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  • Yeah, this new diet is doing wonders for my complexion. Finally I realize what you’ve all been going on about. I feel like a whole new person.

  • why does zooey last post with the new pic have me in stitches..whewww Oh man I can’t breath… I keep looking at the pic and cracking up …..I have tears running down my face.

  • Thinking 10 minutes till the west coast joins in on Earth day are you participating zooey

  • You guys are cracking me up!! I have tears coming out of my eyes!

  • I guess not, Ardes. After all, I drove about three hundred miles today and yesterday and spent some time at a industrial animal farm.

  • 300 miles, no thanks California is just to big for me. 300 miles here and you would have been in totally different state. zooey- since you are a book worm and a runner have you ever read the book PACE rediscover your primal fitness by Al Sears. I think you would be interested in what he has to say. I have the PDF if you like.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Yeah, complexion/new pic HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Here’s another joke: What is brown and sticky?

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Oh, yeah, ardesmond – the vegetarian joke was awesome, too. Have you ever heard the song “Junk Food Junkie”?

  • SarahJSarahJ Raw Newbie

    LMAO Zooey. Well, we did ask for a smiling picture – I guess we should have specified a smiling picture of YOU. Way too funny.

  • zooey, twenty lashes with wet kelp noodle for me, i posted for ray as, like you said, my link is not working from the site!!! hmmmm, wierd…thanks for the heads up on it….now can ya change that creepy pic of angela landsbury please? i ll be forced to post more bad animal jokes if not…..man thats pretty funny though…giggle. i see the resemblance, is she an auntie of yours? smirk…

    ardesmond, candles for an hour for us last night and it was fun! wonder if we made a diff? heard europe wasnt to interested in participating just us in the “colonys”

  • omshanti not to many people in my neighborhood participated, which was a shame.

    Candles for us to, don’t ask why I tried to play UNO with the kids by candle light eating chocolate earth balls. All of the blue cards look green “LOL” but it was a lot of fun.

    CHEEZIT update: Ok the kid liked the cheezit and you are right they didn’t have that snap, but I also think mines don’t taste as they should because we don’t use salt here. Other than that they were a hit.

  • God it feels so good to be back in Venice Beach. Just went for a nice long run by the ocean and finished up at the raw restaurant. But again, there is no way I am getting the nutrients I need. I may end up, after doing this 100 percent raw thing for a month, end up putting in some fish or sprouted bread. Does that mean I can’t join in any of your reindeer games?

  • hmmmm maybe we can let you be a spectator…...........

  • ardesmond, sounds like a wonderful evening with family! yep the salt kinda makes it as original cheezits are like 3 trillion milligrams of sodium…but im glad they liked em anyhow.

    zooey the SAME raw resteraunt where the dolt works? you are either a glutton for punishment or someone who is easily entertained…...hahahaha any new fodder for a good giggle for the rest of us? maybe some, hygene deficient, birkinstock wearing waitress tales? teehee. dude you can get enough nutrients on this diet but i gotta say when im in no mood to listen to my body i wander around feeling a bit dazed some days, some days bloated , some days cranky…when i really pay attention i feel fab! but since you really wanna be on the team guess you can hold the spit bucket! hahahaha crickets again? come on people! keep up, its a hockey reference… on a more serious note, i feel best on mostly veggies: avos, greens and sprouts to be exact, i get all wonky on fruit and nuts….seeds are ok but outside of hemp and sesame seeds i am not into alot of seeds either. happy trottings around venice, it was my fav place to visit when i was in college, had i known its rep then i probobly would have stayed happily at home! ;)

  • yeah I was going to say water boy, but zooey holding the spit bucket is more visually appealing.

    Omshanti I just saw your recipe for white bread, you are a machine , could you please figure out away I could make a lentil or a sage burger without carrots.

  • Oh, Venice has changed a lot, Om. And as for all you guys going all fundamentalist on me, well that’s fine. But you’ll miss me when I’m gone! Mark my words, Ardes!

