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Join me for a Master Cleanse, Friday, the 25th!



  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    So day two is wrapping up.. luckily! and it was a lot easier than day one. Although I do find myself dreaming my post cleanse meal and I know that is not good to obsess about food so I”m trying to quit. I feel hungriest between 4-7 I think.. then it wears off. I feel like I am cleansing though so that makes me feel postive!

  • Hey everyone!
    Today was a budy day! I was all over and always moving! So my energy level is realllly low… It’s only 6:40 and I’m already thinking about heading to bed. I’m so hungry right now, I want to chug my maple syrup can! LOL kminty how many glasses of lemonade have you been drinking? I only had 3 yesterday because I just didn’t want any more, but I ended up having 5 today. I’m also retaining a ton of water and feel bloated… is this normal???

  • Thanks everyone, for the kind words.

    Kathrynintheraw: I retained a lot of water during the cleanse, as well. I definately did not drop a lot of water weight on it! I just kept trying to drink more and more water to try to lose the retention. But, that was one of my biggest obstacles.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Hey Kathryn..I’m drinking about 6 cups of the lemonade a day.. and usually I do mine in a coffee cup so it’s only about six ounces maybe of water? I drink one or two cups of peppermint tea and the smooth move tea at night.

    The last two days the salt water flush was amazing but this morning it doens't seem to be working. I feel less hungry though, that's been my biggest issue. I haven't had real detox symptoms I don't think. No headaches or body aches or anything like that. I think it would be really really difficult to come off a SAD diet, and caffeine and try to do a MC. I had detox symptoms when I stopped eating meat, again when I gave up coffee, and then again when I gave up tea and dairy. So I think that's made my detox symtpoms less on the MC. Poor Beyonce! I think she went from SAD to MC.. tough! Ok.. I"m officially babbling. Today I took the day off work and plan to clean my guest room and watch old episodes of Friday Night Lights.. oh and also do some reading/journaling. I'm ready Sunfood Diet Success System by Dave Wolfe. Lots of interesting stuff.. I'm just praying I'm at the point where the hunger turns off!
  • Hey everyone. I am on day 10!!! I can’t believe I made it. Honestly, day 7 and 8 were the worst. Yesterday (day 9) I had a really hard time concentrating on my work but I got a really good night of sleep and feel super now. I found that I had the most energy when I got a ton of sleep the night before. I started actually seeing the detox on day 5 – what a motivator!

    I am a little concerned that it seems my body is eliminating toxins and maybe I should stay on the cleanse a few more days, but I am torn about this. I am ready to go back to my raw lifestyle, which will also detox right? Anyone have an opinion about when to end the MC???

  • kminty: It sounds like you aren’t putting in enough water. The “recipe” calls for 8 oz of water with the 1 oz each of lemon juice and maple syrup and I think burroughs mentions that these ratios are very important. If you are still hungry, you may need to drink more lemonade. I drank about 9 glasses a day…sometimes even 12. I was not trying to lose weight (and don’t need to) but still did and didn’t seem to have an issue with retaining fluid. Also, you might need to try pure senna tea rather than the smooth move (which is a blend) if you don’t feel like you are having sufficient eliminations (2 or more a day). Also, somedays I found that I had to have my first glass of lemonade before my first elimination. I hope that helps!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    thanks for the advice frustrated.. I will add more water and see how that goes!

  • Junebelle I think if you’re having doubts about ending the cleanse, you should consider staying on it for a few more days- at least until you’re SURE you want to end it. I plan on staying on mine for at least 14 days, until all detox symptoms are gone and I’m not having cravings anymore. I think you just have to listen to your body for the answer. Hope this helps in some way =)

  • Junebelle- What does your tongue look like? They say that when the tongue is back to pink, your body is finished detoxing. You will continue to detox after your cleanse…especially if you juice. My husband made a juice with beets after his detox that worked wonders. He said he felt like he eliminated more in one day than in the previous 8 combined. Beets are known for flushing the liver/kidney/bladder. No matter what you decide to do, you should be proud!

  • Kminty, I hear you… all I have been thinking about is how good actual food will taste when this is over!However, I know it’s completely a mental thing, as I’m not actually hungry. Days one and two have not been too hard so far.. I am a bit concerned that the smooth move isn’t working as it should… not to be too graphic but how much should actually be being eliminated at this point? It hasn’t been much so far…
    Congratulations Junebelle!

