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  • i eat alta dena brand raw goat cheese. i think it’s delicious. i don’t have any dairy intolerances so i don’t feel bad after i eat it at all. i’m not really interested in being completely vegan and i really like cheese, so this is a nice product for…
    in Raw cheese...... Comment by skizzy
  • i’m a very big fan of my omega 8003. the pulp is very dry, it does leafy greens, root veggies, and citrus without fuss, and it is VERY EASY to clean! i haven’t tried wheatgrass yet but supposedly it does that too.
    in Juicers Comment by skizzy
  • please be careful with enemas! they can be a great addition to a detox, but doing them too often can be habit-forming. it is always best to let the body do its work naturally whenever you can.
  • jayybee30: my mother used to keep herbs in the freezer in mason jars. i don’t think there’s a problem with freezing them.
  • i practice dry body brushing to help my skin eliminate toxins. my face did break out when i first started raw (and i have excellent skin so i was very sad) and i got a rash on my shoulders, so detox can absolutely appear in the skin. brushing helps …
  • a smoothie and fruit diet will basically sail through your digestive system without a lot of fuss. now you’re adding foods that require more digestion, and your body has to get used to that again.
    in a raw diet question Comment by skizzy
  • i have to do what’s best for me. if i restricted myself to only eating local foods, i’d have given up in the first week. but that’s just me. for others, eating locally is an important issue.
  • i’ve been trying to do this for eight months and it’s still not natural to me. so instead of fighting against the need for cooked food, i’m working with it.
  • i like to keep pesto on hand. there’s a recipe for raw sesame noodles on this site, and the sauce keeps pretty well and is good for about three meals. nut pates are good for quick nori wraps or sandwiches.
    in food that "stays" Comment by skizzy
  • you can sprinkle it on a salad like you would cheese. i’ve done that and it’s pretty tasty. i mostly use it for cheese recipes though.
  • ugh, i hate bringing salads to work. they never fill me up and they sometimes get soggy. i like to have green smoothies for breakfast, but sometimes i’ll have something else instead and bring the smoothie for lunch. adding flaxseed makes for a very …
    in Lunch tips? Comment by skizzy
  • try it out!
  • if they turn out tasty, post the recipe you used! i’d love to try it.
  • sky princess: does that go for sweet potatoes too? and can one cut off the eyes and still eat the potato? elizabethh: i don’t know. animals in the wild are usually undiscerning about seeds and eat them along with the fruit. i think the idea is that …
  • you might be able to put aside gay marriage and abortion, but racism? he has said some very shocking things about people of color.
  • frankly, i’m utterly shocked whenever i discover ron paul supporters. it’s like people only see one tiny piece of his message and ignore all the racism, homophobia, and anti-choice spew the man puts out. has anyone asked the questions: ron paul says…
  • i’ve read a few websites and a few of them said not to use honey at all, even raw, because honey is antimicrobial and will harm the mushroom. those of you brewing now: does the tea taste vinegary?
  • this is interesting. i tried to drink the bottled kombucha tea a few times and found it terrible. does the home-brewed mushroom version taste as vinegary as the bottled stuff?
  • excalibur dehydrators are like the cadillacs of dehydrators. i have a five-tray. it’s barely enough room and i only make food for myself, so i’d suggest a nine-tray for a family. read lots of books! there is so much information out there, some of it…
    in Starch? Comment by skizzy
  • hooray! thank you! i will put some spicy yam chips in the dehydrator tonight!
  • oh yes! when i first started eating raw i usually had one cooked meal a day, sometimes a little more, and i still experienced detox. you don’t have to be 100% or even 90% to have detox. i had them at about 75-80%.
  • i usually grind flax seed before putting it in my smoothies. however, i found out on accident that you can indeed sprout them if you are so inclined. i left some whole ones to soak for flax crackers and i forgot about them for two days. when i came …
    in FLAX seeds.. Comment by skizzy
  • enzymes are VERY specific shapes. changing the structure renders them useless.
    in Raw Question Comment by skizzy
  • you will love your omega 8003, renoir! i love mine. i’ve been throwing pomegranate seeds into everything. they go great with citrus!
  • flax can go bad really really quickly. did you use pre-ground flax meal or did you make your own? if you didn’t make your own i suggest trying that next time. i buy whole flax seeds and grind them in a very inexpensive coffee grinder. it takes just …
  • how do I know this is really not just an attempt to control my world through food, when I feel I am losing control otherwise?
  • They are pretty equal as far as nutritional value. The dark seeds have almost no flavor of their own, so they are great to put with other foods for their fiber/oil benefit. The golden flax have a stronger nuttier flavor and fragrance, they remind me…
  • i have an omega 8003 and i adore it. jenny: there’s an even easier way to clean that little screen! after i pour the juice into a glass, i take the little plastic container, fill it with hot soapy water, and toss in the filter to soak. by the time i…
    in Juicers Comment by skizzy
  • not a lot. i rarely eat them straight, but i use nuts in recipes, so i suppose it calculates to about a handful or two a week.
    in Who likes nuts? Comment by skizzy
  • uh oh. mine tasted fine, but i won’t eat them if it happens again.