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  • flaxseed will thicken a smoothie and add nutritional content to boot.
    in Thickeners Comment by skizzy
  • i think guilt is more unhealthy than eating cooked food. i have found it much more helpful to allow certain cooked foods in my diet and not even think of them as “bad.” the feelings of deprivation and guilt can ruin the whole positive effect of eati…
  • how about “purely raw?”
    in quitting the site Comment by skizzy
  • i am actually not eating raw at the moment because i am working an extremely busy schedule and have not had time to even do groceries, let alone prepare any food. i fully intend to return to raw as soon as my schedule settles down. so i’d say that #…
  • say what? i live in cincinnati and have never heard of this place! i will go as soon as possible and report back!
  • i think it’s important for people to know that you have to eat a LOT of apple seeds to be even slightly affected by the poison. raw foodists tend to get paranoid whenever they see the word “toxin” or “poisonous” but it is not always necessary! eatin…
    in Apples... Comment by skizzy
  • what’s a good pecan-to-water ratio for making pecan mylk?
    in Pecan mylk? Comment by skizzy
  • allopathic = conventional medicine. heavy on the cutting and the drugging.
  • it’s interesting to know that most allopathic doctors get little to no nutrition education in medical school. not saying that we know more than doctors, but rather that doctors don’t know all that much either.
  • yikes, don’t throw them out! just wipe them with a soapy sponge, rinse and dry.
    in Teflex Sheets? Comment by skizzy
  • of course i am not offended, samilicious. there are lots of people out there that do not like touching, so naturally a career in bodywork would not be a good idea! no need to be embarrassed. the very foundation of bodywork is touch, so finding a bod…
  • samilicious, have you thought about bodywork, such as massage therapy or acupuncture? i am a massage therapy student and i think it is a wonderful introduction into natural healing. it’s a more accepted form of healing, so you’d be able to make mone…
  • celery is excellent, you should add some in sometimes.
    in Green Lemonade Comment by skizzy
  • you bet. most of my detox symptoms were emotional.
  • i’m pretty sure it’s not raw, and i highly doubt pepsi is expecting anyone to think it is actually raw. i think they are using it to invoke a feeling of naturalness. it’s a marketing word, not a label of actual rawness.
    in Pepsi Raw Comment by skizzy
  • natalia rose has a great book called “the raw food detox diet” that is excellent for transitioning into raw. i bet if you did it backwards it would make for a smooth transition. she has animal products including meat in her book.
  • i am not vegan so perhaps my views are different, but i think you need to make your own decisions about that and not worry about how “vegan” you are if you do this or don’t do that. i personally would feel wasteful if i threw out a perfectly good pa…
    in Now That I'm Vegan Comment by skizzy
  • raw meat doesn’t creep out everyone, as evidenced by the many people who eat it. i personally am vegetarian and would not be interested in raw meat, but i recognize that there are lots of raw foodists who are. i don’t see why we have to be so exclus…
    in Is this site Vegan? Comment by skizzy
  • i didn’t even realize they could come with timers! i don’t have one and never wished i had one, so it’s probable that you don’t need it. i can’t see myself using it even if i did have one.
  • i too am lucky to have a supportive boyfriend! he’s quite the meat eater, but has never balked at trying my vegetarian or raw meals and when we go out to eat he’ll often get a veggie meal so i can have some too. i’ve made some raw meals that grossed…
  • if you are a snacker, definitely make sweet potato chips! they’re easy to make and great to have around the house.
  • i have absolutely no intention of being 100% raw. 90% is my goal. i usually just tell people that i’m trying to eat my food as whole as possible. that seems to makes more sense to them than the word “raw.”
    in 'High' raw Comment by skizzy
  • i thought “high raw” was anything below 100%. but i never liked that term because “raw” doesn’t necessarily imply 100% the way “vegetarian” or “vegan” does. i say don’t worry about it. 85% is an amazing percentage, and you should call yourself “raw”…
    in 'High' raw Comment by skizzy
  • i am getting tired of it. every day my classmate asks me what’s in my smoothie, and EVERY TIME when i get to the leafy greens she says “it sounded good until you got to that.” if she’s joking it’s totally not funny anymore, and if it’s not a joke th…
  • i don’t. they’re usually fine. but it probably won’t hurt them.
  • i’m all for vasectomies, but ultimately it is my body that i am trying to avoid impregnating. even if my partner gets the snip, i still fully intend to take safeguards of my own to keep from getting pregnant. even though i know that vasectomies are …
    in Birth Control? Comment by skizzy
  • blotchy skin, weight gain, depression, diminished sex drive
    in Birth Control? Comment by skizzy
  • any way you look at it, birth control of any kind is not “natural.” our animal bodies are geared towards reproducing. frankly, i’d rather take the pill than worry about getting pregnant. for me, being raw is about doing what’s best for my body, and …
    in Birth Control? Comment by skizzy
  • i actually hardly ever eat salads in the winter because they make me too cold. instead, i get most of my greens via green smoothies. i try to make sure i have some kind of fresh veggie incorporated into every meal. even if i’m not having a 100% raw …
  • they need to be super-thin! i make sweet potato chips all the time, and i use a spiralizer to get them ultra-slim. also, don’t marinate the chips in oil like some recipes call for. i found they work best if brushed lightly with oil mixed with spices…