  • Well DAY 3 is coming to a close. It went by pretty fast- I had a busy day and only managed to drink 3 glasses of lemonade, so I am TIRED! The food cravings were intense but manageable today. All I wannted to do was sink my teeth into a nice juicy heirloom tomato! But like I said, it was alot easier to just push the cravings aside and forget about them. I’m not “hungry” anymore… rather, there’s this weird kind of dull ache in my tummy, but it’s not the same as feeling hungry Detox/ Cleansing perhaps? lol rsoranno, are you doing a SWF in the morning or are you doing tea morning and night? I find the tea REALLY works- I have a BM before I even do the SWF in the morning. Today I had 5 BMs total… they weren’t very big, but they still count I guess (sorry… too much information???). You could try either drinking a more concentrated tea or getting a new brand. If you are doing the SWF, you could try more salt, but make sure to drink more water to go along with that. I do about 40 oz water/ 1tbsp salt and it works like a charm.
    I hope everyone’s days went well!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    yeah Kathryn we made it past day three! Day 4 is starting off well. I don’t feel super hungry. It is kind of a dull ache, that’s a good way to describe it. I was very lazy/leisurely yesterday but I plan to be a little more active today. Hope that won’t make me too hungry or weak or anything like that. I still haven’t felt “detox” symptoms, only the big H, hunger! The food that sounds the best to me is very simple, avocado with tomato mashed up together… Part of the reason I wanted to do this was to get some sort of control over my eating habits and not feel so worried about missing a meal ocasionally. I think that will be accomplished. I think I will even be able to stop my habit of eating a pretty big “snack” after dinner! Now that I can truly see what hunger is, I think it’ll be easier to recognize when I am eating just to eat. On the “possibly too much information” note: my elimnations are all very small and just mostly liquid, don’t know if that’s ok or not. Today I’m going to actually use my juicer for my lemons, I have been juicing them by hand. Mostly because I just don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen, I’m avoiding it like the plague not because I think I’ll eat but because I might start to feel like I”m missing something or feel sorry for myself, I usually spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Oh.. extra kudos to all of you who have children that you cook and prepare food for, I bet that is tough. Like I said, I can avoid the whole kitchen and my hubbie cooks/etc, for himself or both of us most the time anyway. Good luck on today all..

  • Thanks everyone for the support! I decided to end my MC I am now on OJ for 2 days. To be honest I think if I waited until my body finished detoxing I may have been on the MC for the full 40 days;) I felt I was not prepared for that kind of commitment this time. The reason I started the MC was to smooth my transition into 100% RAW. I want to do another MC either late summer or early fall, for that one I will set different goals (like waiting until my tounge turns totally pink – and I stop eliminating god only knows what…)

    a note on eliminations I’ll try not to make this too graphic – but let be honest, we all want to take a look and see what toxins we are eliminating, so on that note… The first couple days (after my first SWF) all I eliminated was the cayenne pepper, and it was liquidy. I was wondering what the red sand looking stuff was, and on the night of day 3—oh the burn! It was cayenne pepper. I didn’t start seeing anything eventful until day 5. I mean who poo’s after not eating for 5 days???? But that is what happened. Nothing too solid – if felt like liquid on the way out but when I looked at it there was definately substance to the elimination. I did the SWF, so I know the track was clean in the morning – and then voila! My body started eliminating the toxins. Stick with it everyone, it is well worth it.

  • OOPS on the cross out. I will have to be mindful of where I place my dashes.

  • JDJD

    WOW, huge thread. Without reading everything, who wrote the Master Cleanse. I saw a book in Barnes and Noble. Or is this just something online.

  • well, day 3 has begun and I have to admit it’s gotten tougher… not so much the food cravings, I just don’t feel good. I’m hoping that will pass…..
    I actually have only been doing the laxative tea, the swf kind of freaks me out… (I’m nervous about having to go to work after doing it in the morning)
    I did steep the tea for longer last night and I can definitely tell the difference today! It makes me feel better to hear that most people have had small eliminations, at least in the beginning… we’ll see what happens after day 5

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    was actually able to go to the gym and run and lift weights. Then I “treated” myself to a long time in the sauna, which I theorize will help rid some of the toxins faster? I don’t know but it felt good. I just hope the activity doesn’t lead to a hungry spike..

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    was actually able to go to the gym and run and lift weights. Then I “treated” myself to a long time in the sauna, which I theorize will help rid some of the toxins faster? I don’t know but it felt good. I just hope the activity doesn’t lead to a hungry spike..

  • You’re doing better than I am! Today has been a realllly low energy day so far. All I want to do is curl up in bed. I’m impressed you worked out! And the sauna sounds like a good idea… I bet it does get alot of toxins out.
    And MAN!, I am craving chocolate like it’s nobody’s business! My roomie just had her wisdom teeth out, so I brought her a chocolate milkshake. What a test of strength LOL That milkshake looked so good I could have bathed in it! I have a chocolate roobios tea… I wonder if that’s allowed… And I’m STILL retaining a ton of water, too. My pants are actually tighter than they were yesterday (I tried on the same pair to compare), so I don’t even know if I’m losing any weight on this. Does anyone know a way to make water retention stop???
    As you can probably tell from all the complaining, day 4 hasn’t been the best of days so far haha. Keep it up rsoranno and kminty!
    Oh and, pundee, here’s a link for the MC “manual”... I’m not sure whether or not there is an actual book, but this seems to be the standard that everyone’s been going by: http://healthandlight.com/TheMasterCleanse.pdf

  • kminty I am impressed with your workout. I’m planning on going to the gym tonight, but we’ll see what happens there! It’s good to have you and kathryn just a day ahead of me so I kind of know what to expect.
    I have a question, I know the book says that 10 days is the minimum, but what are people’s thoughts on an 8 day MC with proper transitioning at the end? I have to travel (on a plane, from Connecticut to Texas for a wedding) on what would be my first day of transitioning and I’m nervous about how that all could work.

