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Join me for a Master Cleanse, Friday, the 25th!



  • You are amazing, Marysia. Congratulations on your successful day 7! 10 days is well… wow 10 days. I have been 14 days raw today and it is a considerable amount of time, I think! I want to try that MC one day but I love lemon juice and am concerned that I will hate it afterwards! What do you think? Also, do you guys think it could be beneficial to do a 3 or 5 day MC? I am really intimidated by that 10 number for some reason!

  • Northerlights: I am totally intimidated by 10 days as well! :) I have heard of people ending theirs sooner, but the book says that one should do 10 days minimum. So Im not really sure… they were probably feeling like Im feeling now. (as I read the delicious new recipes!)

    Somehow, I think that the time goes faster on the MC than just on raw foods, maybe because you are not thinking about what you are eating? I dont know, but I know that my 14 days raw felt like a lot longer.. then again it IS a lot longer than 7- duuh! Wow, im tired.

    As for hating lemon juice, if you love it, I dont think you’ll hate it. Some people say they are sick of it by the end, but I have to say I ADORE lemons and I like the MC lemonade A LOT. I also really like maple syrup. In fact, Im planning a nice lemon pudding or lemon cookies (have you tried the ones on this site- they are INCREDIBLE!) with my left over lemons. cant wait!

    But also, I have to say that tonight, I am thinking about ending this MC sooner. I dont know, I just feel like I could eat some fruit. But I hope its the detox talking. I’ll do my best to stick it out. I bet Ill feel better tomorrow. but I just kind of feel like maybe its time for it to be over…?

    CONGRADULATIONS on being halfway through your 30 day goal! Rock on sista!

  • Day 8 Ok. So I am still on the MC train. Even though I DREAMT of raw FOOD last night! Im just going to do it, Im so close to being done. And, when I woke up I was once again looking forward to the lemonade drink.

    deborahann, how are you feeling?

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Didn’t sleep well last night, and was awakened at 3:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep! so I got up at 4 and started juicing. I think I am going to try making some juice at night so I don’t have to make so much in the AM. My hubby is leaving tonight for a week and he won’t be here to help if I run behind! Physically, I feel good, but I do dream of a great big salad! One thing I am very thankful for is that I have absolutely no cravings for junk or sugar. I am dropping about 1/2 lb per day now with very little exercise.
    Marysia, I work with animals and there is not enough help, hence the long hrs. I am hoping to cut back soon because I really need more “me” time and the stress is definitely taking it’s toll and has been for years. I think chronic stress is the major issue behind my health issues so I do really need to address this issue with my boss, but I am a very nonconfrontational / don’t rock the boat type of person so asking is very difficult for me.
    Northernlights, I started with short herbal colon cleanses that involved juice fasts and that helped jump start the cleansing. You could do short juice fasts and start there. I did that and would try to go until I had a cleansing reaction and then break it the nexy day.

  • Hey deborahann. I have the same issue with sleeping too… Except I cant fall asleep until 2am! I also woke up earlier today and was ready to start the day.

    Thats neat that you work with animals! You know, I bet your boss really values you as a person and as an employee and maybe he/she would be receptive if you said something a long the lines of “While I feel passionate about what we do here I also feel like I could do a better job, be a better _ if I felt that my work, my self care, and my family all received a balanced amount of my time. I would like to cut back by a few hours, and I am confident that the quality of my work is one of many things that will improve.”

    Or maybe something totally different. I had a really good experience confronting my boss once. I told him that I felt that I was more productive when I had a reasonably limited schedule, and that when I did not have a fixed number of hours (which would become 90) I was not living up to my potential as an employee and as a human being. He actually really listened and although it took some time for him to really implement my wish, he right away became more aware and respectful of my time.

    If you don’t want to confront him/her (as you say) maybe you can just start practicing the difficult art of saying “no”. “No, I cant stay late tonight.” This one can also be a hard one to learn! Its hard for me!!!

    Take my advice or leave it! Regardless, I hope that you find a way to feel balanced! I just remember all to well being in the same shoes as you!

    Sounds like you are doing beautifully on the juice feast!


