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Join me for a Master Cleanse, Friday, the 25th!



  • kathrynintherawkathrynintheraw Raw Newbie

    It’s so true!... I went to get more maple syrup today and was presented with a whole store of dried fruit, raw nuts and all sorts of goodies. But I didn’t get hungry until I got to the produce section! =P (Even the Luna bars didn’t look appetizing) I’m feeling confident that when I’m done this I’ll be 100% devoted to raw. Bring on the greens lol

  • oh, ladies…day 5 has not been nice to me so far… head is killing me and bad stomach cramps… I keep thinking yay, this is when the toxins come out… but nothing comes out….. I know it will get better but this sucks! I guess that’s what happens after such a great day yesterday… hope day 6 is going well for you!! kminty I don’t do the swf so I can’t answer your earlier question… I drink the laxative tea morning and night and do them about 12 hours apart.

  • just starting day 2 – felt ok yesterday but about to do 1st swf! yikes.
    Renoir – good luck to you and your friends who are starting it today.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Day 7: yeah!!! It feels like I’m nearing the end and that feels good. I really don’t see how people can stay on this for 20 or 30 days, I’m really looking forward to being done. I’m getting sick of the lemonade, the smooth move and the SWF!!! I am losing about a pound a day so I suppose that means some detoxing. Anyone know tips for keeping the weight after post cleanse?
    Anway.. yesterday was a strange day. I started out really emotional and kind of out of it and got much better as the day went on. Didn’t sleep well, again, because of having to get up because of the smooth move. Feel better this morning though, brighter. Am planning to hit the gym for some light cardio, weights, and my favorite part, the sauna. this is the night my husband and I usually have our wine so that’ll be difficult but I don’t even think I could physcially drink wine right now so that makes it a little easier. Hope the day is going well for everyone else! oh, grocery shopped yesterday and didn’t find it terribly tempting, but did spend a lot of money :)

  • kathrynintherawkathrynintheraw Raw Newbie

    It’s Day 7... I’m halfway there! And you know what they say: the first half is the hardest. (Actually, I’m just making that up. I don’t know what “they” say or if anyone’s ever said that. But thinking it’s true makes me feel better =P) Today is starting off better than yesterday. I didn’t do the SWF yesterday (tea instead), and definitely noticed less water retention. So, yay! I actually am losing some weight with this! Today is another busy day, so hopefully my mind will be off food (not likely though lol… I’m craving fruit now; mostly thanks to Rawdorable’s latest blog post). I can’t believe I’m still having BMs! They’re not big, but seriously, did I really have that much crap (irony intended lol) inside of me!? Kminty, I think they key to keeping the weight off is a long transition back into real food. I’ve planned out my transition, and here’s what it looks like:
    Day 1: lemonade for the first half of the day; orange juice diluted with water and aloe juice second half of the day.
    Day 2: orange juice diluted with water and aloe juice, all day
    Day 3: pure orange juice, all day
    Day 4: pure orange juicem first half of the day; green smoothies, second half of the day
    Day 5-6:green smoothies
    Day 7: green smoothies, first half of the day; melon, second half of the day
    Day 8: fruit
    Day 9: salad
    Day 10: REAL FOOD!

    The main thing is not overwhelming your metabolism, cause it has been operating on a much lower level throughout the MC. The MC book really emphasizes a LENGTHY transition back into solids. Your cleanse is a bit shorter, so you can probably safely shorten your transition period/ introduce solids earlier. Hope this helps!
    Have a good day everyone!

  • yay day 2 nearly done. swf made me want to throw up and produced …. nothing so I think I might stick to the tea instead. needed alot more lemonade to keep me going today (only had 4 glasses yesterday) and felt a bit wobbly this morning but better this arvo. Everyone’s posts are really inspiring and its great to hear what I have got to look forward to over the next days – fore-warned is fore-armed or some such platitude.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Day 7 has not been bad at all.. thankfully! managed a lot of time at the gym and very little hunger. Kathryn.. a long transistion back to solid food is going to be extremely difficult fo me I think. I was thinking of just having orange juice during the day on the first day post cleanse, and a salad at night. Then oj all day for the next two days with a light raw meal for dinner. Do you think that will push it too much?