  • kminty I just read your profile.. I love Oregon! I actually lived in Eugene for a year after college but moved back to Connecticut because my boyfriend at the time (who’s now my fiance) wanted to come back…. I’m going to be in Eugene soon, actually flying there from Texas! I’m very excited, I miss it alot….

  • kathrynintheraw – are you doing the SWF? maybe you are absorbing some of the salt and that is why you are retaining fluids?

    2 of my girlfriends and I are all starting on March 1…. I am transitioning into the MC with all raw today, only smoothies tomorrow, only juice on friday, then mc saturday. I’ll keep you posted!

  • Thanks Renoir! I am doing the SWF so that would explain it. If I just drink more water, that will probably do the trick. Good luck on your MC!

  • rsoranno I have a cousin who only does the MC for 5 days. He does this twice a year and was the one who initially recommended the MC to me a few years ago. He said he drinks the lemonade M-TH and then on Friday he starts with OJ, has fruit for lunch, salad for dinner. He feels good after the cleanse. I don’t know if this helps you at all. If you are just using the MC as a clean up, and not to allow your body to heal an ailment (one example used in the book is an ulcer) I would think 8 days are better than no days, but maybe someone else knows why Mr Burroughs recommends a min of 10 days.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Feeling good and positive this morning, although it seems to be a pattern for me that I feel great up until about 4 oclock then feel miserable till about 6 or 7. Don’t know what it is about those hours, perhaps the whole dinner thing.
    I think I am cleansing because I’ve dropped 5 pounds. That makes me feel encouraged. I also think I will be able to really re-evaluate my habits after this and be less “food addicted”. Never really realized I was but now I see all these instances where I use food for emotional reasons.
    Today I will workout (short, just to get a little sweat going) and work, so we’ll see how that goes, I have yet to do both in a day! Good luck today everyone!

    rsoranno: Oregon is great isn’t it!! I grew up and Eugene and get homesick like it’s nobody’s business. Northern NY is beautiful.. but nothing compares to oregon imo.

  • Thanks Junebelle! That helps, I’m doing the MC to cleanse and jump start my weight loss/healthy eating program, so I think I am going to do eight days now and then do a full 10 or even more in the summer.
    Day 3 was tough, but day four has started good. I feel pretty good and definitely have lost some weight… not that you could tell by looking at me though. Didn’t make it to the gym last night but will try tonight. I feel the same way, kminty (both about food and Oregon!) But hopefully this cleanse will be a new beginning!
    Good luck with day 5 kminty & kathryn... I look forward to reading your posts tomorrow!

  • Day 5 is over! It was a tough day in terms of cravings, and some minor detox (headaches). The physical hunger is gone, but the mental hunger sure isn’t…. all I can think about is salad! lol But on the plus side, I have zero desire for cooked foods. I was considering doing this for 21 days, but I’m not sure I can do it for that long… I think I’ll just do 14. It’s tea time now. Hope everyone had a good day!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Starting day 6: just did my lovely salt water flush. I know it’s working, but I won’t miss it! I do wonder how many hours are suppose to be between the senna tea and the SWF? I usually have the tea at 7-8 pm, then the SWF at 7 am. Is that too much time?
    Today I am planning a nice day for myself. I plan to hit the gym for about 30 minutes of running then a nice long time in the sauna ( a big treat because it was -7 degrees here this morning) I plan to grocery shop (which may be hard, we’ll see) and perhaps catch a movie. I’m also planning to organize my cupboards because I really like doing stuff like that (a little phycho I know!) Yesterday hunger pangs got better. There is actually food that sounds really bad to me now, like the thought of eating them completely repulses me physcially where before it’d be all mental, I think it’s my body really finally being in control versus my mind, a good thing!
    Have a great day ladies!!!!

  • Day 4 was a great day for me, I felt great and had tons of energy (day 3 had been pretty tough so I really enjoyed yesterday). I was able to work out, 30 minutes of cardio plus abs and push ups… didn’t want to push too hard but I think I could’ve done more! I went to the grocery yesterday and walked aorund and was fine… I do have a crazy craving that just won’t go away, I would do almost anything for an avocado right now! Sounds like day 5 wasn’t too tough for you ladies… I am planning on having a very productive weekend (organizing and cleaning!) Good luck everyone!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    I keep craving avocado too rsoranno.. like you wouldn’t believe! besides salad it’s my most consistant craving. Our bodies our so smart to crave the plant fat and greens they really need! Glad you had energy yesterday rsoranno! :)

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