  • Day 8 ended last night. Yippe. I keep having these dreams where I eat food and forget that I am on the MC and then I am like F*k!! In the master cleanse book it says that if you just start eating in the middle, and not transition, it can be very dangerous, you can even die! I think that really stuck with me and every night I dream that I forget and endanger my life, or at least my cleanse. Silly.

    Other than that I am counting down the days. Its not like I am suffering or even struggling, I am just excited about completing the MC.

    Other than all the physical benefits, I have to say a huge benefit is my new faith in my own will power. I feel like if I can do this, I can be so much wiser about my food choices in the future! I imagine something tempting me, and then telling myself “Is it worth putting this in me, after I cleaned myself out so nicely? Probably not.”

    Hope you’re doing well deborahann on the first day that your hubby is gone! Stay strong! :)

  • You ladies are amazing. Reading all of your stories has given me the courage to do my first MC. Today is my first day. I had the Salt Water flush this morning and my first Lemonade. I will check back in! Stay strong!

  • Way to go frusterated!!! Good luck! Stay strong- remember the first couple days are the hardest, then its smooth sailing! Enjoy the process! :)

  • Is Himalayan crystal salt OK to use for the flush instead of Celtic sea salt?

  • You know, I also had difficulties in finding out what sea salt was okay, other than celtic sea salt. I ended up doing smooth move tea in the morning and at night. That is another option outlined in the MC book.

  • How do I start a Master Cleanse and what am I suppose to do?

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Finally, a pretty good night’s sleep! I fell into bed at 8:30 and my alarm woke me at 4:30. I had to get up to P a few times but no trouble going back to sleep and this is normal for me anyway. I def. don’t feel as well today but it is waxing and waning so I think I am finally “cleansing”. I am drinking juice very regularly so hunger really isn’t a problem. This may also be why it’s taken so long to get a cleansing reaction, but at least I’m generally normal feeling.
    Thanks for all of your tips Marysia and I bet you are chomping at the bit to finish. That bread you posted looks wonderful. I had decided to get back to sprouted grain breads vs. nut/seed breads to decrease my fat intake. I can’t go on just fruits/veggies and have good energy; I never could even when young. I guess it is just my metabolism. Maybe this juice feast will undo some of the damage of my many years of junk (well, at least through my 20’s!) and I won’t need so much. I’ll just have to see.
    Kathrynintheraw, I think either salt would work

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    This post has also inspired me to start the MC. I am starting the 24th (had to wait a little because I”m also training for a May marathon and wanted to pick a week without a long run). I’m really intimidated by all this but Marysia your stories have been so fun to read that I think I just may be able to do it :)

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    SpurEm, Maysia posted a link to the online book in one of her posts on this thread. You can check it out.
    Best Wishes Kminty! I am in awe of long distance runners. I can hike and walk forever, but I never was a good runner; I always felt like I couldn’t breathe and my legs just hurt. I always joked I was built for stregnth, not endurance.Good Luck on the marathon.

  • kminty3 I’m starting a Master Cleanse on the 24th as well! I bought my maple syrup and sea salt today actually. How long are you going for? I think I’m going to make mine 14 days. Hopefully we can keep in touch throughout and offer each other some support!

  • Day 9 is finally coming to an end. Tommorow morning I leave for central Vermont, to go to a 2 day garden conference. I have packed up organges for my 2 day post MC and I have to admitt, it will be difficult to complete the cleanse amist such glorious food. BUT I have come this far, I am going to finish this right. I will most likely not have internet access, so I will check in on day 1 of oranges.

    Good luck kminty3 and SpurEm! I have to say, I imagine it would be difficult for me to run and do the MC- but then again Im not a great runner anyways, and people have done it!! Power to you!

    Now, the next challange is not jumping into food too fast. This may be difficult. I have people visiting us, which is another obstacle. My plan is to follow the MC transition plan: 2 days orange juice. 3rd day, fruit and salad. Then, I will make some energy soup and get some Kamboocha to reliven my bacterial flora.. FUN! :)

    Good luck to everyone else!! Blessings to all!

  • WAY TO GO GIRL!!!! I am so proud of you Marysia. How do you really feel? I remember the first MC I did. I felt alive for the first time. Well, I am about to start a 30 day cleanse. I will also be keeping an on going posts on livejurnal.com and on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/astara68. I would love to see ya’ll there.

