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  • Thank you guys for the support. juicefastfan what is your blog name? This is my blog if you want to check it out...it still needs work http://americaintheraw.blogspot.com/
    in eye parasite Comment by koolieaided
  • Today I got some Colloidal Silver. I don't know how to order the EW....I guess they don't distribute it online. Anyway I got some parasite cleanser stuff. The guy at the health food store said that they were probably in my colon and exscaped into my…
    in eye parasite Comment by koolieaided
  • Thankyou all so much. It creeps me put evertime I see it. It doesn't hurt or anything, but just the fact that it'sin my eye is gross. I think I got it from the hospital. I work at the hospital as an E.R. clerk so I am touching all the charts and I t…
    in eye parasite Comment by koolieaided
  • It was a lot...I'm thinking about 15 lemons and 10 or 12 apples. I didn't really count.
  • It looks like you are getting a good amount of vitmans and minerals. Don't worry about the greens. It's best to eat fruits and vegetables that are fresh and full of nutrients, then brown wilted greens that has probably lost a lot of it's nutrients. …
  • Your going through a emotional detox. Just as you are cleaning out your body you are also cleaning out your emotions. It happens to most people. Well, I know emotional detox happened to me when I first went raw, but it usually goes away....maybe aft…
    in Emotions Comment by koolieaided
  • thankyou all for you comments. I guess the best thing to do is to find a natural sunscreen. Shea butter seems like a good idea.
  • Have you guys heard of the vitaman code. There is a b-12 supplement that is completely raw. I think Jordan Rubin created it and Paul Nisson was supporting it. http://www.thevitamincode.com/TargetedNutrientFormulas/RawB12/tabid/1624/Default.aspx
    in B12 in the raw Comment by koolieaided
  • How much lemonade do you drink everyday?
  • I have a question. Do you guys add water to your lemonade or just drink it straight? I read that it should be 50/50 water to lemon juice. I'm thinking about doing the MC without laxatives or SWF. Or at least doing it every other day instead of bei…
  • So cool...I want my eye color to change...maybe to a light brown that would be awesome. I have dark brown eyes. I will try to go 100% raw and see if anything happens
  • Just turned 20 this July!!!
  • I was doing the 3 meals a day thing, but I’ve come to realize that it’s really just to much for me. I usually eat some fruit and veggies till about 4 and then stop eatting until the morning of the next day. My body just accommodates to that.
  • I guess it depends on how you make it. If you use your own herbs that you picked and let them set in cool water then it would be raw. If you boil the water then it’s cooked. I’m not sure about the prepackage teas, but it doesn’t really matter it’s i…
  • I haven’t drank tea in a long time, but I’m going to start drinking green tea and this herbal infusion tazo tea call calm..it has chamomile blossoms in it. Tazo tea is definitely my favorite brand right now.
  • I heard you can get b-12 be most seaweeds with the exception of nori and you can take b-12 vegetarian suppliments. Chef de Mocha has a great article on this very thing http://chefdemocha.blogspot.com/ ... He says ”Supplementation: The least recomme…
  • Yeah that happened to me too. The whole bloated not good feeling. I don’t know why it happens. It’s weird. I ate oatmeal before and right after I felt nausious. It’s strange. I guess our bodies are so clean that it reverts because to how it was when…
  • green smoothies are so yummy…seriously there delicious!!! I have lots of kales so I’m going to make lots of smoothies
  • I think it’s a bit ridiculious to obsess about food. There are so many other things to focus on. Have you see the video on http://www.welikeitraw.com/rawfood/2008/02/heal… ? It’s called Health Food Junkie (It’s a UK production). It kind of scared me…
  • I’m going to ghent belgium this summer. It’s close to germany. I don’t know if there are any rawfood resturants around that area.
  • I think if we look at Jewish customs we see that in the Mosaic covent that God gave the jewish people a lists of laws and rules to follow, and in the category of food God told the people that their were unclean meat and clean meats. Really the mosai…
    in FRUITARIAN!!!! Comment by koolieaided
  • i don’t believe that the essence gospels are the real teachings of Christ. I believe Christ ate cooked food. He ate the passover meal which was cooked lamb and bread (matzah). When He was in His glorified body He told the disciples to go to Jersulam…
    in FRUITARIAN!!!! Comment by koolieaided
  • Hey, My name is Kara and I'm a christian too. I think Jesus is awesome. He lived a life of fasting. You see it throughout the Bible. The 3 days He spent walking and teaching the people, and then when they were going to leave them Jesus knew they nee…
  • Here is mine www.rawcollegelife.blogspot.com
    in Raw Blogs Comment by koolieaided
  • Thank you so much! This is really helpful. I will be staying in Ghent, Belgium. I’m really quite excited.
    in raw in Belgium Comment by koolieaided
  • Hey Ale, Thanks for the comment. I don’t use sunscreen for some reason it makes me darker. I will definitely have to try the tea it seems really good. No one has ever told me about that before, and I’m really excited to try it out. Thank you so mu…
  • Wow thanks so much for the information everyone. I have been using coconut oil on my face and I through all of my other SAD soap away, and bought some coconut soap. I wash my face with coconut soap everyday and that has helped. I really need to get …
  • Edmond,oklahoma, usa
  • I’m 18 in Edmond,Oklahoma. I don’t know of any young people who are raw here, but there is a raw food chef who is here and I’m really excited about that. She holds raw sessions and potlucks, and she ’s on television sometimes.
    in Raw Teenagers Comment by koolieaided
  • Yeah…I have one. I tried to make some crackers and it turned into crumbly little piece…I don’t know what I did wrong.