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  • Thank you All
  • I found it.
    in Master Cleanse Comment by spider7075
  • I have most rawbooks. The top 2 are Renee Underkoffler's Living Cuisine and Raw Food Real World as far as delicious recipes. Rhios book is excellent Hooked On Raw and Cafe Gratitudes book I am Grateful.I consider these must buys.Yes Anni Phytos book…
  • Theres two inexpensive tools sold in most asian grocery stores.
  • I have the Samson and not the new $400.00 one, the one thats around $225.00.Its grinds grain,makes pasta,nut pates,and juices wheatgrass and greens and the pulp is dry.I heard centfrugal does not do greens good.The Samson is super easy to clean.
    in Juicer Comment by spider7075
  • I have 2 cats one old and fat and 1 young.The old cat ate raw food right away but the young was picky.I tried beef along time ago and like I said the old one ate it but not the young.I really do not think cats kill cows in the wild so i stopped beef…
  • We need every member on this site to sign.
  • Thanks for the responses.I do not really need lecithin but was curious.It sounds like too many mixed reactions and I think my smoothies are fine without it.However I do not believe that all cooked food is bad.But if I eat cooked I take a digestive e…
    in lecithin Comment by spider7075
  • If the seeds don’t sprout there dead and eventually will rot and stink.Don’t buy out of the bins at wholefoods because I had the same problem.Buy from here http://www.sproutpeople.com
  • I do not care if Whole Foods is corporate all I know its my favorite store in the world. And I wish there was one on every corner. They carry local produce in the summer from local farmers.As far as cacao,agave,hemp,maca,mesquite,carob,its cheaper t…
  • There is a special tool for that sold at Asian markets.Preferable Thai or Vietnamese.
  • Lezlie do you no if the almonds are pasteurized ? I ask because I have friends going to San Jose soon and Im sure you know about the California problems here. If they sell truly raw can you tell me a place close to downtown San Jose ? Thanks Alot
  • http://www.everythingkitchens.com/ I bought mine here a year ago for around 330 bucks with free shipping.
  • I also love my blendtec.You save the using the tamper process plus its more powerfull and the controls are flush and easy to clean….
  • MSM is supposed to be good for these kinda things.
  • Will the lemon lighten my hair color?
  • I was impressed by the book and i have alot of raw books.Yes the mac and cheese was very good.Other great books are I am Gratefull,Raw food Real world,Living Cuisine,The raw gourmet.Not impressed Matt amsden book or Julianos book.
    in RAW IN TEN Comment by spider7075
  • Pure Synergy is supposed to be the best .I use it also and like it.
  • I had the same problem with dry skin.Expecially around the knuckles.It went away after a while.I was eating plenty of good fats and drinking enough water.It must be a detox thing because i havent changed a thing and its gone.From memory I think this…
  • It lathers good for me . Its clear so its hard to see it go on something light in color so maybe you misjudged the amount.I also use it for brushing my teeth and it works better than toothsoap does that I paid 29 bucks for and its way cheaper.
    in Dr. Bronners Comment by spider7075
  • The samson
  • Fresh Market in the bin or any asian grocery .
    in raw peanuts Comment by spider7075
  • Buy the Easy Sprouter I think this is the one Jsor is talking about. I have done jars,saks and the Easy Sprouter is by far the best.
    in Sprouting? Comment by spider7075
  • Why cant you use a continuous use voltage converter ? I personally think this will work.
  • In my opinion Mate makes you less hungry and also acts as a diuretic..So try drinking mate…..Also in my opinion is when you fast and then go back to eating your body desires different things or its easier to break old habits.
    in I'm falling... Comment by spider7075
  • wholesale-almonds.com GREAT FIND
  • I have the samson and it juices greens and wheatgrass….and the pulp is dry and its a breeze to clean.
  • I have the Blendtec and people like to make a deal about the buttons.The buttons are flush with the base and easier to clean than the Vitamix.There are 4 preset buttons that you can set for instance mine are 1 is soup and 2 smoothies and 3 grind gra…
  • I just bought the Samson juicer in black and i do all my juicing in this .Im really happy with it and the pulp comes out dry and it does a great job with wheatgrass and clean is very easy.It is about $219.00 from wheatgrass.com and you can buy a whe…
  • Five lbs of wheatgrass has as much nutrition as 350 lbs of vegetables so you do the math.Plus its fresher and cheaper than e3live.I personaly like a juice combination of red,white,green,orange together with a spice for example carrot with tops,beet …