    My 30 day MC won’t start till March 9th.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    SeeYa Marysia, I have to say that I think breaking a fast is the hardest part and you have to do it on the raod! Yikes! Best Wishes to you and enjoy those oranges!

  • Stay strong Marysia…you made it this far! Asatara…wow 30 days…you go girl! I haven’t actually set a time for my MC…going to see how long it takes for the tongue to get pink again.

    My first day is coming to an end. And I feel pretty good…a little tired, but otherwise good. I had 9 glasses of lemonade so far. Do I need to do the full 12?

    I went and did yoga today…something I have been trying to do for months. So if nothing else good comes of this MC, I will have found yoga…YEAH!!!!

    I also went to chiropractor for an adjustment for my lower back which has been spasming. He is big in holistic medicine and suggested a Vitamin C flush (for digestive tract) and a Liver/Gall Bladder (for duh the obvious and passing gallstones). I read the book and was under the assumption that the MC did all of this. Did I misread in my excitement? If not, has anyone had any experience with either of these flushes? I might try them after my MC.

  • frustrated
    Really just 6 but try to get as close to the 12 as you can. It works best that way. Remember, this combo was designed to scrub out your intestines.
    As far as the other cleanses, I have only done the MC. After how good this was, I am afraid to try the others. lol And yes, it dose all that the others do and more. Yoga is your new best friend. You will find that you will find better ballance in a few more days.
    Which books have you read frustrated?

  • Good, so I don’t need to drink anymore, unless I get hungry. I was really doing good until dinner time came and I was making dinner for my kids. So I just drank to get through it. (Probably the only time that is okay to say.)
    I read Stanley Bouroghs book and am reading Peter Glickman’s. I have also read quite a few forums to see and understand the “human” side and experience. Good, so I’m not imagining things. My chiro had never heard of this MC, so perhaps his inexperience explains his suggestions. I have heard some horror stories about gall bladder flushes involving glasses of olive oil, and no gall stones. I guess it just depends on the person and what their diet is comprised of. Have you passed any stones in your previous MC?

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    kathrynintheraw I’m so excited you are starting the 24th as well! Yeah! I plan to go ten days but will support you through 14! I got my maple syrup, epson and sea salts, etc. yesterday and today I’m planning on selecting a few books I’ve been dying to read as a “treat” for when the hunger gets to be too much. I took an extra day off work that week too in case work is overwhelming. I plan not to run too much during that week, just enough to keep my legs relaxed but nothing serious.
    Marysia.. you will do awesome breaking your fast, you have such a fun spirit and awesome strength!

  • Thanks kminty! I’m feeling pretty nervous about the cleanse… I feel like it’s a pretty big leap of faith. This week is my “stock up” week… I’m just getting alot of sleep and making some really good raw treats (tomorrow is raw pizza!). I’m so glad we’re doing it at the same time! =) I wonder how Marysia’s day 10 went…

  • I am so glad everyone has the support they are looking for. I will start a 30 cleanse on the 9th of March. That makes me nervous. frustrated, I am glad you have Stanley’s book. That is a must have for the true MC fan. And yes I did pas a stone or two. Not fun but I did it.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I can’t believe it’s day 11. It is really flying. I am really having no problems except the time in the AM it takes to juice. I think I am going to get the enzymes, though. My muscle pain is much better but not resolved but I am stretching a lot better. Before I couldn’t even bend over to touch my toes! Blessings to all!

  • Geez. It appears I am a little behind… I just joined this site and have happily discovered this forum. I have been wanting to try the Master Cleanse for a while and now that I truly feel I won’t be alone through the process I am going to give it a go starting Tuesday. Very Excited.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    can’t wait to hear how Marysia broke the fast!!!
    I’m getting excited and nervous.. I slept a lot this weekend and am secretly hoping I can sleep a lot on the MC. I’ve been having some talks with the husband about it because his first response was not good. When I first told him about it he said that’s stupid and he’s heard (I think through the media because Beyonce did the MC for Dreamgirls) everyone just gains a bunch of weight back afterward and I told him I wasn’t doing it for weight loss but for cleansing and he said he didn’t understand why I needed to cleanse so much. But since that (that was a few days ago) he’s gotten more supportive and has been asking me when I’m going to start, etc. I guess I’m just nervous that because he’s not doing it I’ll be tempted by our rituals of eating.. i.e… we always make nice dinners for each other on the weekends, always have a little snack while watching t.v. in the evening.. kathrynintheraw I will need your support while your doing it too!