  • kathrynintherawkathrynintheraw Raw Newbie

    I completely agree… transitioning back is going to take so much more discipline than the MC. I think as long as you keep it light, you should be fine. Maybe have a few bites of your salad, and wait 15 mins to make sure your stomach is ready for it. Or maybe even start with fruit… I think that would be easier to digest than leafy greens. I can’t wait til I can eat again!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Just a funny note: I remember someone posting that during their MC they had a very real and intense dream where they were eating hummus and then they could actually taste it etc. Well last night, after watching a tv show where they got fast food burgers, I had a dream I was eating this ridiculously huge double decker burger thing and I would taste it and it was dripping all over and then in my dream I remembered i was on day 8 of the MC and was so upset with myself! ha ha!
    Day 8.. woo hoo! nearing the end..

  • kathrynintheraw and kminty, I’m starting a juicefeast today and had only one response to my join me post. The green smoothie group invited me in but they seem to have folded. I know the MC and juicing aren’t the same but the the not chewing and cleasing aspects are. My goal is 30 days, but we’ll see how long I hold on. I like this sight for the info and the lack of judgement. I hope you all don’t mind my jumping in uninvited. Thanks, yammygirl

  • kathrynintherawkathrynintheraw Raw Newbie

    We don’t mind at all! I’m actually just ending my MC, but I’ll be here to offer you all the support you can handle! Good luck on your juicefeast!!!

  • hi yammy girl – i just started the mc and plan to do juice for a while after 10 days of this – day 3 almost over and I am already dreaming about a lovely big glass of juice – my kids had strawberries this evening and they smelt wonderful… so it’ll have strawberries in it… anyway I digress from what I meant to say which is that I am glad there is another newbie on here so hello and enjoy the juice.

  • Well congratulations to you kathrynintheraw, for your accomplishment and I’ll accept the offer.
    Hey there Grania, it will be great to commiserate together. You are doing great since the first few days are the hardest. I just finished 32 ounces of green juice and I feel pretty good. I’ll check back with you tommorrow. Keep up the good work!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Hey Yammygirl!
    I am juicefeasting now and am on 26(I think!) I started 2/6 and intended to go for lent (46 days total b/c Sundays don’t count) but I am pretty committed to doing 60 b/c of the tremendous health improvements I’ve seen already. I have been working so hard at produce prep etc that I haven’t been on the computer as much and since I had been posting here, this is the one I usually check. Once you get past a few days and settle into your routine you will do wonderful. I would also like to say congrats to all on your cleanses! I have been reading your progress, but not posting too much. I’m heading off to drink my qt of green veggie juice and wash more produce! Blessings to all.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    wow deborahann that’s quite an accomplishment already! great job and yammygirl were glad to have you on the post!
    Day 9 of the MC is starting off well. I feel SO much better than yesterday. I think my day 8 was like the day 7 horror stories I’ve heard. I was so incredibly weak I stayed in bed most the day and that is really not like me I usually just can’t relax like that but I had no choice my body just needed to rest. I think I feel good today because the end is in sight! I still can’t believe the amount of discipline it takes to do this. Really, all of us should be very proud because the amount of self control is crazy. My number goal, other than cleansing, is to re-set my mind and habits when it comes to food. I work out alot so don’t have real weight issues but I know I am an emotional eater and that is not healthy. Hopefully this will help me realize that I am in control and need to listen to real hunger and not just eat to fill an emotional need. I think that’s the biggest lesson learned for me. Enjoy your day ladies! I can’t believe when I post tomorrow it’ll be day 10! yeah!