    This time the not-so-smart guy wasn’t there, but I was served by a very nice young lady who kind of looked like my cat when he watches birds—meaning he gets all distant-looking and ready to attack.

    Plus, there’s that strange vibe that I find is almost unavoidable in L.A—of feeling like everyone’s eyeballing each other.

    My friend and running partner, a very healthy vegan but non-rawfoodist said—“This place is bullshit, what are you doing to yourself?”

    I felt like my mom had just caught me with drugs or something.

    By the way, Kathryn hooked me up with another raw food site that you guys probably all know about; I’ve been checking it out and it’s kinda cool. May not be good for you married types though. Har-har.

    Oh, and by the way, here’s the photo change for you, OM. Any other requests? A specific outfit maybe? A special pose? I live for you, you know. Wingnut.

  • YEAH we may miss you a little bit. Hey guys check out zooey sporting the black and decker FP in the background LOL.

    zooey you didn’t mention the name of this new site.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Hey, I just realized I didn’t tell the answer to my joke: What’s brown and sticky? ...A stick! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! (Come on, you guys loved it, admit it:) I heard it on a kids’ show my son was watching and I decided it’s the funniest dumb joke I’ve heard for a while :D

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Hey! Who says you’re not allowed!? It’s all good. I ate meat and then most everything else raw for about 2 1/2 years, and have only been eating 100% raw for the last 2 months. I still thought of myself as eating raw, because that was mostly what I ate. Most of the people on this site do not eat 100% raw, either. Do what works, and of course, everybody’s welcome. Plus, we need more people with good humor on here – we WOULD miss you! :)

  • Love the joke, angie. A stick… jeeeez! ;o)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Thanks, jenergy:) I told it at my family dinner, and I didn’t even care if people liked it, because I thought it was hilarious! I’m “weird” like that. ;)

    stRAWberry – Gregory peck! HAHAHA :D I hadn’t heard of raw foodists drinking urine, but I have heard that if you need to survive and don’t have water, you can drink your own urine as many as 3 times before it will kill you. I suppose how many times depends on how well hydrated you were before that – hope I never have to test it! :P

  • see zooey was that so hard? aint you cute with a grin on your mug! teehee ah, you found a raw DATEING site…hubba hubba, I did the match .com thing and found a perfectly wonderful husband that way….but man the freaks out there!! I used to think there was no crazy like “woman” crazy until i went on match( now girls, dont throw rocks you know i speak the truth ;)...dont envy you one iota. no sir, not one iota… teehee the waitress… like your cat huh? did she stick her butt in the air and do that little wiggle they do right before they pounce? or make that funny little jaw clacking noise( you know the one when they really really want something? my cat does it when she is inside looking at birds at the outside feeder) haha so what did your vegan friend find so bullshitty about the resteraunt? or wa it the lifestyle in general? inquiring minds want to know, then post his address so we can all go throw tomatoes at him…raw ones of course….hahahah jokeing ;)

    as angie said we are all on our own path so even if you revert to a filet and ham steak kinda guy what would we do with out your hilarious takes on life?dont go, DONT GO! sob… ;)

    ardesmond your turn with a new pic see if you can top zooey! grin!

    seriously ? pee drinking? oh for gods sakes, can we all just stick to poop…teehee actually that poor guy who had to saw his own hand off after being trapped under a boulder, lived on his pee for 3 or 4 days…guess when your lips are parching off your face you’ll drink pee regardless…but i gotta say my lips would have to be parching off my face and then id have to be halucinating before i could overcome the gag reflex!

  • hmmm I don’t think I can top that picute OM ..LOL

    Raw dating site hmmm that’s interesting. Could you imagine breaking up with someone because you found out they use NAMA SHOYU…. boomp boomp is this thing on did anyone get the joke.

    -OMshanti I wish I could remember the YOU TUBE video showing the raw chick drinking her pee, can’t remember the name of it, it was something like HEALTH FREAKS.