  • So my Day 2 was pretty good. I found that I was really hungry, so I just drank more lemonade. My husband started today (yesterday) so it is nice to have his support. I am really feeling a mental clarity and my mood has definitely improved. I also have been making lots of raw snacks that I never seem to have the time for usually. I bought a different tea (Get it going) and it was not as good as Smooth Move. If anyone is having difficulties with the tea being too strong, I would suggest the Get it going. I got it at Whole Foods, but I am sure you can find it elsewhere. Last night I slept much better and got to sleep in today (since my hubby got up with the kids). I had my SWF about 90 mins ago and I stil am not hungry. I am really enjoying how I feel so I am glad that I took the plunge to try this. Someone at Whole Foods told me that the first time is the best and that you should try to go for as long as possible. So, I guess I will see how I feel, but I am not putting a time limit on my MC.

    kminty3: I totally hear you about your nerves. When I cook my kids their meals it can be tough, but I just feel sooo good, that I am not even tempted. Maybe you can find something else to occupy yourself while he is eating and then find something special (read: outside of your normal routine) to do together to keep your “together” time. Does that make sense? Anyway just my 2 cents. In my humble opinion, you will have extra strength from the MC.

    Because my husband and I are the only people we know who are “crazy” enough to do something like this, it is really helpful to have this forum to speak to all of you. Thanks!

  • Hey Guys! Congratulations to all of you who are embarking on the MC adventure!

    Well I am back from my conference, and I have to be honest, I have not been doing as well as I had hoped.

    I finished the MC well, but then on my first transition day, I already messed up! I started with the OJ but, unlike the lemonade drink, it did not satisfy me and I was really hungry. But I made it through the hunger (no biggie after 10 days) until the farmers at the conference made a huge dinner for everyone involved, as a goodbye. It was such an incredible gathering (sustainable farming in Vermont) and the food was all local, grown organically on these soils. Farmers dug up root veggies and roasted them and served those up with other things. All the sudden, I felt so out of place with my oh so non local oranges that I was squeezing dry. I decided that roasted local veggies prepared with love where okay, and well, the rest is history. Coming home was good, because I got back into my raw food swing pretty fast, but I found that I am deff hungry and my body is craving food and nutrition! I feel like part of my body is kind of freaking out, like “wow girl, if you are going to take our nutrients away from us again then we better stock up!”. Its not a good reaction.

    Looking back on the MC, I am happy I did it. I did feel good, but not best in my life, like others said. I think the best thing is my new self esteem about my will power. It allowed me to take upon a new challenge- I am going to try to start running every day. I am not a runner, so this is a big deal for me. Today, I went out and ran for 30 min after a 5 min walk warm up and I could not believe that I could do it! I think that I can now see what I am capable of.

    But, I have to say, that being an “all or nothing” kind of girl, it is incredibly hard to transition back to food. I have been eating A LOT. and even some cooked food!!! eeek!

    Well, I hope you guys are not disappointed in me! :( Part of me felt like I may have failed you. But I really wanted to present my experience as honestly as possible, and alas, this is part of the tale!

    I wish you all luck and beautiful experiences detoxing! Yippe!


  • Wow. You guys are all VERY inspiring… and tough!

    Marysia… your honesty is actually quite pleasant to hear! You are human and sometimes we are creatures of temptation~ And man is cooked food tempting (& everywhere)! I have even found it to have drug-like properties in that I will be raw for a few months, give into some delicious cooked vegan dish thinking “just this time” and suddenly it has been a three weeks and all my allergies are back full force. Then I feel like a looser addict putting things into my body I know will cause harm. But huge congrats to you for conquering the master cleanse! No easy feat!

    I had really wanted to start tomorrow (Tuesday) but after reading your guy’s battles on day seven and realizing I had a genetics midterm that night have decided to post pone till Wednesday. And I am a bit confused on what to do about the pill during this time… I suppose I should just stop taking it, but have any of you tried using it alongside the cleanse?

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