juiced until 6:30 and still only got 2.5 qts of green juice made. I made some more at lunch for a total of about 3qts which is less than the 4 qts I am supposed to drink. I am using bee pollen and a couple of green superfoods and was only mildly hungry. I managed to get a good variety of produce in, but I am definitely going to head to the store tomorrow after work. Hopefully this weekend I can get some practice in on some more variable juices. I found some good options on this site. BTW,I have fought for the last couple of months to get more alkaline and I am always, at best 6.8 and rarely 7. Today I was never below 6.8 YEAH. Mornings, I am usually 6 to 6.4 so we’ll see how this shakes out!

  • salt water cleanse and bentonite made me severely constipated after I ate something. I shouldve ate yogurt to replenish the intestinal flora. is there anything else that helps? i think i wasted my money on whole foods “complete body cleanse”. it uses magnesium hydroxide as laxative and makes me ill. it doesnt work that well anyway. i want a refund but whole foods doesn’t do that. i’ll just take the milk thistle for liver.

  • I start another MC on Friday (Feb. 8)! Glad to see so many other people are taking the trek as well.

    Topcat- I know that the Master Cleanse forum recommends these to replenish intestinal flora: http://www.country-life.com/moreinfo.cfm?Catego… Daily Dohphilis. I took it after my first MC and didn’t feel ill at all.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    topcat, Did you flush after the salt water and THEN take the bentonite? I have used grape juice for the bentonite (but mixed with psyllium seed husk). This concoction is the “colon cleanse”. So, the day after colon cleanses, I did a salt water flush to help get the “colon cleanse” stuff out… and whatever else.

    Also, I was fasting during the time I did this cleanse… but, did add necessary supplements!

    On my own, I’ve only done a one-day cleanse (followed by a 2nd-day salt water flush) while fasting & taking supplements.

    As for the yogurt… I understand what you mean. I didn’t take anything for that. I wouldn’t know what to recommend.

  • From what the Master Cleanse book says, we should not have to take any additional suplements during the cleanse itself, but taking probiotics is recommended after.

    So, I am on Day 1 and so far, so good. I do have a question though about the salt flush in the morning for the Master Cleanse. Does it have to be celtic sea salt? Ive heard both yes and no and am confused. I drank smoothe move tea this morning, but I want to do this thing right.

    Am looking forward to hearing opinions on this! Thanks!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I tried the SWF on it’s own a while ago and it did very little for me. There was a lot of gurgling etc., but hardly anything produced. I think I absorbed all of that salt! so I never tried it again. I get good movement with senna type teas and colon corrective formulas. So far I’ve had some mild detox and more hungry today but all in all so far so good.

  • Thanks deborahann, for now I will stick to tea.

    My day 1 went pretty well. I had enough energy to ski in the morning and I will definitely have 12 glasses of lemonade by the time the day is done. Its 5pm, and I have had 7 glasses! I am hungry. But I like the lemonade drink a lot. 1 day down..almost ;)

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Hunger was not so bad this afternoon. Drank 3 qts juice + the green superfoods, etc. I am oscillating between lots of energy and tired, but in general,I feel good; I am just having times when I am very cold. Hopefully I can get a skin brush and get some other detox modalities going. I just don’t have time to do them all!

  • Day 2 is comming to an end.. kind of.
    I started out the day really well. Had good eliminations in the morning and I also woke up last night to eliminate. I had energy this morning and worked a ski race (no, I did not race- I just stood there in the cold for 8 hours!) but I was doing well. When I got home, I felt really tired and low energy and then I have just been so incredibly cranky! I feel angry at my poor husband and I cant stop thinking about COOKED food! Help, this sucks!!! Im going to keep on going, hoping this is a hurdle I have to get through, but to be honest, I am feeling like 10 days will be hard to achieve! .. I should probably add that this is the first time in my life that I have “fasted” for more than 1 day. 1st MC. oh, its a killin me..

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