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Chris S
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  • I knew my friend coconutty would have my back. Wondering if I could use it instead of coconut oil for a solid fat without that extra flavor parts.
    in Palm oil Comment by Chris S
  • It’s ok we’ll think of some for you ms cherie :).
    in Pecan mylk? Comment by Chris S
  • Oh but cherie you are forgetting the butter pecan ice cream :).
    in Pecan mylk? Comment by Chris S
  • I think she’s referring to the list of certain foods that are heated while being processed which kills the nutritive value of them. I think some say walnuts and pecans are both on that list because some places heat them to break the shells open.
    in Pecan mylk? Comment by Chris S
  • Well yes you get the nutriounal value, but when you soak and sprout grains and seeds you get more nutrients in a manner that is easier for your body to absorb.
  • YAY for PA.
  • Maybe if you tried adding the dried stuff to the soil. Maybe they would obsorb the flavor through the soil as they grow into grass :).
  • Good point that it may inhibit the enzymes. Sometimes you need to use something in a small amount for flavor. I don’t think it is a toxic substance tho. Sure if you consume the acid in it’s pure form would be toxic. Of course I guess it’s a matter o…
    in Vinegar Comment by Chris S
  • Eh it looks like just another controversial topic. But you have to look at the amounts you are taking in at a time. Sure pure acetic acid may be bad for you but so would any pure acid. Vinegar is a small portion acid to a much larger portion of liqu…
    in Vinegar Comment by Chris S
  • Um how can someone knock vinegar? Do you know how vinegar is made in it’s true form? It’s not from a grape on a vine. That grape was probably spoiled. Vinegar is just being taken care of by mother. He got drunk one night and mom nursed him back to h…
    in Vinegar Comment by Chris S
  • 2 small bowls and some water. A make shift double boiler ;).
    in Raw while camping Comment by Chris S
  • Well maybe if you got dehydrated stuff you can rehydrate it. or if you got a bowl for prep and a grill grate you can make a steamer of sorts and use the steam to warm something up. Just be careful of the temps. Maybe pack a small instant read thermo…
    in Raw while camping Comment by Chris S
  • Could also have people who like to make videos for youtube have a link or reference in their shows for the site :). Got to love free publicity.
    in Gone Raw Podcast? Comment by Chris S
  • If the rest of the women in the world saw half the pics you gal’s have posted and your actual ages. I think we would see a drastic spike in women going raw. This really is a fountain of youth here. Not to say men don’t want to look younger as well. …
    in How old are you? Comment by Chris S
  • 28, but I can still pull off 16 at best :). Long live the young look.
    in How old are you? Comment by Chris S
  • Try some buckwheat or other sprouted grains.
    in RAW CHURRO! Comment by Chris S
  • Kids might like fruits instead of all the veggies. Maybe a sweet whipped cream type thing to dip it in. Or some sweet cookies. You can’t have a party without happy sweet snacks.
  • Well give them the benefit of the doubt. It may not be raw in the sense of what we do here, but compared to the bulk of soft drinks it’s a step in the right direction for a healthier soft drink. But, I’m a coke guy at heart.
    in Pepsi Raw Comment by Chris S
  • Yeah could be all the complex substances in certain foods helping our bodies return to a more natural state. We werent born with grey hair, so maybe our body would natural repair itself back to it’s truest state.
  • You’re welcome. What I do?
  • Well here’s a fun idea. We blend a bit of parsley and some mint and maybe for a fruity flair some strawberry into a puree and if you want strain out the pulpy stuff. Then put in the dehydrator in a semi-thin layer let dehydrate till you get a fruit …
  • THE BEACH mwua ha ha. I love the beach and water. funny cuz im not a water sign tho.
  • HeHe read the book backwards. Funny, but oddly makes sense.
  • The looks and questions are amusing, but I hope for the most part I can explain what I put in it and why. It’s a tool to help my body and educate my friends and coworkers. Eat what you want and I’ll do the same. I have no hurt feelings about what I …
  • Such fun responses. :)
  • I would assume this site is spread over a few servers with different pieces on different ones. If one my be down for maintenence or repair you’ll probably get that message saying they can’t find it or the one you are getting now. Happens all the tim…
  • I picture a rubber ducky just enjoying his tub time. Can one get more peaceful than rubber ducky? He’s the one.
    in Meditation Comment by Chris S
  • Toys are fun :)
  • Well maybe in the warmer months when corn is in full force you can buy some decob it and dehydrate and make some from scratch for later use.
  • Well maybe they could add a public chat room. So we can all shoot ideas off of each other as they come up. Social interactivity at it’s best.