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  • looks like you’d need a brownie base some vanilla icing and a thin layer or chocolate on the top and that’s it. Well atleast from the pic I saw on wiki.
    in Raw Nanaimo Bars? Comment by Chris S
  • Yes I do love stories like these that are ones people would normally not get and treasure for their meaning and purpose :). Thank you much yog-amber.
  • Just be careful ya don’t turn colors ;).
  • Oh no not the bum bum stinks
  • Thats a neat trick indeed. Maybe we arent giving beans enough credit to handle the heat.
  • I agree with you. I love the feel of getting together with friends and family just relaxing talking and enjoying the company. Sure the food makes for a nice thing to have and I love my food in all it’s forms (but that’s just my preference ya don’t l…
    in Holidays... Comment by Chris S
  • Ok so maybe the literal term dogma isnt what the nice lady meant but the general feeling of it sometimes being an extreme amount of pressure at time for some people to be or do things they just can’t. If you look at it that way I can understand. Eve…
  • Yeah the 5th page of any convo rocks for sure.
  • I do love an ecclectic mix to my person. So 123 does have that point but you can’t argue as well that some people are more 50% something. Which may be how we got the stereotypes to begin with. So are we on page 5 yet?
  • Well we are strange creatures indeed :).
  • Well my 2 cents would be not of the diet but of the up brining like someone said earlier. It may be due to something before the went raw or just the influences in their lives even tho they may have been vegetarian and all that from day one. Some peo…
  • http://www.motherearthnews.com/Real-Food/1985-0… There you go. Check that out it may give you some insight into salt free fermenting.
  • I think you need the salt. Not for the nutritional benefits but because it controls the bacterial growth in the ferment. You wouldn’t want it to ferment to fast before you get a chance for the flavor and cultures to truely develop.
  • Oh that sounds like a fun raw challenge. And ginger is good for us all :).
  • My whacky guess would be the direct energy from the sun going into the bottle and the leaves. Ya never know I could be right for once :).
    in Sun Tea Fans? Comment by Chris S
  • Well I know there was another post on this one you may want to reference ms uh :).
    in Camping Recipes! Comment by Chris S
  • Was it a sour smell or a decyish moldy smell? I never made one with a really bad smell. It could have got some bad bacteria in it and the whole thing went south. My batched normally taste fine with a slightly twangy smell but not a bad one. The true…
    in Rejuvelac Comment by Chris S
  • Well maybe you can make raw counterparts to the easter time snacks next year and share with your friends. Let them have what they want only better for them. Do good and you will feel good. Altho sometimes the eating non-raw food might be a psycholog…
  • Well maybe mr dog or germin8 should start a post with the thoughts on food and religion and their thoughts on how it all ties together.
  • Check the forum topic on how to freeze raw ice cream piana. http://www.goneraw.com/forums/2/topics/3507 I think I had a small explaination on how I would freeze without an ice cream maker.
  • For the ice cream, maybe you can ship the liquid or dried form and a small booklet on ways to freeze it for those who have and may not have a freezer. Also Maybe supplies for a nice granita or a nice sorbet. Altho I think the cookie, brownie, and su…
  • Looks lovely but I would still love a crust that is more graham crackery :).
  • I believe brewers yeast is raw. Nutritional yeast for the most part isnt raw. Lecithin is a part of several plants and animal products that people use as an emulsifier. It isn’t raw per se but it can used in recipes for it’s nutritional value and ho…
  • Well I would use the meat of an older nut anyways. Maybe blend half into a butter and grate the other half. You may want to use a mixture of a different oil with the coconut meat when making the butter so it doesnt get solid when colder, and of cour…
    in Coconut candy bar Comment by Chris S
  • Like mandelicious said you can use other sprouted grain. The sproutpeople I think say rye lends a good flavor.
  • I think if you used ground chia in a salad dressing it would give you a nice thicker dressing. Sounds like a fun idea.
  • Yeah rancid fats are way icky if you ask me. Death to old seeds. To the compost pile I say.
    in Instead of nuts Comment by Chris S
  • Well I’m sure this is a trial run. Like many things the first attempt may not be perfect but with positive thoughtful input from people who understand why they would want to do this. I think they could make a village with a happy medium meeting a co…
    in Raw Vegan Village Comment by Chris S
  • Maybe you can make it into a honey powder :)
  • And to think of the crazy extremes most people go through to get the look and natural beauty found in all the members here. Men and women alike. The one guy who said hes 30 and looks like he’s in his older teens to early 20s. It’s just truely inspir…
    in Beautiful females Comment by Chris S