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  • Thanks pianissima! I can pop them in my mouth, but there are A LOT of them. I don’t think I would be able to eat them all before they go bad, so I want to do something fun with them. Maybe I will look up some apricot recipes and just substitute for …
    in Loquats! Comment by Renoir
  • Anyone? Anyone? I found some recipes online that all call for a saucepan or an oven. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I don’t want them to go to waste! Thanks!
    in Loquats! Comment by Renoir
  • Try this one! http://www.goneraw.com/recipes/905-Garden-Ranch…
  • You don’t actaully “juice” the wheat berries. Some juicers come with a blank plate (without holes in it) so it just mushes the wheat berries up real good into kind of a paste. You could use a food processer instead if your juicer doesn’t have the bl…
  • My favorite is pineapple, mango, banana, a few small oranges (or fresh orange juice) with mixed greens (spinach, collard, mustard, turnip). And a few ice cubes. SOOOOO good! Sometimes it is a little spicy (I think that might be from the mustard gree…
    in Green Smoothies Comment by Renoir
  • Dagny – I love the caramel apple idea! One of my girlfriends also suggested frozen chocolate dipped bananas in lieu of ice cream. Since we will be there for 10 days, I will obviously be bringing a bunch of my own raw food, since who knows what other…
    in I need to vent!! Comment by Renoir
  • So I proposed a compromise to the family… My suggestion was to serve all veggie dogs or boca burgers or even Tofurky sausages (obviously not raw, but at least meatless!). I’m sure half the people wouldn’t even know the difference. My sister objects …
    in I need to vent!! Comment by Renoir
  • I tend to use the gross out factor with my family sometimes since the “what it does to your body” isn’t always effective. My dad (and mom sometimes) still smokes and has been smoking since he was a teenager, and drinking too. So they aren’t as conce…
    in I need to vent!! Comment by Renoir
  • Thank you all for your responses! It’s nice to have some support. I actually really really really LOVE my family. I grew up in a HUGE very close-knit family and I am close with all of my cousins. My dad is one of 13 kids and my mom is one of 7. I ha…
    in I need to vent!! Comment by Renoir
  • Oh, and she also had nachos and french fries on the menu…. ...sigh…
    in I need to vent!! Comment by Renoir
  • Mon46 – A lot of raw restaurants (and even raw cookbooks) use non-raw ingredients such as Nama Shoyu, miso, nutritional yeast, etc. Whenever I have marinated mushrooms at Cafe Gratitude I second guess it now, since the recipe in their cookbook calls…
  • Cafe Gratitude uses Irish Moss in a bunch of their desserts.
    in irish moss Comment by Renoir
  • Have you been soaking your nuts? Most nuts have enzyme inhibitors that make them difficult to digest. Soaking the nuts will remove the enzyme inhibitors making them more digestible.
  • Because your “whole paycheck” is what you spend on one grocery trip.
    in woohoo!! Comment by Renoir
  • I see the chiropractor once a month. I can always tell when it is time for a visit when I start to get the headache that starts in the back of my neck. Amazing, isn’t it?!?
  • Here is a link that should help you. Best of luck! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/US_standard_clothi….27s_sizes
  • fitday.com is good.
    in Calorie calculator Comment by Renoir
  • Salt is a good substitute. In a previous post Zoe said that if you marinate mushrooms in lemon juice, salt, olive oil and a little garlic, the remaining liquid is similar to Nama Shoyu and is raw. Beware though… I tried this, and I guess you have to…
  • Zoe – I LOVE your new picture!!! Beautiful! As far as food combining, before I went raw I first tried practicing proper food combining. I tell you, eating 100% raw was easier for me than trying to properly food combine! Now I think I have found a go…
    in Food Combining Comment by Renoir
  • rachel – A friend of mine had electrolysis and hated it. It didn’t work at all for her. I guessd different things work for different people :)
  • A few years back I started getting laser hair removal done. It has taken a while but is pretty effective. Pretty soon I will be completely hair free, although I try not to think about any potential consequences of zapping my skin and hair with a las…
  • When I did the master cleanse a month and a half ago, I transitioned into it with a 2 day juice fast. It was sooo much easier because when I would get the bad food cravings at the beginning, I could have some sort of juice that would satisfy the cra…
    in Master cleanse Comment by Renoir
  • I don’t have the book Raw in Ten, but I have tried the grilled cheese recipe from it… not good.
  • I have used carrot tops in smoothies. I usually use 60% fruit and 40% greens so I can’t really taste the greens much. The carrot tops do have a different texture though… a little stringy kind of. But very nutritious!
    in Carrot top greens Comment by Renoir
  • Use parchment paper. I think it works way better than the solid sheets.
  • I made an amazing avocado mayo once and now I can’t find the recipe…. does this sound familiar to anyone? It had almond milk, avocado, apple cider vinegar (maybe lemon and salt too?), and while that is all spinning in the blender you slowly add oliv…
  • Luna blu – try these ones. I used regular corn since I didn’t have purple. They were really good and SAD eaters agreed!! http://www.goneraw.com/recipes/1616-Spicy-Purpl…
  • I am going to NYC in a month, so I am excited to try some of these places. Thanks so much!!
  • I LOVE LOVE the Omega 8003… you can get a pretty good deal at this website. It juices everything … including greens. And here is an article and side by side comparison chart of different juicers. I found these very helpful in selecting a juicer. htt…
  • Try celery, bok choy or rhubarb… http://www.dontolmaninternational.com/portal/co…