  • Wow everyone is doing so well!!!! Starting day 4 and it hasn’t been too bad so far. I have felt hungry but no more so than I do normally which has been an interesting discovery and I have laid off the exercise as I haven’t really felt like it but plan a little run today and I’ll see how that goes. Yucky tongue and very noisy tummy but o/w ok. Feeling the need to spring clean!
    Yammygirl – hope its all going well and kminty congrats for doing 10 days.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    thanks Grania.. it is day 10 and I couldn’t be more pleased!
    Day 9 was awesome! It went by fast, I felt good. I’ve begun to notice the time periods when I ACTUALLY feel hungry. It’s around 10 oclock (not 8:30 am when I normally eat breakfast) 4 oclock (way after I normally eat lunch) and a little hungry around 6 which is my traditonal dinner time although some of that may be pychological because I smell food when I walk in the door from work. I’m planning to actually reduce down to two or three meals a day (I use to eat meals/snacks about 5 times a day) because I’m realizing my body just doesn’t need all that. and I really will give up the eating after dinner now, my body certainly doesn’t need that. The actually cleansing has seemed more so in the last two days than the eight prior. I’m looking forward to not taking laxatives anymore. I think it’s fine for this short of period but makes me nervous overall. Good luck to everyone, you are doing something so difficult but you can do it!

  • You guys are all doing a good job on your cleanse! I just thought I would post an update. I did lose 10 pounds on the cleanse (not the reason I did the MC, just a pleasant side effect) – and it has been about two weeks now, and I have not gained on ounce of it back. In fact, I weigh two pounds less than when I ended the fast. I just was pleased about this, because of all the people who told me I just lost water weight.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Wow AlyssaDyane that’s great news! thank you for telling me that because I also lost ten pounds and it’d be really nice to keep it off. Have you been doing anything special other than a nice raw diet?
    Well.. I”m officially done!!!!!! days 9 and 10 were really easy which was good because I had to work and day 8 was so awful. I will say, while some have said they felt their best ever, I did not. I never really could do an intense workout because I was too weak and I missed that. I did a little jogging, walking, but couldn’t really do much and that didn’t make me feel good. Plus all the laxative stuff was a little wierd for me. On the plus side though, I do like trimmer and healthier and I’m sure once my full energy returns I’ll be grateful for that! Today I start on juice, I have been planning, since the beginning, to have a nice salad tonight but we’ll see if that’s feasible. I feel like my appetite is so small and my stomach wouldn’t be able to hold anything! it’s wierd because I’m normally a really big eater :) Good luck today everyone.. I”ll be thinking of you as you finish your cleanses!

  • CONGRADULATIONS kminty and all other master cleansers!!! Youve done it! That is really something to be proud of- what a testament to self control, will power and your commitment to health and loving and caring for your body! Cheers!!!

  • Congratulations to all who have made it through their cleanses. Quite an accomplishment! Today is Day 4 for me. Yesterday, I got really close to eating something the cravings were so bad, but a cocconut saved me. I drank the water and froze the meat for after the fast. Waking up today I feel like I can make it another day.

    Deborahann, you are amazing! I hope to do 30 days and then re-evaluate to see if I want to go more. If I can get past the wanting to chew something, I’ll be alright. I’d like to know how you are doing. Keep on juicing!

    Grania, I’ve had a very noisy tummy,too. It got so bad my dog left my lap because she was so bothered by it! After just finishing a final I’m cleaning out my office, what synchronicity! Be well.

    Kminty, you rock!

  • shgadwashgadwa Raw Newbie

    You can chew on bee pollen. It is very good for you, high in B vitamins such as b12. It will completely liquefy in your mount.

  • day 6
    I don’t really want food but am so BORED of the xxxxxxx lemonade, aargh. Feeling too weak to do any proper exercise which I am finding frustrating. On the plus side my tummy is smaller that it has been in ages – no bloating and I am finding it liberating not to have to make food choices and do any food prep for myself.
    Question? I have aching kidneys although I am drinking a fair bit of water – does this sound normal?
    Yammygirl – hang in there! I have done a juice f(e)ast in the past an am definately less hungary on the lemonade …. hope you are doing ok.