    -RAWberry good conspiracy theory.. lol

    - Thinking zooey will have so much to read considering he is West coast time when he wakes up. .... :)

  • ardesmond, hahahaha can you imagine that conversation?” I dont know who you are anymore moon beam, I mean, NAMASHOYU? for gods sakes theirs sea salt! sob!” hahahahaha we are so gonna get stoned for this line of hilarity ardesmond, better buy some ply wood for your windows! teehee as for that lazy ass zooey(;), im west coast…helloo my butts outa bed. course he could actually have a life and like say… excersize or something in the am…im just waiting for it to get light enought to feed my critters with out breaking my ankle in the dark! and its that time now…dern it, i love the witty reparte’...as per your lentil burgers with no root veggies for pulp…really? ill try but you know your killin’ me here with these restrictions. And it has to taste good to i suppose?...no soup for you! ;)

  • OM- just clicked a picture at work, LOL the best I could do.

    You are killing me over here….

    Funny you say no soup for me because we used to literally kill this asparagus carrot soup and then we stopped eating the carrots and since then I haven’t had a soup. :(

    7 AM Alarm rings , I so can picture you feeding the animals and the smell of something raw brewing in the dehydrator, with a cup of un-coffee or something. As for me well it’s almost lunch time here and I have to eat it with my meat eating friend who tells me how many pills she popped for this and that, all while she eats a steak and cheese.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    ardesmond and omshanti – that was hilarious about the raw breakup thing. I love getting on here to find such wonderful enlightening, entertaining conversations :D I have made creamy soups before with avocado, greens (like sunflower greens or something), lemon, cayenne, etc. and water – no roots! ardesmond – I totally get it when you talk about your friend at work! :) :( I see the same things all around me. One funny conversation that continually goes on with one member of my family is that she thinks I am too thin and she doesn’t think she’s overweight. Then the next time we talk, she’s telling me how she REALLY wants to lose some weight and she is sick of it!? She still thinks I am too thin. ;)

  • Good Morning Angie, was that soup KID friendly, oh speaking of kid friendly I started to post this earlier but wasn’t sure if you would read this thread. I made some fruit leathers over the weekend with pink lady and granny smith with some strawberries, you so have to make these if you have a dehydrator. I am such a kid for these but left them for my daughter’s lunch. They were so tasty.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    ardesmond – If you’re talking about the tortilla soup, yes, he liked it. Thanks for the fruit leather idea – he loves the one I have made before with apples, pears, cinnamon and nutmeg (I got the recipe from “Hooked on Raw” by Rhio). I have been meaning to experiment with different combinations of fruits, but haven’t done it yet. I got a popscicle maker tray, and I have been making fruit “ice creams” in the new Vita-Mix almost every day. Just water or young coconut juice, frozen fruit and a little agave. He loves it, and I put the extra in to make popscicles. My plan was to stock up on healthy treats for summer, but the tray only makes four, and he keeps eating them all! :) I’m not complaining – I love it that he fills up on fruit every day. He is so into sweet, but I wonder if he would go for the tart/sour taste of the fruit leather you made. Thanks again for the tip! :)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Oh, and I like your new pic :) You all have been so funny about the pics that I’m thinking I need a smiling one, too ;) Maybe Angela Lansbury now that zooey’s done with her?

  • You caught me StRAWberry. I’m actually doing a piece about a raw foodist who goes on a killing spree after using an 80’s children’s toy as her forum picture. But I’m still torn between a My Little Pony, and a Monchichi.

    As for you OM, and all you others insinuating that I have been in bed—I do my writing in the morning so that I can have those hours to myself without the noise of the world coming in—between four and seven. This however, means going to bed quite early. Last night my cat muttered something and I said “What?” And he said, “I didn’t say anything.” And then when I closed my eyes I distinctly heard the word “loser.”

    This brings me to a very important thought I had yesterday while brushing my teeth. If your cat started campaigning and was elected president, would you feel proud like a parent, or bitter like a discarded friend?

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