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Day 28 and not feeling well today. It could be PMS or detox, I’m not sur which, but I am SOOO TIRED! I think it is more likely PMS because I am wanting the sweet juices and having to force the green ones LOL. I am also overeating the bee pollen the past couple of days, but I will be back on track in a few days. I have no other symptoms that I usually get (Why does it have to be the sweet-tooth that stays?!) I have slight fluid retention but nothing in comparison to the usual.
    Yammygirl, You are almost past the bad part! Hang in there!
    Grania, I was able to exercise at first, but I still don’t feel like it yet and I have some serious time issues. The juicing burns up any extra time I had, but I may have to try to sneak some in as I get to feeling better.
    Congrat’s to all as you finish!

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    I’m on my 3rd day of a master-esque cleanse, I add chia seeds and raw honey to the lemonade, and I also drink kombucha. I feel so irritable and weak! so i guess day 4 is when it gets a little better?

    i haven’t read through the whole post so sorry if this was brought up…whats the rule for exercise? I take an intense 1 1/2 hr ballet class in the mornings 3 days on 1 day off is the general schedule… its definitely been tougher while trying to start the cleanse… are you not supposed to exercise as much/ push yourself or does it matter?

    i’d do anything for a banana right now!! ;) i can’t imagine doing almost a month you guys are truly amazing.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Hey thanks for all your positive props! I am so glad to be done and my first post cleanse day went well.. although I followed the cleanse to a T.. I did not follow the transition to a T.. in an effort of honesty this is what I had yesterday
    first: two nice glasses or orange/grapefruit juice
    then about 8 pretzels (I had been craving them the entire cleanse) and two of the cinnamom almond truffles on this website
    for dinner I had a nice green salad with no nuts but a little nutritional yeast sprinkled on, and a bit of vegetable broth
    I felt great.. and didn’t gain any weight this a.m. and had an AWESOME WORKOUT.. FINALLY! This morning I had Kombucha,, so good.. and today I am having grapefruit/orange/cucumber juice again .. twice. Tonight I’m having the raw fajita mix on this site and some avocado.. I”ll let you know how that all goes. Grania.. you are feeling much how I did. I hated not feeling up to working out and got very sick of the lemonade.. but you are almost there so keep at it. kundalalita.. I”m interested to here how your master-espque type cleanse goes.. I would have loved to drink kombucha during mine! have a great day all! wow deborahann.. you are kicking butt!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Good Job on the break kminty! I binged after my first fast last year. I didn’t get sick because it was only 5 days, but I did beat myself up about it. No more of that stuff, though. I’m nicer to me now! That was great restraint.
    Kundalita, When I have a bad day like yours, the next is usually much better. I don’t push the exercise if I feel like crap. I do think it helps to get moving in a gentle way to keep lymph moving so I usually walk a bit or do gentle yoga.
    Better day today, not nearly as tired but I still had to give a loud graon when that alarm went off at 4 AM!

  • Hey Deborhann and Kminty, it sounds like today is better for us all! I’m still waking up with a little headache but it quickly leaves once I’ve done the enema (sorry if its TMI). I tried some cocconut oil yesterday and thanks Shgadwa, I got some bee pollen and will chew on it today. I tried juicefeasting once before and I caved and ate food on the 2nd day, but this time is different. I’ve been able to overcome the cravings and really see me sticking with it. I hope I don’t reget putting that in writing! Well I’m off to make more juice. Grania and Kundalalita hang in there, you’re doing great! Have a good day, everyone!

  • have switched lemon juice for lime – whoopee!! Very cranky and weak today and just … angry!!! looking forward to the end and some lovely juice…
    going to try and get up early tomorrow and go for a good fast walk before the family wake up as I seem to have a bit of energy first thing and then it tails off…
    night all and good thoughts to all

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